Barkbox January 2016 Review plus Free Box

I feel like I don’t have enough pictures of my dog on this blog yet, so I’m reviewing my January Barkbox subscription!

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We’ve been subscribed for a year and recently renewed for a whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now the box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link to get a free Barkbox added to any subscription, or use my referral code HOARDING. And if you use my link/referral code, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys. BarkBox has a theme for each month that I look forward to seeing every month. This month it was “Peach, Ruv, Happiness”.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

Aussie Naturals Krinkle Pants Large | $12.00
I laughed really hard when I pulled this out of the box. It’s so cute and hilarious! The pant legs are stuffed with water bottles and crinkle material, and the pants are made with 100% cotton. All the materials are eco-friendly and the bottles are recycled. As it turns out, my dog isn’t really interested in water bottle toys. She’s usually not picky about her toys at all, but there was no interest from her for this one.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

She seemed more inclined in using the toy as a pillow than actually playing with it. Oh well, I was bound to get a dud sooner or later. According to BarkBox’s “Scout’s Honor” policy, I could get a different toy sent to me free of charge if I emailed them. I’ve used this policy before and I know their customer service is fantastic about responding. But I think I will donate this toy to a local shelter since it wasn’t used at all.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

Ziggy’s Disco Fries | $9.00
Maddie loved these treats and even though she’s not a picky eater, I can always tell when she REALLY likes a treat. In this case, she did all her tricks perfectly and followed me around (with a very hopeful expression) for about an hour after I fed her one. I hope the BarkShop keeps these in stock, I would love to buy more in the future! They’re allergy friendly and have a short ingredients list: ground peas, chickpea flour, ground flaxseed, tapioca starch, canola oil, sweet potato, and cheese.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

Etta Says! Crunchy Elk Chews | $3.00
Each box comes with one chew, and Etta Says! seems to be the most popular brand. We have a nice little stash of Etta Says! chews and Maddie really likes them. I try to keep extras on hand to distract Maddie with when I’m clipping her nails or cleaning her ears. All their chews are made in the US with no artificial fillers or preservatives.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

Loving Pets Ducky Tenders | $8.00 (?)
I like that BarkBox is always able to obtain custom-made toys and treats for their subscribers. In this case, these treats are made by Loving Pets but are packaged for BarkBox in this really cute packaging. These duck tenders are 100% farmed and made in the US, and have only 6 ingredients: duck, turkey, vegetable glycerin preserved with tocopherols, rosemary extract, and natural smoke flavoring.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

Rockstar Guitar | $12.00
And speaking of custom toys, check out this awesome guitar! It’s got multiple squeakers in it (Maddie’s favorite!) and is made with a durable material and stitched in small sections. It’s really nice that the squeakers are kept separate, so when she (inevitably) shreds one part, not all the squeakers are compromised. It’s designed well for chewers and at 20 inches long, is a good size for my dog.

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

I managed to get her to stop playing for a few seconds with one of the Ziggy Waffle treats to grab this picture!

Barkbox January 2016 Review plus 10% Off Code

I received about $44.00 worth of products in my box, which I am very satisfied with. It’s fun to discover new toys and treats that she loves and the themes are super cute and fun.

Even though one of the toys from this month doesn’t interest my dog, it won’t go to waste. But if you’re worried about your dog not liking any of the toys, you can always make good use of the “Scout’s Honor” policy! Just email BarkBox’s customer service and they will provide you with a different toy from their “Tried and True Collection”, free of charge. When I used this policy in the past, their customer service team was quick to respond, very kind and helpful, and even made a note on my account that my dog was a heavy chewer. I was genuinely impressed and think it’s a wonderful policy to have in place. Every month I’m excited to see what the theme will be and can’t wait for February’s!



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