Glossybox March 2016 Review

Glossybox is $21 a month, or less with a 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscription. Each month you get 5 deluxe sized beauty samples, and sometimes they’ll send out full sized products as well. They aim to send high end brands, but in the past I’ve seen some lower price point items as well. If you’re interested in signing up but not in a rush, it might be worth waiting for a good deal to come around if you don’t want to pay full price.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

I Love…Cosmetics Hand Lotion in Raspberry & Blackberry | $6.00
This item had variations in scent, and I’m happy to get this option. I’ve seen some other boxes had Coconut Cream and I think there are some other options as well. Even though I go through a lot of hand lotion in the winter because of the dry weather, I’m not excited about this one. There’s nothing special or luxe about this hand lotion at all. For a subscription that markets itself as a luxe beauty subscription, sending a full sized lotion valued at only $6.00 doesn’t really inspire confidence.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua | $8.40
I love Too Faced products and their Melted line of liquid lipsticks are phenomenal. The Chihuahua color is sort of a dusty rose that I think will work well for a good range of skin tones. I actually have several of these lipsticks already so I’ll be passing this one along to a friend. I have recommended this product to several of my friends already and it will be nice to be able to give them a sample next time! My favorite thing about this lipstick is that the soft velvety applicator tip applies evenly and feels like a gloss, but the color has the lasting power of a lipstick.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504 | $16.00
I love getting tools in my beauty subscription boxes, and I can never have enough brushes! I’m really digging the rose gold on this one. So pretty and very on trend. It makes me want to buy the whole set. Angled brushes are perfect for contouring and highlighting, which is something I’m trying to get the hang of. I have all this bronzer and highlighter that I rarely use because I’m so lazy, but hopefully having a gorgeous new brush will be motivation to bust out some serious practicing!

Glossybox March 2016 Review

The quality of the brush is pretty good: the bristles feel very soft and they feel secure. I hate it when I get a cheap brush and loose brush hairs will occasionally fall out!

Glossybox March 2016 Review

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner | $11.42
Usually I would be bored with yet another black eyeliner, but since I really like Eyeko products, I was happy to give this one a try. It’s very black, waterproof, and supposedly helps strengthen your lashes when you use it. I tested it and found it to be smudge-proof for 12 hours (in sweaty Houston weather, mind you), so I can assure you that it’s definitely waterproof! I think if you have trouble getting a good cat eye, a felt tip liner like this one could be your saving grace. That’s how I learned how to do one!

Glossybox March 2016 Review

The fat felt tip is very easy to work with. Even though I’m a diehard Bobbi Brown gel liner fan now, I do like to bring felt tips with me for travel.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream | $23.93 each
I’m not sure what to make of this product. Vine Vera is one of those brands that has kiosks in malls and hires very pushy salespeople to hassle you to try samples. I like to avoid those kiosks as much as possible, and usually the products they sell are not worth the cost. For instance, the full size version of this cream is $146.00. I think this is a great example of how just because you slap a price tag on something, does not make it actually worth that price. If you do your research, there are plenty of complaints against the company that makes this (they’re also responsible for Orogold) and lots of unhappy customers who feel scammed. Also, supposedly this product has been endorsed by Dr. Oz? And that makes me want to never try it.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

As for the cream itself, I have no idea if it works or not. All I know is that based on how this company conducts their business, I know that I don’t want to be one of their customers. And just fyi: resveratrol may actually be good for you (pretty controversial and it really all depends on which studies you believe), but I think most studies would agree that it’s meant to be ingested, not applied to your face in a cream.

Glossybox March 2016 Review

Overall it was not a very good box for me. At $89.68, the retail value is “high” but is (in my opinion) falsely inflated by the Vine Vera cream. I think the inclusion of the Vine Vera is really unfortunate, since Glossybox is associating themselves with a sketchy mall kiosk brand. It’s not exactly something I want to see in any subscription box, much less one that is marketing themselves as a “luxury” and high end beauty box.

For a box that continues to promise full sized products and luxe brands, they’re failing on both fronts. This box had one full sized product which was a hand lotion valued at $6.00 and everything else was a sample.

At full price, I think I would have been extremely upset. For $21.00 a month, they should be delivering much much better. Since I got my subscription at a deep discount, I think I am getting a good value. But if Glossybox ever wants customers to subscribe again at the full price, they need to step up their game.


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