Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo Code

I’ve been putting off this review for a few days now, but now that it’s finally Friday I can catch up on some much needed blog time. First up is my July Bespoke Post box. This one sold out on the first day it was released! I’m so glad I happened to check my email early on the day it was announced and was able to grab one.

Bespoke Post is supposed to be geared towards a male audience, but the products end up being pretty gender neutral. For example, the July choices were Vibes (headphones), Cheers (beer tasting), Bask (picnic blanket and cards), and Carry (wallet and pen). Usually at least one option is neutral enough for anyone. Their skip policy is fantastic, because you can preview the entire box and skip the month if you don’t like any of the options. They also send out email reminders, and you have until the 5th of the month to decide. At $45/month, it’s on the pricey side but all their items are very high quality and they have spectacular customer service. You can return the entire box for a refund if you don’t like it, and they’ll even cover the return shipping. If you’re interested in trying (highly recommend!), you can take 25% off your first box with promo code RESCUE!

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeLSTN Fillmore Headphones | $100.00
I’ve been in the market for headphones for a while now, and actually had a bunch of options ready to go in my Amazon cart right before I saw this box option. I’m so happy the timing worked out perfectly for me! I’m very happy with the sound quality and how comfortable these are. They have a good amount of padding and fold up nice and small for easy traveling. LSTN also donates money from every purchase to help fund hearing restoration all around the world.

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeI have LSTN earbuds that I received in a Quarterly box that I really love, so I knew these would also be a hit. And I know their customer service is fantastic because when one of the earbuds broke, I emailed LSTN to see if they have a warranty. I explained that I got the earbuds through Quarterly and didn’t actually pay full price for them or anything, but they still shipped me a brand new pair for free! You gotta respect that kind of customer service! I was just so impressed and thought I’d share that little tidbit about their company, since they seem to really care about their mission and have confidence in their products.

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeThe wood grain is just stunning. I chose the Ebony color for a more subtle look, but all of the colors are really beautiful.

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeAntica Farmacista Manhattan Reed Diffuser | $26.00
I love reed diffusers and I love Manhattans, so it’s no surprise I’m a big fan of this fragrance. It has a base of vetiver and bourbon with top notes of citrus. I really enjoy getting home fragrances in boxes since I can never bring myself to shell out the full retail price for one, so it’s great that I get to try out such a luxury brand! Bespoke Post seems to have fantastic hookups with a lot of wonderful high end brands.

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeThey sent the reeds taped to the top of the shipping box, which I thought was really clever.

Bespoke Post Box: Vibes Review Plus Promo CodeI paid $45 for a box with $126.00 value, and I’m thrilled with what I received. I love that Bespoke lets you know exactly what you’re getting ahead of time so you are fully aware of the value and can choose to opt in or out of the box. The items are always phenomenal quality and the company stands behind all their products. My wallet that I use on a daily basis is actually from one of the Bespoke boxes from last year and it shows zero wear and tear. It’s hands-down my favorite subscription to gift for the men in my life! My brother and boyfriend are both really big fans, and I’m constantly finding boxes that I keep for myself as well (like with this one!). I definitely recommend trying this subscription at least once: don’t forget to take 25% off your first box with promo code RESCUE! It’s a total steal for that price!


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