BuddhiBox May 2015 Box Review

I’ve been slacking off in terms of working out lately, so I was very glad to see the May BuddhiBox on my doorstep last week. Hopefully it will encourage me to attend more of my classes and get back on track! I do feel more compelled to go when I have fun new goodies to try out…

BuddhiBox is a monthly subscription box for yoga lovers. I’ve been taking some yoga and barre classes, and my hope is that this box will help me stay motivated! Each month you will receive 4-6 yoga lifestyle products to promote yoga, health, and overall wellness. They feature mostly products that are organic, vegan, and humanely produced/tested (they have little symbols on the cards to show which items are and are not). Added bonus (and totally my favorite part): BuddhiBox picks a different charity to donate to each month. May’s box will benefit Fly Buddha Foundation, a non-profit program that assists women with gynecological cancer in the preservation of their fertility. This actually hits really close to home, since one of my best friends just recently got diagnosed with cancer and she’s now dealing with the process of potentially freezing her eggs in case she wants children later in life. (Sorry if that was a little TMI)

BuddhiBox costs $30.95/month, or $27.95/month with a 6-month subscription, and $25.95/month with a yearly subscription.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewGo Macro Banana + Almond Butter MacroBar | $2.00
Surprisingly good! I usually don’t take to these healthy bars, so it’s always nice to find out I enjoy. It’s a soft chewy texture and includes sunflower seeds and walnuts. The banana flavor is definitely strong, so it’s lucky that I happen to love bananas! This bar is vegan, gluten free, USDA organic, GMO free, macrobiotic, AND gives back to the Tour du Cure for the American Diabetes Association. Talk about impressive.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewLasting Smiles Peppermint Lip Balm | $5.00
Lip balm is sort of like dry shampoo to me at this point, I just have so much of it it’s no longer really exciting to receive. But I will say that this one is wonderful not just for the formula (really smooth and moisturizing!) but for the cause. For every 1,000 lip balms sold, one child receives the gift of a cleft lip or cleft palate surgery in the same countries Lasting Smiles sources their ingredients from. And it sounds like BuddhiBox was able to purchase 1,000 for their subscribers! I love that they’re not only giving life-changing surgeries to children, but specifically to children who are in the communities they operate in.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewFrisky Fish Fresh Essential Oil Blend | $14.00
Love it whenever a box includes something from Etsy, since I’m always excited to receive handmade/small business items. I adore citrus scents, especially in Summer, so this essential oil will definitely get used. It’s a very clean and bright scent, perfect for the muggy Houston weather! I like that it’s made with a blend of 100% natural essential oils and coconut oil, so there’s no surprises in the ingredients list.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewBelow the Oak Vixen Solid Perfume | $10.00
Another Etsy item! While I like the idea of solid perfume, this scent isn’t for me. I’ve been wanting to try solid perfume for such a long time now (why don’t more mainstream perfumeries make it??) but I wish I had received one of the other fragrances. I couldn’t find “Vixen” online, but it sounds similar to “Forest Magic”, which is described as an “earthy and sweet” scent. It’s a bit too musky and masculine for my tastes.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewSweathouse Brands Saucha Lavender Spray | $4.00
Excited to try this Saucha spray! It’s supposed to kill odor-causing bacteria from your yoga clothing and yoga mat without damaging the materials. The bacteria in sweat sets into fabric just 2 hours after sweating and once it’s in it’s really hard to get out, so this is meant to be sprayed immediately after working out and before you can get it washed. Smart idea! I’ve only used it once and hope to see results with continued usage 🙂

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewSweathouse Brands Hot Yoga Towel | $6.00
It’s funny how a completely random item in the box can become your favorite, in lieu of the more expensive other items. For me, my favorite item from this box is this hot yoga towel. I’m a pretty sweaty person (ew, I know) so I like to bring extra towels just in case, and it’s always good to have new (stylish!) ones on hand. I really like that this one is longer and is designed to be held on either end to cradle the neck during sit ups, or wrapped around the feet for stretches.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewPoppy & Elle Set of 3 Headbands | $6.00
Yay, new headbands! I always lose headbands and hair ties, so it’s nice to get more. I like the muted colors and they can double as hair ties if I wrap it around more, so I’m pleased. I also do appreciate yet another Etsy item! I’m always very impressed with how many fun handmade items BuddhiBox manages to source each month.

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewYokibics Four AM Mediation Downloads | $10.00
I’ve never successfully meditated in the AM before (I tend to fall asleep…) but I would love to try again since I always hear such wonderful things about meditating before work. Hopefully these guided meditation albums will help me out!

BuddhiBox May 2015 Box ReviewThe overall value for May is $57.00, which I think is great for the price. But when it comes to BuddhiBox, I think there’s really such a great emphasis on charity and giving back that it’s worth more than just the retail value. Not only do a lot of the products benefit great causes, but profits from the box itself go to a different non-profit each month. And so many of the items included are made by small businesses or artisans, so you’re also supporting them. I really love the curation of items, and I think they’re so well thought out. You can tell that the people behind BuddhiBox really love and believe in what they’re doing. I’m looking forward to what they have in store for us in June!


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