Sephora $0 Haul (aka 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards Haul)

Every year I cash in a bunch of my Sephora points starting around October to start hoarding little stocking stuffers for my girlfriends. It’s great because I can get tons of deluxe samples without spending any extra money, and the 500 point ones come in cute little boxes that are perfect for gifting. (Of course it’s also a yearly reminder of just how much money I spend at Sephora. I think my boyfriend is convinced that the point conversion rate is something like $1 = 10 points…. )

This year I discovered that there’s a shopping plaza near me that has a freestanding Sephora AND a Sephora inside JCP. It literally takes about 2 minutes to walk from one to the other. I have no idea why they designed it this way, but it’s awesome for me since I don’t have to drive to more than one location! And I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like Sephora always puts out better point rewards towards the end of the year. I’ve been doing this “tradition” for 3 years now and I’ve never been disappointed with the selection.

So anyways: 100 point rewards! 
GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment | $9.50
Two of these deluxe samples is equivalent to one of the travel sized jars ($19 at Sephora), so I got two for my friend who really loves the ThirstyMud mask. These I got from the Sephora inside JCP, and as of last week they were still available. GlamGlow has gotten so popular but I’m glad to see they’re still actively promoting with samples! It’s really a product you only have to try once to fall in love with.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsAlgenist Retinol Firming & Lifting Serum | $16.66
I was so excited that these came in their own box! Algenist products are almost always a hit with my friends and the value is really great for a 100 point perk. I ended up getting 4 of these–who could resist? And the packaging is totally perfect for gifting.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment | $11.00
This sample is half the size of the travel size that sells for $22 at Sephora. I can’t get enough of this stuff, but it’s pretty harsh on the skin. My best friend has more sensitive skin than I do and she’s been wanting to try this for ages, so she’ll definitely appreciate getting a small size to test out. Even this tiny tube has enough for 4-5 applications.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)And now the 500 point perks!
Urban Decay Urban Obsessions Palette | ??
I originally got one from Sephora in JCP, and then I saw it in the freestanding store as well. I ended up getting one at each place. I was mostly intrigued by the color “Guilt”. I feel like I almost never see that one in any palette, so hopefully it won’t be a dupe for my friends. I picked up 2 of these since they were just so cute and perfectly giftable.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsDecent sized pans of eyeshadow! I was pleasantly surprised by the mirror on the inside. It feels like a pretty substantial palette. The mini liner is in the color Zero. I have no idea what the value for this palette really is, but I think it’s a fun one to gift and definitely a unique 500 point reward.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsIt includes a little sample of the Primer Potion on the back.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point RewardsBliss Absolutely Fabu-Bliss | $29.26
Not a high value box, but one of my friends is a diehard Bliss fan. She travels a lot and I thought these mini bottles would be perfect for her. Surprisingly despite this being a low-value 500 point reward, my Sephora sold out of it really quickly. I went back to get another one for myself a week later and they were all gone! I guess my friend isn’t the only Bliss lover out there.

Sephora $0 Haul! Aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards

Josie Maran Natural Beauty Set
| $39.20
I really like Josie Maran products and I think they work best for Winter time. Usually the argan oil is too much for me during Summer, but with the cold air coming in I need as much moisture as I can get! I imagine most of my friends are going to relate, and her products just scream “Winter” to me. It just looks so cozy! I also got 2 of these sets since they’re so seasonally appropriate.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)I’m loving the variety you get with this set. There’s something for your face, a fun makeup product, something for nails, and the infinity cream sort of does a little of everything. The sizes are generous enough for you to really get some use out of each item. The cheek gelee will last for a really long time and the argan oil as well. I wish the infinity cream were a bit bigger, but a little goes a long way with that stuff.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)I feel like the Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee deserves its own picture. Such a great product! Seriously, have y’all tried it yet? It’s really lovely and gives you great buildable color. In this set it comes in Pink Escape (cool toned pink), and it’s an easy to pull off color. In the Winter I switch from a powder blush to this gel version for that extra hydration and I can’t recommend it enough.

Sephora $0 Haul (aka New 100 Point and 500 Point Rewards)So there you have it: burning through 3200 points! They would have just been sitting in my account anyways (hey it’s not like points accumulate interest), so at least now I have an awesome pile of stocking stuffers/small gifts to show for it. No regrets on how I spent it!


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