Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box Review

This review of the Treatsie Best of 2014 Box is long overdue, but better late than never, right? I paid $49 for this box back in January, and they had the option of choosing between a Milk Chocolate option and Dark Chocolate. While I adore dark chocolate, my boyfriend prefers milk chocolate and I figured I would be nice and share 🙂

The box it arrived in was quite large, and very well padded. The actual Treatsie box is buried under that pile of packing peanuts, and there were 2 boxes of cookies that didn’t fit in the regular box.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate BoxI really adore the regular Treatsie packaging. It would be the perfect subscription to gift! Everything is always packed so well, I never get any broken chocolate bars or anything. Added bonus: they have a no melt guarantee! If anything is melted, just email them and they’ll replace it. (This was hugely important to me, being in Houston and all…)

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate BoxKika’s Treats Caramelized Graham Cracked in Milk Chocolate | $8.00
I loved the last bag of Kika’s Treats I received from Treatsie (the Coconut Shortbread one) and these are even better. The caramelized graham crackers taste almost like toffee and have a really satisfying crunch. I also think the branding is just adorable. I’m dying to try more of their products, especially the Brazilian Honeycakes!

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate BoxShotwell Original Salted Caramels | $9.75
I’ve also received these before from Treatsie, and they were actually one of my favorite discoveries. I am a long time caramel lover and these are seriously amazing. They melt in your mouth and have just the right amount of salt. It’s also infused with Kentucky bourbon, which you can taste subtle flavors of. I was so excited to have a full sized box of these caramels.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewNewfangled Confections Frittle | $6.50
This must have been featured during a month when I was not subscribed, since I’ve never heard of Frittle before. I’m not very fond of peanut butter, so obviously this wasn’t ideal for me. For anyone who does love peanuts, I imagine this would be amazing! The texture is crispy yet buttery, and the brittle is vegan and gluten free as well.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box Review

Raley’s Confectionary Treatsie Variety Mix | $6.00
I remember thinking these were so pretty when I first got them in the July Treatsie box, and I stand by it. The cute little faces and pictures in the candy make me smile, and I’m also amazed these are all handmade. There’s something about hard candy that makes me feel so nostalgic!

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewAlcove Chocolates Fleur de Pretzel | $5.95
I was sort of skeptical about this bar since the packaging just seems really bizarre to me, and I’m definitely someone who chooses chocolate based on the package design….but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s actually really good, though I guess you honestly can’t go wrong with a winning combination like chocolate and pretzels. I do find it a tad bit overpriced, since the bar is very thin and (in my opinion) not as good or unique as a Chuao bar.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewAlcove Chocolates Red Velvet | $5.95
Oddly, this tastes just like a red velvet cake, in chocolate form. It’s so odd but also so good and addictive. I won’t deny finishing this whole bar in one sitting. Oops, sorry diet :/

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewSeattle Chocolates Birthday Cake Batter Truffle Bar | $3.50
Ever since I first tried Seattle Chocolates through Treatsie back in July, I’ve been completely hooked. I’ve purchased several of their bars online and they are all fantastic (though I’m still partial to their toffee ones). I was thrilled to receive this birthday cake batter bar because I had not tried it yet, and it’s really spectacular. You can actually see the layer of cake batter with funfetti when you bite into the chocolate! I’m definitely purchasing more of this next time they have a sale.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewSeattle Chocolates Milke Chocolate Truffle Bar | $3.50
Really smooth and rich, it’s probably my favorite truffle bar on the market. Another reason I love Seattle Chocolates is because I think their price point is a really good deal for the quality that you receive. They use Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa and all non-GMO ingredients, and the texture is spot on. All for only $3.50!

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewJanis & Melanie Chocolate Chip Cookies | $5.80
At first I had low expectations for these cookies, but I was very wrong. They’re actually quite tasty, and this is coming from a girl who usually hates boxed cookies (with the exception of Thin Mints). I almost always prefer my cookies to be soft baked, and these definitely are not. But somehow they’re still really really good. They’re crunchy and not overly sweet and the chocolate chips are made with actual chocolate, not the typical Hershey’s stuff.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewJanie & Melanie Triple Chocolate Cookies | $5.80
Just as good as the regular chocolate chip ones, I finished this box within a day. I particularly enjoyed these since they used dark chocolate in the batter for a less sweet cookie.

Treatsie Best of 2014 Milk Chocolate Box ReviewThe total value for this box was $60.75, which I’m satisfied with for what I paid. Most of these aren’t available in stores near me, and if I had ordered them online I would have had to pay for pretty pricey shipping. I also discovered some new finds, which is why I subscribe to Treatsie to begin with. I do wish they had included more brands instead of doubling up on a lot of things, though I appreciate they at least had different flavors for more variety.

However, my main problem with this box is that I remember Treatsie advertised it as being originally $79, and that’s just completely absurd. I also do think there was some variation between boxes, which can be unfair to some customers.

But overall I am very pleased with this box and loved the vast majority of what I received. I still think Treatsie is my favorite food subscription out there and they do a great job with their curation. I find a ton of new brands that I love through them! If you’re interested in subscribing, you can use code Check out the FRBUCO01 to get double the sweets (over $40 total value) with your first box when you subscribe today.


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