Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

I know it’s already June (what? how?!) so this is a super late review of the May BarkBox. I’m sure you’ve heard of all the crazy flooding Houston has been gong through as of late, so needless to say I was really grateful to have this box delivered right before the storm hit. Maddie’s been trapped indoors with us due to the floods, and it was great to have new treats and toys to keep her entertained.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We sprung for the whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now one box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link for 10% off any subscription. And if you use my link, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys. BarkBox always has a theme for each month, and May’s is “Garden Pawty”.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeHarry Barker Fetch Canvas Bone | $14.00
This is such a pretty plush toy, and looks very well made. Of course, no plush has ever been able to last long with Maddie, but they are her favorite. I think she feels really accomplished when the entire toy is decimated.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeBarkMade Flowers Bouquet | $14.00
Omg I can’t get over how adorable this is! All the flowers are stuffed with crinkle paper and stuffing, and it all wraps up in a soft velcro “newspaper”. It’s made exclusively for BarkBox and is perfect for their Garden Pawty theme this month.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeThe velcro newspaper wrapping comes undone and each flower is an individual toy. Such a smart concept! I’m especially loving the fact that I can actually read the funny BarkPost velcro wrap.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeI wanted to get a better picture of her holding the bouquet in her mouth, but she wasn’t in the mood to sit still. She never really is…but it’s especially hard when she’s got a new toy to shred.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Look how happy she is with her flowers!

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeBarkworthies Junior Bully Stick | $3.00
Each box contains at least one chew, so we always know to expect one. Barkworthies Bully Sticks are pretty resilient, though I would have preferred to get a larger size. This one is 6 inches, so it’s a bit on the small side for Maddie. These are all natural and made from a single ingredient, so no worries about preservatives or anything.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodeMax and Ruffy’s Strawberry and Carob Treats | $6.00
Max and Ruffy’s has become my new favorite brand for treats because they always smell AMAZING and Maddie completely loves them. The last bag of molasses flavored treats were such a hit and smelled so good I was sorta kinda maybe tempted to try one. As always, their treats are wheat free, made with 100% organic human-grade ingredients, and made in the USA. Good stuff!

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off CodePlato Pet Treats Farmer’s Market Natural Salmon and Vegetables Recipe | $8.00
This brand is new to me and I do like that I’m getting exposure to new brands with Barkbox. The treats definitely smell very strongly of fish, but Maddie loves them so I’ll just have to deal with it. It’s a good source of protein for her, since a lot of her other treats are more biscuit/cookie types. These are grain-free, contain no by-products or artificial colors or artificial preservatives, and are made in the USA. Since the protein is from a single source (natural salmon), it’s especially good for dogs with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

Barkbox May 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Overall this was a fantastic month for us! The value of the box is $45.00, which is better than most months and particularly great considering we only paid $18. I especially loved both toys and the treats were totally perfect for Maddie. I’m so glad we had this box on hand when the rain was coming down hard!


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