Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample Options

Gosh I’m so behind on reviews this month. We’re halfway through June and I haven’t done a single one. I guess everything slows down in Summer, including my brain.

I can’t remember the last time we received a plain brown Birchbox instead of a special box design. No complaints here though, I love seeing the creativity and collecting these gorgeous boxes. June is no exception: I’m digging the color and message!

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsBeauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser | $2.00
I definitely hoard little bottles of body wash since they’re so perfect for travel, but I must admit I actually used this one right away. It smells sooo good! I really love all the hair products from this brand so I use it pretty often, and they always have a very distinctive smell. Well I guess I’m not the only one obsessed with it since they made a body wash with this exact scent!

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsReal Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel | $4.80
This was one of the sample choices for last month, and people have been giving it great reviews! It’s actually a really interesting product to use. You spread the gel on your face and massage in circles, and you start to feel these little balls forming under your fingertips. That’s your dead skin, which is pretty gross but completely fascinating. If you’ve ever put Elmer’s glue on your hands and rubbed it off (I was obsessed with doing this as a kid…) it kind of feels like that. I was impressed with how much dead skin came off despite this feeling gentle on my skin and will probably repurchase! Great find through BB 🙂

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsMarcelle Mini Waterproof Eyeliner in Mulberry | $4.00
We were all supposed to receive the new Eyeko eyeliner in the June box, but there was a holdup at customs and Birchbox was not able to get the Eyeko liners in time. As a substitution, each subscriber was sent a Marcelle liner for this month and they will ship the Eyeko one when it arrives. I definitely appreciate the honesty and the bonus product!

Anyway, now onto the actual product. I’m happy to receive the Mulberry color, since it’s a bold color that also happens to work with my skintone. It’s blendable and easy to apply. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not really a waterproof liner. Once you’ve gotten used to MUFE Aqua Eyes I think you hold waterproof pencil liners to a new standard, and this one just doesn’t cut it.

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsTOCCA Eau de Parfum in Isabel | $2.00
Generally not a big fan of receiving little perfume vials, but whenever I discover a scent I really like it makes me think twice about these samples. I didn’t expect to love Isabel as much as I do, but it’s a fantastic find for me! It’s similar to Chloe (which I also am obsessed with), but it’s got a spiciness to it and is perfect for Summer. Not to mention the packaging and TOCCA’s branding is completely adorable. I do also appreciate getting eau de parfum samples versus eau de toilette ones.

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsDr. Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 | $4.00
With Summer in full swing I don’t think I can get enough SPF, and since I’m way too lazy to do a full face of foundation when I know it will just melt off, BB creams are perfect for me! It’s just enough coverage to mask a few imperfections, but it’s light enough to feel like I have no makeup on. This one felt great on and blended well with my skintone, so I’m a happy camper.

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsPura Vida Lace Headband | $2.25
Love this little lace headband! It’s so cute and dainty, yet practical. I also really lucked out with the color, one of my favorites. It’s a little on the smaller side but still fits me. I can feel that it’s a bit tighter than I’m used to though. It doesn’t bother me, but if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing you might not want to get this brand. In terms of cuteness though, this one takes the cake! Loving the tiny charm accent on the knot as well.

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample Options

Verdict on the June box: despite getting 6 items, the value for the overall box is one of the lowest I’ve received from Birchbox thus far, at $19.05. Nonetheless, it’s still a great deal for $10. AND I got 60 points for doing my reviews, which translates to $6.00 worth of store credit. I’m also really pleased with most of my samples and discovered some great new products that I’ll be buying in full size. Guess it just goes to show you that a high value isn’t everything. Sometimes my favorite boxes are the ones with low retail value.

Now onto Sample Choice!

For July, each subscriber will receive a Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. You’ll get to choose one of three shades: Beso (a true red), Venezia (a bright coral red), or Bella (a bright pink).

Birchbox June 2015 Review plus July 2015 Sample OptionsOr, you can opt for Beachy and Bright Box:

  • Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick in Bella (bright pink)
  • Juara Enzyme Radiance Scrub
  • theBalm® cosmetics Balm Desert® Bronzer/Blush
  • Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray
  • Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30

What do you think? I’m torn between Beso and Venezia, but probably leaning towards Beso since I’ve heard wonderful things about it being “the perfect universal red”.


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