Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Happy Leap Year, everyone! With this extra day I can officially get all of my February reviews published in the month of February! I was running a little behind with this BeautyDNA review…

Anyways, I have been subscribed to Beauty DNA for about half a year now and it continues to impress me. I think out of all my subscriptions, this one is the most practical. I always use what I receive and because everything is full sized it does last me for a while. I’ve found staples that I love through this subscription that I continue to repurchase and it’s a great way for me to find new products that work for me.

Beauty DNA is a monthly subscription service that sends you one full sized beauty item based on your profile. When you first sign up, you fill out a detailed profile on your preferences, and the experts at Beauty DNA will match you with a product that they think works best for you. For $25/month, you’ll receive an item from one of three categories: skincare, hair products, and body. Usually they alternate what category you receive between months, so you won’t end up getting several products of the same type consecutively.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Always a good sign when I see two products in my box!

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Elysee Scientific Cosmetics Bio-Skin Function Oil | $30.50
I’ve been wary of oil moisturizers and haven’t tried that many, but this one absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel greasy on my face. Since the weather has been pretty dry lately and rather windy, my skin is more dry than usual so this was a good choice for me. I imagine I wouldn’t want to use this in the summer time though! I haven’t noticed any difference in terms of firmness or wrinkles, but only time will tell.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Like I always say in my Beauty DNA reviews, these personalized cards are really helpful. It lists the retail price, key ingredients, where to purchase more, benefits, how to use the product, and why it was matched to your profile. It’s a concise way to see what elements to change or keep in your profile. For me, this product was chosen because I asked for something anti-aging for my dry skin that was easy to absorb and lightweight.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Green Tea Shampoo | $19.00
Since my main item was at a lower price point than usual, Beauty DNA sent me a second item as well. I know of the Briogeo brand from Birchbox and I’m happy to get a full sized shampoo to use. I very rarely splurge on expensive shampoo and conditioner so it’s such a treat to use something like this. The scent is really soft and pleasant and it washes out well. The shampoo feels very gentle, and doesn’t strip and dry out my hair.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Even the second items come with an information card.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

One thing I’ve forgotten to mention in my previous reviews is that all the products come with a Beauty DNA sticker over the bar code. I assume this is so people don’t try to sell it or return it to a store. It’s not a big sticker or anything, but good to know in case you want to gift the items and don’t want your friends to know it came from a subscription box.

Beauty DNA February 2016 Box Review

Overall I had a good month. My two items combined comes to a value of $49.50, which is low for Beauty DNA but still about double the price I paid. I appreciate that they will send you an extra item if your first match is at a lower retail price point. I feel like their customer service is trying to be very thoughtful about sending a good value for the cost.

Now that I’m used to getting full sized products, I feel totally spoiled! It makes going back to foil samples even more difficult. For things like skincare, I think the ability to sample an entire bottle of something is important. It takes a while for you to see results and using a product for just a few days won’t be able to give you an accurate idea about how it works with your skin and body chemistry. What did you receive this month? I’d love to hear about other people’s matches!


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