Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 Review

Skandicrush might be my new obsession for 2015. I picked up one of their 2014 Holiday Boxes for $65 when Liz announced it on her blog, My Subscription Addiction. The Holiday Box promised 8 individually wrapped items, perfect for stocking stuffers and gifting. I’m lucky I read her blog so often because this box sold out very quickly. I’m not surprised, who can resist beautifully designed home goods?

Skandicrush is a monthly subscription box for lovers of modern Scandinavian design. A subscription is $55/month, or you can get a single box for $65. Each month’s box contains $65-$80 worth of modern Scandinavian and/or Scandinavian inspired housewares.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewBefore the box shipped, each customer received a little survey asking if we celebrate Christmas and whether or not we wanted all the items wrapped individually. I kind of felt like a jerk asking for mine to all be wrapped since I knew I would just be unwrapping it…but I really wanted to give myself a fun little Christmas countdown. I thought I would open one a day or something, but I lasted only 2 days and that was that.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewLook at all the pretty wrapping paper! Ana (founder of Skandicrush) wrote a blog post about the wrapping process and it took them 3 full days to get through it all. Apparently they ran out of paper on the first day (the custom white and black Skandicrush logo one) so I’m guessing all the other patterns she had to scramble to find. Major major major props to the Skandicrush team for pushing through and being so ambitious! And such a lovely job as well!

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewNormann Copenhagen Geo Milk Jug | $15.00
After looking this up, I want the entire Geo collection! They all fit together so well and come in the prettiest colors. Coffee and tea are huge addictions of mine, so this will absolutely be used. Somehow I don’t have a milk container yet (pouring right out of the carton because I’m classy like that) so this has been on my giant “purchase-someday” list forever. It’s great to get to cross an item off that list!

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewNormann Copenhagen Tea Egg | $17.50
I love this little thing! It’s such a smart design. The entire thing is made of silicone and dishwasher safe, and it’s also soft and flexible so it won’t damage your teacup or mug. Super easy to clean and really cute. The black will be great for hiding tea stains, since I’m definitely guilty of not washing my cups and utensils immediately.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewKarl Zahn for Areaware DoveTail Horse | $10.00
At first I wasn’t that excited about a small ornamental object, but once I put it together I actually love it. Karl Zahn has a whole range of these animals that are all interchangeable, so if I get any more I can mix and match the body parts, which is hilarious and adorable. I think this will look awesome on our coffee table or bookcase. My only gripe is that the pieces were actually difficult to put together, since the fit is very tight. And now that it’s fully assembled it’s tough to take apart. It would be difficult for a child to do on his/her own.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewBut just look how sweet and adorable it is!

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewHay Bookbinders Notebook in Medium | $6.54
I’m a casual bookbinder myself, so this was perfect for me! I do wish I had gotten the variation with two small notebooks instead of this one large one, but I can never say no to a new notebook.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewNuance Marble Serving Platter (Small) | $35.95
This platter is very high quality and beautiful, and it makes me want to break out the wine and cheese. It’s very heavy and feels super luxe. I think it was a really smart item to include since it makes a great gift and would be very useful with all the upcoming holiday parties. As much as I love it, I’m going to give it away as a housewarming gift for a friend who just bought her first house. Basically, she’s going to love me forever.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewNuance 4-piece Multi Fork Set | $39.53
I want to keep these so badly! They’re so cute and would be perfect for fruit, but it’s also such a beautiful item to gift. I’ll probably end up gifting it just because I promised myself I would gift at least half of this box…but I might end up buying a set for myself anyways. I wish they came in even bigger sets (like 12 would be great) for dinner parties and get-togethers. The forks are heavy and superb quality. Dishwasher safe (yay!) yet elegant. Does it get any better?

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewSagaform Stainless Steel Salad Serving Set | $8.51
I’ll admit I had no idea what this was when I first opened it. Turns out it’s salad servers! The form is lovely and I like the idea of the pieces fitting into each other. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to get great reviews. I tested it a little myself, and the two pieces really don’t stay together very well, so the design is kind of pointless.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 Review

This picture is pretty much the only description I received, but I guess salad servers don’t really need any instructions. I’ll probably pair this with some nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar and use it as a hostess gift or something.

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 ReviewRoost Laser-Cut Snowflake Ornaments (3) | $1.85 each
So beautiful and delicate! Even though I do celebrate Christmas, I’m always happy to see general “holiday” or “seasonal” items. These ornaments will be beautiful on our tree but I can also see them being used for a variety of different purposes. So tempted to buy the whole set of 27!

Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 Review

My overall value came out to be $138.58, which is more than I was expecting. I think with subscription boxes like this, it’s all about curation and discovering fun new things that we wouldn’t find as easily in the US and less about crazy high value. With that being said, I still got more than double what I paid (but I don’t think that’s normal for Skandicrush boxes).

This was such a lovely box with thoughtful curation and tasteful items that I think I’m hooked! I think I’ll get myself a subscription as a treat for..surviving 2014. That’s an accomplishment, right?


One thought on “Skandicrush Holiday Box 2014 Review

  1. Oh I didn’t hear about or see this box on other blogs yet. I just found out about them this week and been hunting around for pictures! Love everything! It’s so hard to find a good decor one. I work on the team over at Decoterie so take a peek at that one if you can let me know what you think! For now I love the Rachel Zoe box too!!

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