Rachel Zoe Fall 2015 Box of Style Spoiler plus $10 Off Code

Even though the Rachel Zoe Box of Style Fall box is officially sold out, the complete spoilers aren’t out yet so it was really exciting to see a 2nd spoiler. My box has shipped but won’t be here until next week, so in the meantime I’ll be skulking around online rummaging for any clues. I always peek at spoilers. I just can’t help myself!

Rachel Zoe Box of Style Summer 2015 Review

Each box will contain The Laundress Fabric Fresh Classic Spray. I’ve always had great experiences with all of The Laundress’ products, so I’m guessing this one will be another hit. I’m guessing there will be at least another 3 products in our box, probably one beauty item, one more fashion accessory (in addition to the watch spoiler we already had), and maybe a styling tool like the fashion tape from the first box?

Rachel Zoe Fall 2015 Box of Style Spoiler plus $10 Off Code

And don’t forget: if you’re signing up for the Winter box, get $10 off when you’re invited by an existing member! Just use this link and you’ll automatically be prompted to enter your email for the $10 off!

Disclaimer: Obviously this post contains referral links. You have no obligation to use them but if you do I will be so very grateful 🙂 Plus you’ll be helping me keep this blog going! 


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