Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box Review

I can never seem to have enough candles in my life (though my boyfriend would probably beg to differ…), and I especially love to find hand made and unique scents. So naturally I was really ecstatic to receive a Flicker & Flame box to review.

Flicker & Flame is a new subscription service that sends out a limited edition, custom blended soy candle every month. For $25.00/month, you receive a 10 oz candle with a burn time of approximately 40 hours, shipping included. Added bonus: for every annual subscription, this company donates a solar lamp to a village in Africa through SolarAid! I’m always on the lookout for subscription companies that give back, and I love that it seems to be a trend that is catching on with newer boxes.

Disclaimer: There are no affiliate links in this post, but I did receive this box for review purposes. 

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box Review

Each month features a different scent, and the scent profile is written on the inside of the shipping box. August features lilac, rose, bergamot, and ylang ylang in the fragrance. It’s definitely a very strongly scented candle: my entire mailbox and all the other mail inside smell amazing now!

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box ReviewThe candle came in a sturdy black box, and the presentation looks fantastic. This is definitely a subscription you can gift! It looks very impressive and refined, and I like the simplicity of the heavy frosted glass for the candle.

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box ReviewThe candle burns really evenly and definitely fills your room with fragrance immediately. I’ve burned mine for about 3 hours and it’s barely made any kind of dent at all. I definitely expect this to last me for at least a whole month. Out of all the components of this month’s scent, I’m picking up the lilac most strongly, which is perfect for Summer. But my brain is totally dreaming of Fall already…I would love to see what fragrances they’ll feature! I’m so excited for apples and cinnamon scented everything.

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box ReviewThe box also includes a little box of matches (contains approximately 25 matches) and I think the packaging is just so adorable. Definitely adds a little something special to the subscription.

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box ReviewSuch a pretty presentation!

Flicker & Flame August 2015 Subscription Box ReviewFinal verdict on the box: I love the concept and it definitely felt like a very personal and luxe subscription. If you’re someone who enjoys home fragrance and regularly buys hand made soy candles, you know that the $25/month price tag is pretty on point. Just for frame of reference, my two favorite candle brands are Voluspa ($18 for 6.2 ounces), and Nest ($38 for 8 ounces). With Flicker & Flame you’re getting a 10 ounce for $25, shipped to your door. Plus you’re supporting a small business and buying hand made!

With all that being said, there definitely is the risk of getting a scent that you don’t love, so I think this is a subscription best for people who are looking to try new scents and are open to exploring different seasonal fragrances. If you have a lot of smells that you absolutely could not tolerate in your home, a subscription like this would probably be a bad idea. But for me, even though I consider myself pretty picky about fragrance, this is a really wonderful concept. I’m all about discovering new fragrances and interesting combinations, and I really love the idea of having a brand new completely unique scent in my home every month!


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