Julep Cupid’s Mystery Clutch 2015 Review plus Promo Code!

I can’t believe how long it has been since I got a Julep Mystery Box (or in this case, clutch)! The value for these are always really good and it’s a great way to start a Julep collection for not very much money. Even though I now have an extensive library of Julep colors, I still really enjoy getting the mystery boxes. I especially can’t resist the ones with exclusive colors!

The Cupid’s Mystery Clutch was $24.99 and came with the promise of $100+ worth of products, as well as two exclusive top coats. It was guaranteed for Valentine’s Day if you ordered by a specific date, and I would have received it on time if it weren’t for my leasing office misplacing this box. No fault of Julep’s, I swear!

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewValentina (Pink chevron glitter top coat) | $14.00
Yuki (Snowy heart glitter top coat) | $14.00
Love festive top coats! These two really sold me on this clutch, since I’m a total sucker for anything with hearts, and anything that involves pink glitter. Couldn’t be happier with these two colors!

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewSandi (Smoky eggplant creme) | $14.00 
Queen Anne (Lilac confetti microglitter) | $14.00
Shari (Delicate sweet pea creme) | $14.00
Queen Anne is a duplicate for me, but it’s such a pretty color it might be nice to have an extra on hand. It would also make a great gift since it’s such a flattering color. I really adore Shari: I can never have enough soft pink creme colors! Overall I think the color curation was really on point and feels deliberate. The pink/purple hues are just perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewJulep Lip Gloss in Splendid | $10.00
I have too much lip gloss at the moment, but I always hear good things about Julep’s formula. The color is a sheer rose shimmer, which is neutral enough for most skin tones, I would imagine. If this weren’t a full sized gloss I would totally try it! I just feel so bad opening a full sized one when I have a million samples waiting to get used. Subscription addict here….

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 Review

Julep Gel Eye Glider in Olive | $16.00
If you’ve never tried Julep’s gel eye gliders yet, you really should! They’re surprisingly smooth and have amazing lasting power. While I’m glad this isn’t another black eye liner, I don’t think olive is my color. I tried it on last night and looked a bit silly. Maybe I’m just applying it wrong. If y’all have any tips for colored liner, I would love to hear them! With that being said, I stand by the staying power of these gliders.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewJulep Glitter Clutch | $6.00 (?)
This is the clutch that came with the mystery box, and it’s well made enough for the price point. I probably won’t use it as an actual clutch for going out, but it will be a handy makeup bag or for traveling with nail polish.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewThere was (and still is!) a promo code going on for a free wedding duo with the code CONGRATS, so I managed to snag two extra colors! Check out this awesome packaging! You can get this duo for free with any $20+ purchase!

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewCongrats Duo (contains Sienna and Fifi) | $28.00
I’m not sure why the website lists this as a $33.00 value when it’s just two colors, because I don’t think the box should value $5 (even though it’s really pretty). I like the colors and think they’re very wedding-appropriate. Definitely grab this for free while you can! Add the duo to your cart before applying the promo code.

Julep Cupid's Mystery Clutch 2015 ReviewMy total value before the congrat bonus is $102.00, and with the bonus is $130.00. I’m pleased with that amount for the $25 I paid. Every time I get one of the mystery boxes I re-realize why I like them so much! They were one of the first reasons I got hooked on Julep in the first place. Can’t wait to see something fun for March and April! I’m hoping for some great matte finishes and unique colors.


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