Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Men’s Subscription Box Review

So it’s pretty rare that I get to review a men’s subscription box, since my boyfriend doesn’t really subscribe to anything besides the occasional Bespoke box. But the folks over at Stuff You Need Cheap reached out and offered me a box of briefs to review. Luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to lend his body for reviewing purposes, though I think he was just really excited that a box was actually 100% for him for once (since I have a tendency to steal some of the Bespoke items…).

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) is a new subscription service that sends out boxer briefs and socks. It’s a pretty simple concept: for $18.00/month, you either receive 3 pairs of briefs or 3 pairs of socks. The months alternate between briefs and socks, so if you subscribe for 2 months you would get a shipment of each. It looks like they’re starting shipments in September, which will be briefs, and October will be socks.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive this box for review purposes.

I received my shipment in a plain package because their custom-printed ones had not arrived yet, but this is a picture of what the actual subscription box will look like.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription Review

We received 3 pairs of men’s large boxer briefs in the box. My boyfriend is usually a large, and very occasionally a medium, and these fit him really well. He thinks they’re very slightly on the smaller side, so if you aren’t sure what size to choose I would size up.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription ReviewThis is my favorite design that I received this month. The fabric is the same for all 3 pairs (and I think will be the same consistently for all their boxer briefs), and it’s a really really soft material. My boyfriend actually thinks these are among the most comfortable briefs he’s ever had, so this was a really fun box for him to discover. He wishes this was around when he was younger! I’m pretty sure he was one of those guys who always neglected to do laundry and had to go commando for a few days back in college…

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription Review

Not a big fan of this pattern, but since they’re undies I don’t really care either. My boyfriend will pretty much wear anything so he’s just glad these are super soft. The fit and cut is practical, not too short or excessively long and the waistband sits comfortably on him.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription ReviewI think these pineapples are so adorable! SYNC’s designs are obviously for a younger demographic, which makes a lot of sense for their target audience of college students. I think the fun patterns are a smart idea because it makes the subscription more exciting. Since you already know exactly what you’re getting each month (briefs or socks), the different designs are what give you that subscription surprise feeling we’re all so hooked on (looking at you, other box fanatics!). You know exactly what feeling I’m describing.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription ReviewOn the back of each pair there’s a screenprinted logo. You know how on some cheap screenprinted fabric the ink feels really stiff and you can feel it when you’re wearing it? And it starts to peel/crack after you put it in the dryer? Well with these you definitely don’t have that problem. You can’t feel the ink at all, and it doesn’t have any issues in the dryer.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription ReviewAnd of course, the true test of how well made these boxer briefs are: how does it hold up in the wash? I put it through 2 wash cycles so far and it didn’t shrink, pill, or show any wear or tear. The colors didn’t fade either. It wasn’t until afterward that I read the wash directions (I know, I know..) and I didn’t even wash mine on a cold cycle like they recommend. I think I did one hot and one warm? But it didn’t seem to matter. And I mean what kind of college student takes the time to consider what wash cycle to choose? The important thing is that these are durable and can probably withstand a good amount of laundry abuse, so it’s great for your average college student.

Stuff You Need Cheap (SYNC) Subscription ReviewFinal verdict on the box: I think it’s definitely well worth the money. The material is seriously really soft and comfortable without being too thin, and the designs are fun and age-appropriate. The quality is fantastic and on par with the more expensive stuff you get in stores. For similar quality I’ve paid anywhere between $16–$25 for a pair for my boyfriend. At just $6 a pair, SYNC’s subscription is a great deal. If you’re looking for a gift subscription for a college-aged guy in your life, this would be a good bet!


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