Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Whew, it’s been a hell of a weekend! Hurricane Patricia brought lots of rain and flooding to Houston, so Maddie has been trapped indoors all weekend. Luckily she had a brand new BarkBox to tear into, which I’m so grateful for. I think that’s really one of the best parts about a more practical subscription service like BarkBox: the convenience is unbeatable. Since Maddie is so destructive, we still buy toys for her from stores, but it’s been wonderful to have a monthly box full of toys and treats for backup and in case I’m too busy to go shopping.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We sprung for the whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now one box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link for 10% off any subscription. And if you use my link, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys. BarkBox always has a theme for each month, and this month is Halloween.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Butcher’s Block Trachea | $5.00
Every box usually includes at least one chew, and we’ve received numerous tracheas by this point. It’s always a good way to keep Maddie busy and she loves chewing on these, so we have no complaints about getting more! It’s made in the USA out of 100% natural beef. I usually use them as distractions during nail clipping sessions or as a special post-bath treat.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Rattling Ricky | $13.00
I love Halloween so I was really excited to get some fun themed toys for this month! This toy is super cute and features a lot of things that Maddie loves. The wings are stuffed with crinkle plastic, and the body is made out of a plastic bottle stuffed with little beads of cornstarch that rattle when thrown. I love that the beads are safe for consumption in case your dog (like mine) is able to actually puncture the plastic bottle. You’d be surprised how many toys aren’t as safe! I really do appreciate that attention to detail.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

She thoroughly enjoyed making lots of noise with her new toy.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Caru Duck Recipe Baked Bites | $9.00
We’ve received Caru treats before, and I’m very satisfied with the quality. Duck is the first ingredient for these soft bites, and it doesn’t contain any wheat, corn, soy, or animal by-products. The treats are made in the USA, prepared in small batches and naturally preserved.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Count Barkula | $15.00
Yay for squeakers! This super cute toy has 12 squeakers, and since each squeaker is sewn in an individual compartment it actually lasted a good amount of time with my dog. She had a blast with this thing! The size is perfect for her since she’s a pretty large dog, and she was able to drag it around the house and cuddle with it in her bed. I highly recommend all the “squeaker mat” style toys that Barkshop has. We’ve always had a good experience with them!

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

So excited!! She had an amazing time thrashing around and pulling the squeakers out.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

No Grainers NYC Jerky Bites | $7.00
I can’t find this exact treat on BarkShop, but a similar one from the same company for the $7 price. These treats are small, so they’re perfect for training or putting inside treat toys. It’s grain free, corn free, soy free, and all the ingredients are from the USA.

Barkbox October 2015 Review plus 10% Off Code

Overall we got a $49.00 value from this box, which I am very happy with. The added convenience of getting it shipped to the door is just icing on the cake! Every month I love the curation and I think the toys just get more and more adorable as time goes on. All the treats are always very safe, made in the USA or Canada, and feature high quality ingredients. I’m always so excited to see what the theme for the next month will be!


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