Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

One of my favorite subscription discoveries of this year is Beauty DNA, which I have had for several months now. I’m always so excited to see the box on my doorstep and my matches have been fantastic. It’s a subscription that I have already gifted for Christmas to a bunch of girlfriends and definitely see myself continuing to subscribe for a long time!

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription service that sends you one full sized beauty item based on your profile. When you first sign up, you fill out a pretty detailed profile on your preferences, and the experts at Beauty DNA will match you with a product that they think works best for you. For $25/month, you’ll receive an item from one of three categories: skincare, hair products, and body. Usually they alternate what category you receive between months, so you won’t end up getting a bunch of hair products consecutively.

Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

This month I actually got 2 matches (yay!), probably because my main item is of a relatively low value. I love that they really seem to take retail value into consideration and will send bonus items when you get a cheaper product.

Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

Keranique Volumizing Keratin Conditioner | $30.00
I’m not someone who usually splurges on shampoo and conditioner, so I am always very happy to get expensive brands through subscription boxes. I have hair that goes down to my mid back and I go through lots of conditioner, which is why I was actually very pleased with this match! Even though the retail value is low, it’s something I plan to use all of and is a luxurious little treat. The conditioner feels great, washes out clean, and leaves my hair shiny without feeling weighed down.

Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

Osmosis Skincare Purify | $21.00
This is my bonus match, and I actually really like it so far. The brand is completely new to me but I see lots of great reviews and the ingredients list looks promising. I have only used it for a few days but it’s gentle, doesn’t leave residue, and my face feels less oily during the day. This could be a keeper when I run out!

Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

I really appreciate that even my bonus item came with the full match card. For the unaware: every month Beauty DNA sends out a personalized card explaining why you received the product(s) that you did. The bold text indicates the portions of your profile that prompted the match. It’s really useful because it gives you a good overview of what to expect, and is also helpful if you want to prevent future matches for items you don’t want. For example, if I had hated the cleanser, I would go back in my profile and remove the “gel formulation” part of my profile.

Beauty DNA December 2015 Box Review

Overall it was another great month for me. I got two products, totaling $51.00 retail value. I plan to finish both and they seem to be good matches for me. I love getting to try full sized products from brands I have never heard of, and receiving products that I normally would never pay full price for. Can’t wait to see what Beauty DNA has is store for me in the upcoming year — it’s been a great 2015!


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