POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!

Got my May POPSUGAR Must Have box, and I’m happy to report that I’m already using most of the items 🙂 It’s always still such a great moment when I see this pink box on my doorstep; it’s definitely my favorite subscription box. I think they have got a fantastic formula down: 1 food item, 1 beauty item, 1 lifestyle/home item, 2-3 others.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!I never have the resolve to go spoiler-free, so I always know what my box will contain. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to resist peeking and actually surprise myself…

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!Sister of Los Angeles Surf Sand Love Beach Towel | $40.00
I was so excited to receive a beach towel in my box! What could be more useful as Summer quickly approaches? I’ve already used it at the pool and plan to bring it with me on my next beach trip. The thing about towels is you really can’t have too many. I always bring extras thinking I won’t need them…and then I end up using them. And this one is really cute and cheerful!

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!

Middle Kingdom Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red | $20.00
While I’m sad that there were no actual fresh flowers in my box (I wanted a bouqs.com gift card sooo badly!), I actually really like this bud vase. I don’t have any small vases and have been meaning to buy one forever, but it’s just something I’ve been putting off. I also appreciate that it’s boxed and ready for gifting, since this would be a really lovely hostess gift.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!The vase itself is well made and bright. It’s the perfect size for flowers that you pick yourself or petite bouquets. I never see vases in subscription boxes, so I gotta give props to POPSUGAR for thinking outside the box and bringing something new to the table!

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!Kitsch Tri’d and True Y-Shaped Necklace | $32.00
This was the initial spoiler reveal and I’ve been itching to get my hands on it since the beginning! I’m excited to see a silver jewelry item for once, since they tend to lean heavily towards gold. It’s another item that is ready for gifting, and the packaging is actually super cute.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!It’s such a dainty piece of jewelry, which is definitely my style. The Y-shape is more unique and interesting than a traditional pendant, so it’s sort of a minimal statement piece (for me). I think it would look really cute layered as well, and intend to rock this all Summer! Probably my favorite item from this month.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!Sage and Row Bare Shave Cream | $17.00
Such a pricey shave cream! I usually stick to drugstore stuff so this is a very luxurious product for me. The smell is lovely and not strong, and the cream has a very silky smooth texture. It’s supposed to be aloe-based compared to regular creams which are water-based, and will provide more moisture as a result.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!Batiste Dry Shampoo | $4.00
More dry shampoo! I have so much of this stuff, but like I’ve said numerous times, I won’t say no to more that works with my hair. Batiste is a great affordable one and it smells amazing too! I’m actually fine with receiving the mini version compared to the full sized, since it’s more useful to me if I can travel with it. I’ve started keeping some travel sized ones at the office too, is that really embarrassing?

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!Hammond’s Candies McCraw’s Flat Taffy | $1.00
While I like taffy, this felt really random to me. I know each month they include some sort of food item, but it’s usually a more generous size and seems more tied in with the box.

POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!

Overall I enjoyed this month. A lot of the items are practical, which I definitely appreciate. I’m already getting lots of use out of the towel and shave cream. The total value for this box is $114.00. Already excited for June to get here!

Good news, the gift with purchase promo code still works! Use WELCOME to get a free Sorial Wallet on a Chain ($49.00 value) from the November 2014 box. Apply the code at checkout, and it should deduct $.40 from your subscription order to signify the promotion has been added to your box.

POPSUGAR Must Have Gift With Purchase CouponAnd if you’re wondering about what the June 2015 box will contain, we have one spoiler already.

POPSUGAR Must Have Gift With Purchase Coupon plus June 2015 Spoiler!

Each June box will contain a Quay Australia Mandate Sunglasses (a $45.00 value). I’m looking forward to getting these and keeping them in my car. Hoping for some great Summer accessories in the next box!


7 thoughts on “POPSUGAR Must Have May 2015 Review plus Gift With Purchase Coupon!

  1. Ugggh!!! I’m on Julep right now and I LOVE THEM. I’ve been drooling over boxycharm and NOW THIS!!?!!! I want the June box already. -_-‘ I was looking into birchbox (I’m not convinced I want to try just yet…) but they are having $1 deal for your first box. https://atypicaldisease.wordpress.com/2015/05/24/birchbox-1-deal-vs-julep-free-welcome-box/
    I am sorely tempted…. do you subscribe to birchbox? What do you think? I like my full size items with Julep right now. And… did you seriously get that vase? Super cute!

    • I love Birchbox! They have such a great point system: when you review the samples each month you get $1 store credit for each sample. So every month you get at least $5 worth of points to spend in their shop. Really makes the subscription worth it!

      • Can you use it towards the box or just the items? I didn’t know that. if that’s the case… I might just try the $1.00 deal 🙂

      • Just the items in the store, but they have lots of different products so it’s easy to find something you like. They even have tons of cute home goods and accessories, in addition to all their makeup/skincare/fragrance

      • that sounds really nice. I think the only rewards Julep has is when you refer a friend or from each box purchased. But, you can apply that towards you box or add ons which is cool. Still, I like that you can do reviews on the products to get points. It makes sense though… you’re getting samples. review so you can earn the points and then the incentive is you can use it towards the products available. that’s cool. I think I will give them a try…. I’m just hesitant. I was the same way with Julep.. and I love them now.

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