POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

Up for review today is the first POPSUGAR Must Have Mini box! POPSUGAR recently launched a mini version of their regular subscription box, and since I’m such a huge POPSUGAR fan I just could not resist signing up immediately.

The Mini costs $18.95 a month and contains 2 full sized items. There is no overlap between the mini items and the regular subscription items, so you don’t have to worry about getting any doubles. For some reason, if you try to sign up now it says your next box will be the July 2016 one, but I really don’t think they’re sold out all the way through July. You’ll most likely be able to get an earlier box.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

First look! Check out their new branding! Is it just me, or does POPSUGAR rebrand more often than the average company? I still remember their last big rebrand, and they’ve redone their website at least 2 times now.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

I had no self control (as usual) and totally peeked at the spoilers before I got my actual box. I must admit, when I first saw the spoilers I was really disappointed. The candle and lip balm combination felt generic and the values weren’t as high as I was hoping for. But once I actually got my box in hand, I had a completely change of heart. More on that later.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

Farmacy Strawberry Basil Lip Bloom | $16.50
It looks like subscribers either received the Strawberry Basil flavor or the Lavender Mint. I’m personally very pleased to have the Strawberry Basil–it smells and tastes amazing! Farmacy Beauty is a brand that has been getting lots of press coverage lately, and everyone seems to rave about their products. I’m glad I got to try it without paying the full retail price.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

The packaging is to die for. So adorable and really makes the balm feel like a luxe and special item.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

The balm itself is great. It’s easy to spread and so smooth without being too soft and sticky. A little goes a long way so I know this tin will last me a long time. It also seems to last a long time, since I applied some in the morning and my lips were still hydrated and silky at dinner time! My lips felt hydrated without that greasy feeling you get with some balms, which was a definite win. I’m so happy to have discovered this brand and this product!

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

Greenmarket Purveying Co. White Melon Soy Candle | $16.00
When I saw the spoilers and saw that we were getting another candle, I felt so ho-hum about it. Don’t get me wrong, I adore candles. But I think I was just hoping for a more unique item or something really interesting in the first box. And then I got my box and actually got to smell this candle. And wow. It smells AMAZING!! It’s a bright and summery melon scent with hints of peach. Super fruity and makes me so excited for summer BBQs and longer days.

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

These candles are hand poured in small batches and hand numbered and signed on the inside of the lid! I love that little touch. The packaging is lovely and the candle will burn for about 50 hours. I will probably repurchase when it’s all burned out, and use it as an opportunity to explore some other scents from this company. I’m so impressed, and I really didn’t think I would be!

POPSUGAR Must Have Mini April 2016 Box Review!

Verdict: this was a great box for me. The lip balm is wonderful and the candle smells like heaven. Both brands were fun discoveries and I definitely plan to purchase more from both. I’m still surprised at how big my turnaround was, since I went from being completely disappointed to being enamored with this box!

The value is not quite as dramatic as the regular POPSUGAR boxes, since it’s $32.50 value for a $18.95 box. But I think for those who are in love with POPSUGAR’s curation but not their $39.99/month price tag, this is a really good alternative. You still get the fun brands and theme, but at less than half the price.

I’m curious to see what the next few boxes will look like, and what changes they plan to make (if any). Something tells me they’ll be changing it up a little since this feels very much like a “pilot” box, like they’re just testing the waters to see how people respond. If the quality of the brands stays this high, I’m in! Hoping for more home items and lifestyle goods instead of beauty, though! What do you think?



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