$10 Off Rachel Zoe Box of Style!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style just rolled out her referral program, which lets new subscribers get $10 off their first Box of Style when invited by an existing member. Just use this link and you’ll automatically be prompted to enter your email for the $10 off!

Disclaimer: Obviously this post contains referral links. You have no obligation to use them but if you do I will be so very grateful 🙂 Plus you’ll be helping me keep this blog going! 

For the unaware: The RZ box is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a box filled with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle items curated by Rachel Zoe! It’s a quarterly subscription, so it ships in March (Spring), July (Summer), September (Fall), and December (Winter). Every box promises $300+ value for only $100, or you can sign up for a yearly subscription for $350.00. The next box (Fall) will be shipping soon! Check out my review of the Summer 2015 box to get a sense of what to expect for future boxes!

And in case you forgot, the hero item for the Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 box is: a CLUSE La Bohème rose gold watch with interchangable grey and black straps, a $132 value.

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall 2015 Box Spoiler!Isn’t it pretty?? I really adore that we’re getting 2 different strap colors that will go with everything. I already ordered 2 of the Fall box (don’t judge me!!) so I’m simply dying for September to get here already.


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