Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

Pooch Party Packs is a new subscription box for dogs that sends 4 or 5 treats, toys, and/or grooming supplies every month. Their unique angle is that each month they include a toy or treat from a small pet business in the US, which I really love. I’m a big fan of supporting small businesses and enjoy buying handmade and/or products, so the idea of doing the same for my dog is very appealing. Sidenote: wouldn’t an Etsy-type dog subscription service be amazing?!

Pooch Party Packs offers three different size options for your dog: small (10-20 pounds), medium (20-50 pounds), and large (50+ pounds). Maddie is around 46ish pounds but we always size up for her, so we received the box for large dogs. 

Pooch Party Packs costs $34.99/month (+$4.99 shipping), $31.99/month with a 3-month subscription, or $29.99/month with a 6-month subscription. If you’re interested, you can get 10% off your first box with FIRSTPACK!

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive this box for review purposes. 

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off CodeSuperior Farms Venison Nik Knacks | $3.99
Always glad to receive any sort of chew in a pet subscription box. Maddie goes through them quickly and I love having extras on hand. Venison ear is a better alternative for rawhide, which can cause digestion problems in dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Even though Maddie doesn’t have any problems with rawhide, I’m always on the lookout for better options. I’m happy to report that this is 100% venison (no additives!) and it’s quite substantial. I’ve seen some deer ear treats that are small and flimsy, but this is about 8 inches long and pretty thick. Even for an aggressive chewer, this ear lasted a good amount of time.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off CodeDoghouse Biscuits Little Bitty Cheese Bones | $7.00
These biscuits are Pooch Party Pack’s “small business item” for April, and they’re made by a little husband and wife company in Missoula, Montana. I love that they use local ingredients and test all the products on their own dog! All handmade in Montana with no refined sweeteners, chemically produced food colorings, or preservatives. I also really appreciate that on the back of the bag the packaging date was clearly marked (April 10th) so I know that these are fresh and I can guesstimate how quickly I should feed them to Maddie.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

Ingredients for the Little Bitty Cheese Bones: whole wheat flour, cheddar cheese, vegetable oil, parsley flakes, garlic powder. Any time an ingredients list is that short and simple, I’m completely on board. They looks and smell great! Almost like Cheez-Its, but for dogs.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off CodeMaddie was a big fan of these biscuits! I tried to take some pictures of her eating it, but she gobbled them up way too quickly. I swear, she could probably win some type of speed-eating competition for dogs.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off CodeKong Aqua Knots | $14.99
I’m a huge fan of KONG toys since they’re always well constructed and hold up well, so I was happy to see one of their products in this box. The design of this toy is pretty smart: the interior has a knotted rope for structure, which means it uses less stuffing (yay for less clean up!) and also adds durability. For Maddie, the added bonus is that when she’s done ripping up the fuzzy plush part, she’ll still have a knotted rope to play with.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

JW Pet Darwin the Frog | $7.79
Yay, a rubber chew toy! I would love to see more of these types of toys included in pet boxes! I tend to see more stuffed animals and other plush toys, but they just don’t cut it for a destroyer like Maddie. This frog had pretty high promises, and it’s meant to be “thrown, chewed, carried, and squeaked as much as any dog can”.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

She was pretty excited about how loud the squeaks were.

Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

Unfortunately after a bit of play, the feet on the frog sort of started to fall apart and crumble. I was worried that Maddie would choke on the parts so I had to take the toy away. She was pretty bummed about it, and I was feeling really let down by such a promising toy. I contacted Pooch Party Packs about the defective product and received a reply in literally 5 minutes. Literally. Talk about a new record! The customer service rep was so sweet and helpful and was more than happy to send me a new toy.


Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with the level of customer service I received. I think that’s the beauty of small businesses! You can get really fast personal responses and you can tell that the people behind the scenes are passionate about what they do.

The overall value for this box comes out to $33.77, which is just a hair lower than the cost of the box itself. And I do think there’s a bit of extra value in discovering new small businesses that you otherwise would not have access to. I also think it gets to be a pretty good deal if you commit to a longer subscription since the price per box goes down ($5 savings on each box in this case). But in general I would really love to see just a bit of increase in what you receive in the box as well. Just one more small item would be perfect!

Given that this is Pooch Party Packs’ first box and they’re a brand new company, I’m really pleased with the results. Maddie loved all the items in her box, and I am very happy with the curation. Can’t wait to see what wonderful boxes they’ll roll out in the future!


2 thoughts on “Pooch Party Packs April 2015 Box Review and 10% Off Code

  1. We just wanted to announce that we have listened to customer feedback and we have decided to drop shipping altogether! Our prices will remain the same with FREE SHIPPING! We look forward to sharing our love of finding high quality toys and healthy treats with everyone

    Maddie is super cute and we hope she enjoyed the replacement toy we sent!

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