The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

It’s been a long time since my last review fromThe Honest Company, because I tend to buy the same cleaning supplies over and over again and it just doesn’t make much sense to keep reviewing them. But this time I have a bunch of new products that I haven’t tried before that I absolutely love so I’m going to review another Essentials bundle.

The Honest Company delivers family necessities directly to your door, and you can choose between three different plans: Diapers & Wipes Bundle (exactly as it sounds, it’s diapers and baby wipes), Essentials Bundle (cleaning supplies and body products), and a Health & Wellness Bundle (vitamins). All their products are eco-friendly without harsh chemicals, and almost their entire collection are vegan! I subscribe to the Essentials Bundle, which costs $35.95 per box. It comes out to $7.19 per item! It’s completely customizable (you log in and select the products you want in your bundle), and you can choose when you want the box delivered. With each box, you can also order 3 additional items with a 25% discount. Overall, I find it to be a really good deal. If you’re interested in getting started, use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off your first bundle.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

I actually wasn’t planning to order another bundle until after my move in June, but The Honest Company sent out a really great promo code that I just had to take advantage of. For each bundle shipping out between a specific time slot (I think it was until the end of May), current subscribers were allowed to pick out a free gift. Now usually when I hear that, I’m expecting wipes or something on the lower price range. But they had some amazing items that you could get for free! I was able to snag a 2 in 1 Nursing Cover/Scarf for free, and it usually retails for almost $40! Seriously! I honestly love it when subscription companies reward their current subscribers and wish more companies would do it. I always see phenomenal deals that are for new customers only, but what about loyal customers that have stuck with the company for years? It’s great to know that Honest appreciates my business and rewards loyalty with these kinds of perks.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Honest Conditioner | $9.95 each
I went a little conditioner crazy with this bundle! I was running low on conditioner and couldn’t decide on a scent so just decided to get all three. Good logic, right? I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I love how my hair feels. It’s light and washes out easily and well. I like to air dry my hair and in the morning it feels soft, silky, and hydrated but not weighed down. The sweet orange vanilla scent is my favorite–it smells just like orange sherbet and makes me really excited about summer. My friend who is visiting me adores anything and everything lavender scented so I put it in the guest bathroom for her. I think I’ve got her hooked on Honest products now as well! The apricot kiss is the only scent that I was disappointed in. It’s not bad or anything, I just can’t really smell it. If you’re looking for a very lightly fragranced conditioner, I would give it a try!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Organic Shave Oil | $15.95
New holy grail! I’m so glad I found this oil. At first I was disappointed in how small the bottle is (2.25 fl oz), but a little goes a long way. I was able to get the closest shave I’ve ever gotten with this shave oil! With shorts season already starting here in Houston, this is something I’m going to need more of. It does have a strong herbal smell to it and it has botanical extracts and oils, so if you’re sensitive to that I wouldn’t recommend this. But otherwise I would say give it a chance, because you will get such a smooth shave that leaves your legs super hydrated with a slight glow. I’m so impressed!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Organic Dish Towels | $11.95
I’ve gotten these dish towels before and they’ve become a staple in my bundles. I love having new towels in the kitchen, and when they get old and gross I use them as all purpose rags around the house for cleaning. They’re surprisingly great for cleaning mirrors and windows, since they don’t leave lint behind! These dish towels also hold up really well in the wash.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

The back side is textured so it has a decent grip and is effective at scrubbing.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Honest 2 in 1 Cover + Scarf | $39.97
And finally, the free gift! I’m still so surprised I got this for free. At first I was going to keep it for myself as a regular scarf, since I really like the color and lightweight material. But then I remembered that I have way too many scarves and I have a friend who is pregnant who could probably use this way more than I will. I was already planning to gift her a diaper subscription from Honest, so this ties in really nicely!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

The fabric is a very lightweight cotton and is perfect for summer–so breezy and breathable. It’s also a huge size! Definitely very versatile, and I like that it’s fashionable enough to be a scarf. Hope she loves it!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

My bundle value came to $57.75, and with the free gift it gets bumped up to a whopping $97.72! An amazing deal that I am more than happy with. Personally I think the essentials bundle is always a good deal if you’re willing to do the math and if you want some of the pricier items. If you only want 5 items that are on the cheaper side (wipes, dryer cloths, soap, etc.), you’re better off buying them individually. If you’re getting the expensive items like the shave oil, adding it to a bundle is the way to go. I like to make all 5 of my bundle items the more expensive stuff, since I only pay $35.95 for the bundle. Then I add the cheaper items as my add-ons because I get 25% off. Again, if you want to check out Honest and get your first bundle, use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off!

I’m very happy to have discovered the shave oil and the conditioner, and they will become new staples to my bundle. But what I’m even more pleased with is the great promotion that Honest offered to their existing customers! Other subscription companies, please take note! I’m sure attracting new customers makes sense from a business perspective, but retaining loyal customers should be important as well. It can be hurtful to loyal customers who have been paying full price for months to see newcomers or month-by-month customers getting large discounts. I see it all too often and sometimes I get annoyed. Just saying.


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