Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

Happy first day of September! Hard to believe how fast this Summer has flown by. But I also can’t tell you how excited I am for boots and sweater weather, pumpkin spice everything, and cooler weather!

I’ve always heard great things about Beauty DNA and read wonderful reviews about them on various blogs, so I finally caved and signed up for a subscription of my own. This is the August shipment that I received about a week ago; I’m just really behind on reviews.

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription service that sends you one full sized beauty item based on your profile. When you first sign up, you fill out a pretty detailed profile on your preferences, and the experts at Beauty DNA will match you with a product that they think works best for you. For $25/month, you’ll receive an item from one of three categories: skincare, hair products, and body. Usually they alternate what category you receive between months, so you won’t end up getting a bunch of hair products consecutively.

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

I love that the folded card is so personalized. It’s printed for each person and you definitely get the sense that this is a shipment that is unique to you and created just for you.

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

Inside the card is a detailed explanation for why this particular product was chosen for you based on the questionnaire/profile. I’m impressed with how much they took my preferences into consideration! I was picturing a more general “match” process, but reading this I can see that there are so many factors. I am particularly grateful that they paid so much attention to the fragrance aspect. I’m very picky about fragrance in my skincare!

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

I was matched to 3Lab Hydrating-Vita Cream, which I had seen online at Nordstrom but never actually purchased. It has great reviews so I am really excited. This card also lists on the left side how to use the product, what the benefits are, and where to buy more when you run out. I’m honestly blown away by how comprehensive the card is!

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

3Lab Hydrating-Vita Cream | $140.00
And without further ado, the actual product! It’s very lightweight but moisturizing without that greasy feeling. I use it day and night and my skin feels really soft when I wake up, which I love. The citrus scent that was mentioned on the card is even less pronounced than I expected, which is another plus for me. I’m a huge fan of this so far (only used it for 3 days so far) and will probably repurchase when I run out. At $140 it’s a little on the pricey side, but the 2 oz size is generous and a little goes a long way. Also can we just stop and appreciate the fact that I got this $140 cream for just $25???

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

Keratherapy Keratin Infused Rapid Rescue | $24.00
I also received this haircare product in my box. It’s missing the cap for some reason but that doesn’t bother me since I end up losing them anyways. This spray is recommended for use on wet hair to protect it while blowdrying, or can be used to add shine and control frizz on dry hair. I’ve only used it on wet hair so far and like that it helps me style and keeps my hair soft and less frizzy. I’ve noticed that my hair feels a lot more glossy and sleek after using this, and this one bottle will last a very long time.

Beauty DNA August 2015 Box Review

My first month was amazing and I’m still in disbelief that I got $164.00 worth of product for only $25.00! Of course, I know that this kind of value can’t be expected for every box, and I’ll probably get a body item next month or something that will be lower in value, but the fact that I got such a pricey face cream even once is incredible! I definitely think the match process is helpful and carefully thought out: I can definitely see myself finding some holy grail matches through this subscription. I’m so pleased with my first box and can’t wait to see what I’ll be receiving next!


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