Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!

It’s been so long since I’ve ordered anything from Julep that I was confused when I saw the package sitting on my doorstep. My last Mystery Box was in February, and I have such an extensive stash of nail polish that I can’t really justify ordering any more. But since I have the self control of a small child, I decided to get another mystery box when I saw that it was coming with a BRIKA designed pouch! Old habits die hard…

The May Mystery Box was $29.99 and came with the promise of $150+ worth of products, two exclusive colors, and a BRIKA + Julep designed pouch.

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!BRIKA + Julep Pouch | $?
Love the pattern on this! I pretty much ordered the box just for this pouch, and I have no regrets. It’s surprisingly well made and large enough to hold an iPad, and I anticipate getting tons of use out of this.

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!Marcella (weathered pink creme) | $14.00
Bea (lemonade creme) | $14.00
Brandis (taos turquoise creme) | $14.00

I like this trio of colors since they’re all such fun bright Summer hues. Wouldn’t they just be perfect for poolside pedis? I also appreciate that they aren’t sale colors, since Julep used to put a lot of their sale polish in mystery boxes. I’m also so relieved none of these are duplicates for me! Marcella is actually one of the exclusive new colors for this box, and they did a great job on the formula. It’s easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!Chatoya (bright platinum glitter top coat) | $14.00
Shayla (purple perennial full coverage micro-glitter) | $14.00

I can never get enough glitter in my life, and a good full coverage micro-glitter is hard to find. I’m pleased to say that Shayla has seriously great formula. Very smooth application, opaque in one coat, and dries beautifully. Would absolutely recommend!!

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!Julep Lip Gloss in Vivid | $20.00
I was intially a little disappointed because of how dark this color is, but Julep’s lip glosses are actually really sheer. This gives a great burgundy wash of color and works surprisingly well with my skin tone.

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!Julep Length Matters Mascara | $24.00
I have no idea what happened to the photo I took of the mascara, but it seems to have randomly disappeared. Sorry about that! I haven’t tried Julep’s mascara before receiving this one, so I was definitely curious. The formula was pretty good, it adds great volume and the brush is easy to use. The results were decent but it still doesn’t displace my favorite mascaras! But all things considered, it’s a solid one.

Luna (light blue duochrome with jagged cut glitter) | $14.00
Since I used the promo code SPRINGFUN, I got to add a free polish of my choice. I went with Luna since it caught my eye when it first came out, but was only available as an add-on. I’m so glad I was able to snag it! The color is so ridiculously pretty!

Julep May 2015 Mystery Clutch Review plus Promo Code!

My total value before the SPRINGFUN bonus and not including the pouch is $114.00, and with the bonus is $128.00. For the $150 value promise to ring true, the pouch is valued at $36, which I think is fair. I’m overall very pleased with this box!

Last time I checked, SPRINGFUN is still valid. Get a free nail polish color of your choice by adding it to your cart before applying promo code SPRINGFUN. It should deduct $11.20 from your cart, so you must be logged into your Maven account.


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