BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo Code

Last review of the year: December BuddhiBox! Ending 2014 on an optimistic and healthy note…let’s hope it carries over to the new year! BuddhiBox is a new monthly subscription box for yoga lovers. I’ve recently gotten into yoga and barre, so this was a great box to get me motivated for a more active 2015. Each month you will receive 4-6 yoga lifestyle products to promote yoga, health, and overall wellness. Also, they only feature products that are organic, non-toxic, natural, and humanely produced/tested. BuddhiBox also picks a charity to donate to each month. December’s box will benefit Eat Breathe Thrive, a non-profit program that aims to prevent and help individuals fully recover from eating disorders, disordered eating and negative body image. Great cause!

BuddhiBox costs $30.95/month, or $27.95/month with a 6-month subscription, and $25.95/month with a yearly subscription. Use secretbuddhi for $3 off the monthly subscription price.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive this box for review purposes. 

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeHASinspiration Lavender Eye Pillow | $14.00
Love this! I think I got one of the prettiest prints so I couldn’t be happier. It’s soo gorgeous and well made! I like that this is an item from a small etsy shop: definitely feels very special and I’m all about supporting handmade. And what I really appreciate about this eye pillow is that the lavender insert is removable. Most eye pillows I’ve used in the past don’t have removable inserts so you can’t wash it at all. With this one, you can wash the cover as often as you like!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeBarefoot Yoga Co Elastic Strap Mat | $3.75
How smart is this? I’ve been using an old hair tie to keep my mat rolled, but this is a much more elegant solution. Practical and functional but not something everyone already has. Really thoughtful to include this in a box for yoga lovers! I think I’ll have to pick up another one for my thicker mat that I use for barre class.

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeAmazing Meal Cafe Mocha Dietary Supplement (2) | $6.00 ($3.00 each)
I’m not really familiar with dietary supplements like this, so I just added a packet to a chocolate smoothie that I made. (My boyfriend was totally laughing at the idea of a healthy chocolate smoothie. But hey I never said it was healthy, just delicious!) It definitely does add a bitter coffee taste, which for me isn’t a bad thing since I love coffee so much. I thought the coffee/chocolate combination worked really well! I can’t imagine what other flavors the mocha would do well with though…any advice?

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeAmazing Grass Shaker Cup | $6.99
This cup looks so simple but what fancy features does a shaker really need? It’s spill proof, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and easy to drink out of. I’ve been using mine mostly for orange juice in the morning, and so far there has been no leakage and cleaning has been a breeze. I’m always hesitant to put juice in my water bottles since I worry about cleaning, but now I have a great container to use exclusively for juices and smoothies!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo Code

The “pop up” design of the lid is really convenient.

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeBear’s Beauty Natural Vegan Deodorant | $0.77
I’ve been wanting to try natural deodorant since I have heard so much about it recently, but didn’t have a place to start. I went on Etsy and there are so many options it was completely overwhelming. Now I have a starting point and I love that it’s a small sample size so I can get a feel for whether or not my body likes it. I’ve had a lot of allergy problems when it comes to deodorant, but I’m hopeful about this one since the ingredients list is super short and all natural. Added bonus: the scent is totally fabulous!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeHandmayde Happiness Loco Coco Lip Balm | $2.95
Another Etsy seller! Loving all the handmade goodies in this box. I’m up to my ears in lip balm at this point, but I do like that this is unscented and organic. Too bad I have so much lip balm I’m on a “no-open” at this point, so it will be a while before I can actually get around to this one.

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo CodeYummi Yogi Cookie Cutter | $8.50
Omg how cute is this?? As soon as I saw this I wanted to bake a batch of cookies. And I only thought of cookies since I’m so uncreative about things like this. But then I went on their website and saw tutorials for granola bars, soap, candles, gingerbread men (too adorable!), bird-feeders, and a ton of other ideas. I’m tempted to buy the whole set of 5 poses now! And I’m really really inspired to whip up a batch of granola bars for the whole class on my first day back. Celebrate the New Year in style!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo Code

Muuyu Interactive Yoga Classes | $24.00
I almost threw this card away because I’m so bad about doing video workouts, which is what I thought this was. But it’s actually a class, like an interactive class where you can see the teacher and he/she can see you and the other students. How cool is that? If you’re even remotely interested, I recommend checking them out! I was really skeptical but their website is so beautiful (such a weakness of mine) and the concept is unique. They seem to be really new, since there was only 1 recommended class for me, but I’m excited to try it out!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo Code

Oh and just one last tidbit: BuddhiBox includes a cute little card with a new pose to try each month. I think the Christmas yoga outfit is hilarious and cute. Where can I get some peppermint stripe yoga pants like that?!

BuddhiBox December Box Review Plus Promo Code

Overall I think this was a great box! I’ve never subscribed to any sort of yoga/fitness/health boxes so far and now I feel like I totally should. It’s great to get products that encourage me to stay healthy and continue doing yoga, since I know as my schedule picks up again in late January I’ll start slacking. I’m also really digging the handmade items and love that everything is natural and ethically produced. Oh and the BuddhiBox website has a “Suggestion” section at the bottom where you can give feedback and recommend items you want in future boxes. I think that’s a really great indication that they care about your opinion and want to better themselves. I can think of a dozen subscription companies that I’m dying to have a “suggestion” option for. Are you listening, POPSUGAR?

The total value for my December box is $66.96, which is more than satisfactory for me. I discovered some great new products and a new online platform for classes that I hope to use in the new year. If you’re interested in BuddhiBox, use secretbuddhi for $3 off the monthly subscription price.

Thanks for reading y’all! See you in the New Year 🙂


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