Birchbox February 2015 Review, March 2015 Sample Options, and a $10 Coupon!

February Birchbox just got here! They had a great theme for February: celebrating friendship. With Valentine’s Day being all about romantic relationships, I think it was wonderful to do a girlfriend-focused box.

Birchbox is only $10/month (even less if you prepay), and they have this fabulous point system that makes every month a total steal. For every sample you receive in your box, you can fill out a review to get 10 points (equivalent to $1) to spend in the Birchbox shop. And since every box has at least 5 samples, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get $5 worth of credit each month if you fill out all your reviews. It’s really satisfying when you want to treat yourself to something and remember that you have $50 worth of credit sitting around in the Birchbox shop!

And I say this every time they send a special box: I love love love their box designs! I feel like I’ve become a Birchbox box collector or something. I keep all the special edition ones! Love the bright colors and whimsical pattern of February’s.

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample Options

Marcelle Gentle Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes | $5.00
This was the sample I chose from the selection they offered last month. I’m always interested in having travel-sized make-up remover on hand, and since I’ve never tried this one before I could not resist. My go-to is always Clinique’s Take The Day Off, but this one was just as good and less expensive. I like to use waterproof mascara due to the humidity here, and a cotton pad soaked in this Marcelle remover took everything off in 3 swipes without tugging. I also wear contact lenses and the formula didn’t sting or burn or cause any irritation.

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsEyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in Black | $16.00
I can’t believe I got a full sized Eyeko liner! I really love these and have been a huge fan since I first discovered it through Birchbox a couple years ago. I also really like the new packaging (all black); makes it feel more luxe and sophisticated. This liner is great for beginners since the tip is like a felt marker. Easy to control and it has a really thin line that draws smoothly. You don’t need a super steady hand to get good results with this! I highly recommend this eyeliner! Added bonus: it’s amazing for quick applications on the go. I always keep one with me when I travel.

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsAmika Nourishing Mask | $2.24
It seems like I’ve been getting quite a few hair masks lately, which is definitely very appreciated. My hair is hating this cold weather and the heating in my apartment, so to compensate I’ve been trying to actually do a mask each week. I have heard rave reviews about the Amika mask so I was thrilled to see it in my box! This tube gives me enough for 2 applications, and so far I’m liking it. I left the mask in for 10 minutes and when I washed it out my hair was noticeably softer. The next morning it was easier to style and had less frizz. I’ll probably grab a full sized one with my Birchbox points!

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsCOOLA Face SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Matte Tint | $3.60
Lately I have been experimenting with various BB creams again. I think as my skin gets older I’m starting to fully realize the importance of SPF every single day (even cloudy ones!), and yes people have been telling me this for years but I guess I was just lazy and stubborn. But now I’m realizing again just how amazing BB creams are! Enough color to hide small imperfections, SPF, and moisturizing. All in one! Too perfect. This one by COOLA is really quite wonderful. The matte texture made my pores look tiny and it feels so light on my face. Another winner!

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsHarvey Prince Eau de Toilette Sincerely | $1.65
This is the only sample from my box that I don’t love. I personally didn’t like the fragrance and the tiny perfume vial samples are never very exciting. It’s kind of funny how I can’t get enough of perfume minis, but whenever I see one of these card vial samples I want to roll my eyes.

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsTotal value for my February box: $28.49. Overall I thought it was an amazing box. I got a full sized liner that I love, found a great hair mask and BB cream, and a new travel sized makeup remover. I can only hope my next box will be just as great!

For March, Birchbox is doing special boxes again. Can we just take a moment to appreciate their design team? I love all these box designs so much.

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsAs for sample choices, you can choose between the following 3 items:

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsI’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the It’s a 10 Leave In, so I’ll probably be choosing that one. Although the other two are pretty tempting as well…I love Amika and Beauty Protector products! They always smell so good, not to mention they actually work very well.

You also have the choice of going with the Beauty Solutions box, which will contain:

  • derma e Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Creme SPF 15
  • Laura Geller Blush ‘n’ Brighten
  • Dear Clark Volumizing Hair Tonic
  • Supergoop! Eye cream
  • Whish – Three Wishes Body Butter, Almond

Birchbox February 2015 Review plus March 2015 Sample OptionsLooks like a good one, but I just can’t resist the hair sample choices! What are y’all thinking of getting for next month?

Oh and before I forget, use code JILLIAN when you subscribe for an extra $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop! As if you needed another reason to join, right? 😉


3 thoughts on “Birchbox February 2015 Review, March 2015 Sample Options, and a $10 Coupon!

  1. I’m going through chemo and receiving Birchbox monthly brightens my spirits. I live trying new product, so skin care samples are always welcome. And when I’m well enough to go out, the makeup items always give me a new look. What can I say other than I love Birchbox!

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