Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Happy 2nd day of November! I can’t believe Christmas music is playing already! You would think that with the extra hour we got for daylight savings I would be more up to date with my blog, but I’m actually super behind. I still have a few October reviews to put up, please bear with me! Today I’m (finally) reviewing my October Bespoke Post box choice: Jet Set. This one is actually still available for purchase, so definitely grab one if it looks good to you! If you’re interested, you can take 25% off your first box with promo code ADDICTION!

Bespoke Post is supposed to be geared towards a male audience, but the products end up being pretty gender neutral. For example, the November choices are Homefront (pocket knife + zippo lighter), Butcher (butcher block + condiments), and Frost (leather gloves). Usually at least one option is something home related and perfect for men and women. Their skip policy is fantastic, because you can preview the entire box and skip the month if you don’t like any of the options. They also send out email reminders, and you have until the 5th of the month to decide. At $45/month, it’s on the pricey side but all their items are very high quality and they have spectacular customer service. You can return the entire box for a refund if you don’t like it, and they’ll even cover the return shipping.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Last month I chose Jet Set because I’ve been searching for a passport wallet for my boyfriend for a while now. I got myself a Kate Spade one a few months ago and I think he was a little jealous, so now he gets one for himself as well!

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

First look! Always really clean packaging from Bespoke, it’s definitely one that you can gift. It’s actually one of my favorite subscriptions to gift for both men and women, because all their products just scream quality. It’s also always neutral and simple enough to appeal to most people.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

I’m always impressed by the time the Bespoke team takes to write up the little information card. It’s one that I actually read all the way through every time.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Line of Trade Passport Wallet | $50.00 (?)
It’s hard to place the value for this passport wallet since it’s a Bespoke Post exclusive. Judging by the price of their other items and the quality, I would say $50 is a fair guess.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

I love how minimal the design is and the emphasis on high quality materials over flashy designs and whatnot. The leather is really soft and luxurious, and is sourced and tanned in the US. The stitching is sturdy and well done. I definitely think this wallet will hold up for many years. Dimensions are 8″ wide by 5.5″ long when open, 4″ wide when closed.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Your passport can fit in its entirety, or you can keep it open to the scanning page and get through security without having to pull out the entire passport. I love how secure the passport compartment is. It’s a snug fit that is still easy enough to remove when you want to. I’ve used passport holders in the past that had shallow loose compartments and my passport didn’t feel very secure. I was always so worried it would fall out!

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

It has two credit card slots and a larger flap behind it for tickets, cash, receipts, etc. You can also fit more than one card in each credit card slot. The end result is a very compact and classy package that holds all your essentials.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Powerocks Rose Stone Portable Charger | $29.99
At first I thought I wouldn’t need another portable charger, since I have a small purse sized one that can charge my iPhone to full power. But now that I have this, I’m actually a big fan! The biggest advantage is that I can charge two devices at the same time because it has 2 USB ports, and it holds enough to charge a phone about 3 times to full power. Next time I travel with my boyfriend, we’ll be sure to bring this with us. No more searching for (and crowding around) power outlets at the airport!

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

Ursa Major Travel Kit | $4.95
I have to say, I have a huge soft spot for all Vermont based companies, so naturally I was already a fan of Ursa Major. This travel kit comes with a travel sized tube of face wash, a sample of the face balm, and two individual face wipes. The kit should last about 2 to 3 days, perfect for a quick weekend getaway or short business trip. The face wipes are a great refresher after a long flight! I’ve used them on the plane as well, when I’m feeling super grimy during one of those 10+ hour flights.

Bespoke Post Box: Jet Set Review Plus Promo Code

My box comes to a value of $84.94 (assuming my $50 assessment of the passport wallet is correct), and I love this box. The value isn’t as crazy high as POPSUGAR (is it ever?), but I think the curation and exclusive products are well worth it. I can’t stress enough how well made all their items are! I have items from Bespoke Post that I received last year that I use all the time and still look like new. It’s also pretty much a risk-free subscription since you can preview all the contents of all the boxes and skip whenever you don’t want one. I definitely recommend trying this subscription at least once: don’t forget to take 25% off your first box with promo code ADDICTION! It’s a total steal for that price!


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