Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

April’s BarkBox landed on my doorstep a few days ago loaded up with goodies, and thank goodness it arrived just in time. With all the rain Houston has been getting lately, Maddie has been indoors all the time and has gone through almost all her toys and chews.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We sprung for the whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now one box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link for 10% off any subscription. And if you use my link, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys. BarkBox always has a theme for each month, and April’s is Fitness.

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeHueter Toledo Gripper | $8.85
I was really thrilled to see this, since it was marked as a “heavy duty” toy “for tough play”. Maddie is really rough on all her toys, so I was excited about something that could potentially last for more than an hour.

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

She was really into the ball and it was the first toy she went for from the box, so I took that as a good sign.

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Unfortunately, she was able to rip this hole in the toy after just a few minutes. I emailed Barkbox about the issue and they got back to me within a day with a $15 credit to use in the BarkShop’s “Tried and True” collection. This was my first time utilizing their “Scout’s Honor” policy: “we guarantee that if your pup doesn’t ruv an item in their box, just give us a holler and we’ll send a replacement better suited for them, no fuss.” I’m happy to report that they truly do honor their guarantee, and they have really phenomenal customer service. I’m one happy subscriber here!

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Kyjen Tuff Guys Mat | $10.00
I thought this was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing when I pulled this out of the box. Perfect for the Fitness theme! I linked to the full sized version of the toy since I can’t seem to find the smaller size online. Perhaps it’s a BarkBox exclusive? Either way it has squeakers and crinkley plastic inside, so Maddie was a fan. She seems to really like the mat toys BarkBox sends.

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeSojo’s Simply Lamb | $6.53
These are the perfect treats; it’s 100% lamb. Like literally just freeze-dried lamb. How awesome is that? They’re also surprisingly affordable, considering it’s an all-meat treat. No preservatives, no artificial fillers, all made in the USA. No complaints from me!

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeYeti Corporation Large Yak Chew | $9.99
Definitely a unique item I would not have discovered myself. This is a chew made with yak and cow milk using a traditional recipe by the native people in the Himalayan region of Nepal. It’s sort of like a hardened cheese bar, and is very very resilient when it comes to chewing. Maddie has barely made a dent in it, and she’s an expert chewer! While it’s more pricey than your average chew, I think it’s worth the money since it lasts so long. When the chew gets to be a tiny piece, you can microwave it for 45-60 seconds and it will puff up and become crunchy. I’ll have to buy more of these things when this one runs out!

Barkbox April 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeThe value for this month is $35.38, which I’m satisfied with. I’m almost glad one of the toys had an issue because it allowed me to really test the BarkBox Scout’s Honor policy. I’m honestly very impressed with the service I received and the $15 credit that was offered to me. I ended up picking a durable chew toy for Maddie that came out to $12, and free shipping was added for the replacement. Such a great policy and it really takes all risk away from this subscription!


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