Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Squeezing in one last January box review before it’s officially February! Pet Treater is another new subscription that I started in 2015, and I signed up because I was curious about all the new pet subscriptions popping up. Up until I got this subscription, the only pet box I had ever tried was BarkBox (which I love, by the way), so I wanted to get another one for comparison. Needless to say, my dog is now even more spoiled than she was before. And she was pretty darn spoiled to begin with.

Pet Treater is a dog subscription box that sends out treats, toys, and various gadgets and gizmos. They don’t give a specific value for each box and the website states that “each box typically contains a yummy treat for your pup, and usually an interactive toy as well”. It costs $24.99/month, and it’s less if you sign up for a longer subscription. A whole year brings the cost of each box down to only $19.99!

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Each time I get a shipment I am so impressed with the size and quality of the box itself. If you’re thinking about gifting a dog box, this is a great one to choose! The packaging is cheerful and so much fun for Maddie to “help” me go through the contents. Every month also comes with an envelope addressed to my dog with a cute letter inside. The letters have been funny and thoughtful, and adds just a little something special to the box.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Nerf Dog Tuff Tug Infinity Tug Football | $9.43
Since Maddie is a heavy chewer and tears through plush toys like tissue paper, any time I get a sturdy rubber toy it’s a win. She also loves to play tug so I would consider it a double win. I had no idea Nerf made dog toys, but now that I’ve looked it up I’m tempted to buy more. They all seem really durable and have good reviews. This football one is a great multi-purpose toy. I can throw it, play tug, and when my arm gets tired she even likes just gnawing on the rubber football by herself.

Pet TrePet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Reviewater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

She wasn’t the best at tugging on the football (left photo), I think she gets a better mouth grip on the nylon part. She’s a 46 lb dog but on the smaller side of that weight, so I think the football is actually a tad too big for her mouth to get a firm grip. But she loves chewing on it and chasing after it.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Exclusively Dog Jerkeez Pizza Flavor | $9.99
A new-to-me brand, these dog treats were a hit with Maddie. Though to be perfectly fair, she’s not picky about her treats. The jerky has ridges so you can tear them easily into smaller pieces, which I thought was kind of clever. These are wheat, corn, and soy free, and made in the USA. The ingredients list is longer than I would like, with lots of preservatives and glycerin, so I doubt I will be repurchasing.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Mr. Bill Multipet Plush Dog Toy | $6.99
This thing is hilarious. There’s a soundbox inside and the toy goes “Oh nooo” when pressed. I didn’t actually think my dog would like this, but I was very very mistaken. She went nuts for it. Despite her initial surprise that this toy made such a weird sound, she managed to rip through it in about 45 minutes. She then carried around the stuffing-less plush casing to play with. I’m not exactly sure what about this toy makes it so popular with pets (it has over 1200 reviews on Amazon!) but I know I would repurchase.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Picture on the left is her face when it first went “oh nooo” and picture on the right is about 2 seconds afterwards. No mercy.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Your Pet Chef No Guilt Treats (2 bags) | $15.00
This company has a really interesting concept. They sell made-to-order and customized meals for your pets, and also offer custom treats. You can choose the ingredients and they tailor it to fit your pet’s weight. I’m guessing Pet Treater ordered these custom bags for their customers. I love that the ingredients list is so simple: ground chicken, cucumber, radish, and kale. I also love that it’s all human-grade ingredients and made in the USA.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Nylabone Fun ‘N’ Fit Treat Holder Wobbler Chew Toy | $9.99
Yay, another durable toy! Maddie loves treat holder toys and can spend all day chewing on them. This one has interesting textures for her, which I love because it’s fantastic for her teeth. The toy fits chews, kibble, and treats down the middle, and you can put peanut butter in the grooved side pockets.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Unique Petz Treat Launcher | $14.99
I don’t really understand this gadget. It does propel the treats a few feet, but I could also throw it just as far, if not further. It makes a really loud noise when you fire, which could definitely scare your pet. Maddie was pretty alarmed and was unable to keep track of her treats because this thing fires it really fast and high. It can only hold small training sized treats, which makes it even harder for her to follow. It took me a good amount of time to load the launder and continue unjamming the launcher when the treats would get stuck, and would have been way easier if I just threw the treats by hand.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Salad Container | $3.00 (?)
Every month comes with an item for you as well, and they seem to be pretty random. So far I have received an oven mitt and a pack of dog-themed Christmas cards. This month it seems to be a salad container, complete with plastic fork and salad dressing container that snaps onto the top. Not really sure why it was included, but I’ve been using it to store Maddie’s opened bags of treats.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Overall I think it was a great month. The estimated value comes out to $69.39, almost triple the cost of the box. We got 3 toys that she loves, as well as two bags of treats that I would repurchase. Even with the items that we won’t use, it was absolutely worth the cost and then some. I have been very satisfied with my subscription thus far.

Compared to BarkBox, I would say this box is less curated and more focused on saving money on treats and toys. Most of the items can be found in your typical Petsmart/Petco, and you’re just getting it at a reduced rate. I have really been enjoying my dual subscription to both Pet Treater and BarkBox. I love getting the exclusive (and adorable!) toys from BarkBox, as well as the very high quality treats. I also love getting tried and true toys from brands like Nylabone from Pet Treater.

One thing about Pet Treater that I would change: I wish they would just cut out the item for the human. It seems unnecessary and doesn’t add anything to the box. If anything it just leaves me kind of confused each month because it’s so random. I would love to see them put that value towards a chew or cookie or something for my dog. After all, I already get enough goodies from my subscription boxes. This one is supposed to pamper my dog, not me!


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