BuddhiBox March 2015 Box Review

Back in December I reviewed a BuddhiBox and was so thrilled with what I received. So imagine my excitement when I was offered another box to review!

BuddhiBox is a monthly subscription box for yoga lovers. I’ve been trying to get more involved with yoga and barre classes, so this is hopefully going to help me stay motivated! Each month you will receive 4-6 yoga lifestyle products to promote yoga, health, and overall wellness. They feature mostly products that are organic, vegan, and humanely produced/tested (they have little symbols on the cards to show which items are and are not). Added bonus (and totally my favorite part): BuddhiBox picks a different charity to donate to each month. March’s box will benefit Shelter to Soldier, a non-profit program that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be psychiatric service companions for wounded combat veterans. I really can’t imagine a better cause.

BuddhiBox costs $30.95/month, or $27.95/month with a 6-month subscription, and $25.95/month with a yearly subscription.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive this box for review purposes. 

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewI like that on the information card it very clearly shows which items are vegan, organic, and cruelty free. Everything from this month is cruelty free (yay!), and the only one that isn’t vegan is the Rosewater Ghee. I think if you’re looking for a vegan-friendly box, this one would be a pretty safe bet.

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewEach month they also send out a pose to try. I think these would be fun to collect over time, sort of like yoga flashcards!

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewWellness by Helen Rosewater Ghee Face & Skin Cream | $14.66
I love that BuddhiBox buys from Etsy sellers! Initially I was hesitant to put this cream on my face, since ghee sounds like it’s really oily and heavy, but the cream is surprisingly light and absorbs quickly. It almost feels like a souffle texture, like sort of fluffy, if that makes sense. The rosewater scent is on the lighter side and fades quickly, but if you aren’t a fan of rose or scented face creams it would probably still be too much. I used it as a night cream and it worked very well. I really like how soft it feels on my skin, how quickly it absorbed, and the non-greasy formula, so this is a winner in my book. I’ll definitely finish the whole jar and maybe even buy another one!

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewAILA Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Namaste | $17.00
I’m always excited to discover new 5-free nail polish formulas, and this brand is completely new to me. The color is described as “warm mocha with a glimmer” and it’s perfect for a subtle nude nail. I personally thought it looked a little pink too, which is right up my alley. The formula is really quite lovely: it applied evenly without streaking, dried to a high shine, and has stayed put for the past 2 days without any signs of chipping. I had an opaque color in 2 coats, not bad! I might have a new go-to 5-free polish brand now!

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewBlendBee Love Oolong Time Tea | $2.50
I can never have enough tea in my life, and this blend of oolong, peppermint, hibiscus, lavender, and licorice root sounds delicious! The bag contains enough for 5 cups, and you get 25% off a future order with code BuddhiBox25. This brand is also new to me, so I’m glad to try it out.

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewThe tea also came with a reusable muslin tea bag! I never considered using little muslin bags as reusable tea bags, but it makes a lot of sense and I feel really silly for not having thought of it sooner. I have so much loose tea so I definitely needed this.

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewQuinntessentials Hand Sanitizer | $10.00
This went right in my gym bag since I always need more hand sanitizer in my life. I’ve never used a spray version before, and I’m wondering if I can use it on my yoga mat as well to sanitize it. The scent is pretty strong (it’s a blend of mint, rosemary, and lemon) but fades quickly as the sanitizer dries. Compared to regular Purell scent, I would pick this mint/rosemary any day. I also love the glass bottle, definitely plan to refill and continue using it when I run out.

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewMama Kuka YogaSphere Medium Strap | $8.00
I was so intimidated by this strap. At first I was like “well, I can’t use this” because I didn’t think I had gotten far enough in my yoga classes to really need something to make it even harder, but then I realized this actually makes a lot of poses easier to attain. Plus it’s great for improving my flexibility. It’s turning out to be my favorite item in this box! I love that I received something I will get a ton of use out of and probably never would have purchased for myself. That’s the exact reason subscription boxes exist!

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewSacredxStones Mini Mala Bracelet | $8.05
Growing up with a lot of Buddhist extended family means I have a ton of Mala beads, so this is really the only item I probably won’t use. I do like the concept of an “on-the-go” set of beads for shorter meditations, but personally found these beads too small to comfortably use. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the really heavy stone beads my relatives would send me. Or maybe I just have really clumsy fingers…

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewThere were a few coupon codes and whatnot in the box as well, all of them pertaining in some way to yoga. I thought this little temporary tattoo was really cute 🙂

BuddhiBox March Box ReviewVerdict on the box: the value was really great, totaling $60.21! The curation was really spot on and I do feel the items are practical but still fun, plus they are very much in line with the lifestyle they are trying to represent. I imagine it would be really encouraging and helpful to receive a box like this every month as a reminder to stay on track and stay healthy. I know of several “yogis” in my life who would love this, and I’m considering gifting it for their birthdays as a nice little surprise. I might even pick one up for my yoga instructor, I think she would absolutely adore this. I’m excited to see what amazing boxes BuddhiBox will produce in the upcoming months!


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