My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box Review

I loved my first My Subscription Addiction box from Quarterly Co. and was so angry that I didn’t buy two boxes. I wanted doubles of everything so badly! Immediately after I got that shipment, I signed up for another subscription so I could get 2 #MSA02 boxes. This subscription is $50/shipment. In theory, it ships once every 3 months but that’s not really always the case…

Unfortunately, Quarterly has huge shipping problems. I think I was supposed to get this box in November, so that’s a pretty hefty delay. I personally don’t mind the shipping too much since you don’t get charged until they send the box, but I do get frustrated with the lack of communication. I would appreciate an email explaining why something is delayed and also an apology. I was really hoping to get this box in time to plan for Christmas gifting, but since it cut so close to the wire I wanted to play it safe and just went ahead and bought other presents.

I know the shipping delays aren’t Liz’s fault and a lot of factors go into putting a box together. Believe me, I totally understand! I used to work for a subscription company myself, and it’s so frustrating when a vendor doesn’t pull through or something breaks in shipment or any number of other possibilities. But I truly believe communication is key. I think most customers are understanding and willing to wait if they have more information about why a delay is happening.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box Review

Now onto the review!

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Recycled Wool Throw in Red Whip Stitching | $64.00
I was hoping that this throw would be softer than your typical wool throw, and it definitely is. It’s also machine washable, which is super convenient and one of my must-have criteria for throws. However, it’s just not soft enough for me. I found the wool to be scratchy and stiff. Liz mentioned in her letter that if you put it through the laundry a few times the blanket does get softer, but I’m not confident that it will get soft enough for my liking.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewClose up of the texture! I do love the color and red stitching. Wish it were softer, it would have been the perfect touch of red for my couch.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewFoot Traffic Microfiber Fuzzy Slipper Socks | $9.00
Speaking of texture, this is the opposite end of the spectrum. Like, so soft. SO soft. I love these sorts of slipper socks. They’re so warm and cozy and have little rubber pads on the bottom to prevent you from skidding around. They’ve become a staple for me in winter; I think I buy a few pairs every year and my collection just grows and grows. I remember I used to treat myself to a pair from Bath and Body Works (like $10) while I was in college, and it’s just snowballed since then. Despite my giant collection, I firmly believe you can never have too many fuzzy socks 🙂

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewAu Naturale Creme Eye Shadows (2) | $40.00 total
I was excited to try creme shadows since I don’t have that many. We got two full sized colors: White Quartz and an exclusive shade, Addiction, an antique gold. I rarely use either color, so I wish we had gotten a brown or beige instead. Gold brings out all the yellow in my skintone and just doesn’t look good. On the bright side, I have friends who look drop dead gorgeous in gold shadow that would be more than happy to take this off my hands!

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewI’m also disappointed in the packaging. The clear cap of my white one fell off and it seems like I have to glue it back on to keep the creme shadow clean. The gold cap also seems shaky so I might try to reinforce it with glue as well. I’m sure the makeup product itself is of high quality, but I do also put a pretty big emphasis on packaging so this is really frustrating for me.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewYes To Carrots Fragrance Free Intense Hydration Night Cream | $12.99
Normally, I don’t have anything against drugstore brands. In fact, it’s really nice to fall in love with a product that I can easily afford and have access to. But with that being said, I feel like this was a bit of a let down after the fabulous Tatcha Rice Powder from the last box. Luckily this is a product I will definitely use since I’ve tried it before and it’s really good for sensitive skin. The texture is very thick, but doesn’t make your face feel greasy.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box Review

Bauble Bar Ice Circle Pendant | $32.00
Favorite item in the box! This delicate necklace is so dainty and is just in time for all the fun holiday parties. It’s always more exciting to receive a bit of bling around the holidays for some reason. Am I the only one who feels that way? It feels so festive! I love delicate jewelry like this because of how versatile it is. You can wear it alone for a really subtle sparkle or layer it with other necklaces.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box ReviewLook how pretty! Really great for everyday wear.

My Subscription Addiction Quarterly Co. #MSA02 Box Review

The box also came with a free 30-day trial for Next Issue App valued at $14.99. It’s compatible with most tablets and smartphones, and gives you unlimited access to over 140 digital magazines. I’ll probably try it, but don’t expect to get too much use out of it. I’m not much of a digital magazine reader.

I paid $50 for this box and received $172.98, which is actually a higher value than the previous shipment. But I absolutely adored #MSA01 and I feel pretty ambivalent about this one. The big ticket item isn’t for me, which seems like a waste. I love the necklace and socks, but they don’t even cover the price of the box. After thinking it through, I’m going to keep one of my boxes and return the other one. I will give Quarterly major props for having a great return policy! No questions asked and a fast customer service response time. If I’m ever on the fence about a Quarterly box, I think their generous return policy is one of the main reasons I end up buying it. There’s no risk involved, which is rare for subscription boxes! What did you think of #MSA02? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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