Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review plus 50% Off Promo Code

Scrambling to get all my December reviews in as Christmas approaches, and next up is a new-to-me subscription: Peaches and Petals. I’ve seen some of their boxes over at My Subscription Addiction but had never subscribed, so when they reached out and offered me a box to review I jumped at the chance. These are actually the same people behind Pet Treater, a box that I recently bought a 6 month subscription to (December review coming soon…hopefully!).

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $14.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. They feature a different theme every month, and December is “Treat Yo Self”. Love it!!

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

C. Booth Lavender Mineral Bath Soak | $5.83
These were pretty hard to find available anywhere online, so I think they may either be discontinued or going through a repackaging. The scent is strong, and it has a medicinal quality to it on top of the lavender. I don’t mind, but if you’re sensitive to strong scents this isn’t for you. This is a big bottle and you only need 3 capfuls for a bath, so it will last quite a long time.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Mine leaked a little bit, but since it was in a ziplock bag nothing else was affected. My bottle still looked full when I took it out, so it was really a tiny leak.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Spa Bella Hot or Cold Rejuvenating Eye Mask | $5.70
Definitely hits the theme of relaxation! I personally prefer cloth masks, since I find the plastic kind to have an unpleasant texture, but that’s just me. This is a pretty no-frills mask, but gets the job done. The gel texture holds the temperature pretty well and it remains flexible even when it is cold.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Kimono Style Silk Peacock Robe | $15.00
I was surprised to receive a robe in a $15 subscription box, but I’m definitely happy to have it! It’s probably more of a summer robe than a winter one, since for winter I would imagine a fluffy plush texture. The pattern is so pretty and the silky texture feels amazing on my skin. It’s a “one size fits all” sort of product, and it fit me quite well. For reference, I’m almost always a size 4 in dresses. It comes down to my knees, and I’m 5′ 5″.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Emerald Necklace and Earring Jewelry Set | $10.00 (?)
Guessing on the value for these, since I can’t find this exact set anywhere. I like the layered look of the necklace a lot and think it’s very on trend. Lately I’ve been seeing nothing but layered necklaces! The stones are actually quite pretty and the shapes are flattering when worn.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

The earrings suffered a little damage in the mail. The posts in the back were bent, but I was able to bend them straight again. I’m pretty picky about what my earrings are made of, so I’m going to pass on these just to be safe. I have sensitive ears that go nuts with certain metals, and with the holidays this close I don’t want to risk any allergic reactions!

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Close up of the necklace. Cute, right?? Definitely enough sparkle for a party but can easily be dressed down for an every day look. You can also easily separate the necklace into individual strands if you don’t want to wear all three at once.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Bar | $1.25 
Chocolate is always welcome in any box! Lindt definitely reminds me of Christmas and the holidays, and I think it was a lovely addition to the box. It also adds to the whole indulgent theme.

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

I’m guessing the value to be around $37.78, which is more than double the cost of the box. For the price point, I think it’s a really fun box. I don’t know of any other lifestyle box like this with a lower cost. I got a good range of products and I am very happy with the curation. All the items definitely fit the “treat yo self” theme perfectly!

If you want an inexpensive little treat every month and you’re feeling a bit tired of Birchbox/Ipsy/other beauty subs, I think this would be a good fit. Get 50% off your first month with the code PEACHWENDY.

Also, spoiler for January ahead!

Peaches and Petals December 2015 Box Review

Each box will contain a fruit infuser water bottle. I have several of them and can vouch for how wonderful they are. If you’re like me and struggle to drink the recommended 8 cups a day, I would give infused water a try. Strawberries and citrus are my absolute favorite!


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