Glossybox April 2016 Review

Up for review today is my Glossybox, which I received a few days ago. There was some drama and general unhappiness with the contents of the April box (more on that later), so I was relieved to see that I got lucky and received one of the better options. Glossybox has no idea that I blog and my subscription account isn’t tied to this blog at all. I actually got an annual subscription at a huge discount through Gilt, so I know I did not receive this box because of my blog.

Glossybox is $21 a month, or less with a 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscription. Each month you get 5 deluxe sized beauty samples, and sometimes they’ll send out full sized products as well. They aim to send high end brands, but in the past I’ve seen some lower price point items as well. If you’re interested in signing up but not in a rush, it might be worth waiting for a good deal to come around if you don’t want to pay full price.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

I always like to mention that Glossybox has really cute packaging. I always love to reuse the boxes for storage or gifting, and I appreciate their attention to detail when they’re packing the boxes. The ribbon is always a nice touch.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

This is the box variation that I received. Some subscribers did not get the Norell perfume, but instead got a Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Hair Spray. The perfume retails for around $11.25 and is sold at stores like Neiman Marcus, while the sea salt spray retails for around $3.00 and can easily be found at Walmart. A lot of subscribers were rightfully upset, but as far as I know, Glossybox hasn’t done anything about it. It’s something to be aware of if you’re interested in subscribing: not everyone gets the same box, and not everyone gets the same value in a box.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask | $18.00
I’m always excited to try new face masks! This one is a gel formula, so you won’t feel the mask dry and tighten your skin. If you’ve ever tried GlamGlow’s ThirstyMud (the blue bottle one), it’s kind of similar. It’s very hydrating and designed for sensitive skin, so if regular mud masks are too harsh for you this would be a good one to try. The tube is quite large, so I’ll get plenty of uses out of it.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Nail Polish in Pillow Talk | $16.00
Usually I shy away from bright colors, but this is a great pedicure color for summer! I’m unfamiliar with this brand, but so far I like the formula. It leaves a glossy finish and the color is very opaque. I only needed one coat for great color! It applied smoothly and after 3 days I haven’t had any chips yet. Glad to have discovered this brand!

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Biossance The Nourisher | $9.60
Even though I don’t like face oil and tend to use oils only for cleansing, this one is really lightweight and absorbs well. Unlike some oils that I have tried, I don’t end up with a greasy feeling and I haven’t even noticed any residue left on my pillow when I use it at night. A little goes a long way, so even though the sample is pretty small I still anticipate using it for at least 2 weeks.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Studio 10 Brow Life Perfecting Liner | $20.00
Yay, a full sized brow liner! It’s double ended so it also has a highlighter, which is nice for definition. I did find it a little odd that Glossybox sent out a full sized brow liner without checking to see what people had in their beauty profiles. I can imagine quite a few subscribers aren’t able to use the shade that was sent out. Luckily for me, it works well with my natural hair color and I like the precision of the liner. But I would be pretty disappointed if this were too dark or too light, since it’s a pretty big chunk of the value of the overall box.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Norell New York Perfume | $11.25
Ah, the problematic perfume. I know a lot of people were really excited to get this in their boxes, since the bottle is super cute and the full sized scent is pretty pricey. My friend who also subscribes to Glossybox got a sea salt spray in her box in lieu of the perfume and she was so disappointed, so I’m going to give her my perfume. I have too much fragrance anyways. I didn’t open it, but based on the description on Neiman Marcus, it’s a very fresh and floral scent.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Honestly, if I did not know about the discrepancy between boxes, I would have been very happy with Glossybox this month. I really liked the items that I received and there were 2 full sized products, both of which were great for me. The value comes out to $74.85, which is pretty good.

But unfortunately, I’ve been hearing a lot about disappointed customers who got boxes with the Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. If I had gotten that box, I would be so upset. I have not had any luck with any Not Your Mother’s brand products, and they have such a low retail value. I always see their items for sale at Target and Walmart, and it seems incredibly out of place for a “luxe” sample box. To add insult to injury, the exact same item was included in a Target Beauty Box recently, and that box only sells for $5. Seriously, five dollars.

So my verdict on Glossybox: it’s a gamble, and definitely not a good choice if you’re looking for value. Plenty of other boxes out there offer better value for the money (Birchbox, Allure Beauty Box, Target Box, Boxycharm, etc.) and Glossybox isn’t featuring as many luxury brands as they advertise. It seems pretty risky to subscribe to Glossybox even after spoilers come out, since the boxes vary in content. Some people subscribed after the spoilers for April came out because they wanted the perfume, and were left disappointed with the sea salt spray. I’m locked in for a full year, but I know I won’t be resubscribing once the year is up.


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