Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Today I’ll be reviewing an adult subscription box! So this is a bit of a departure than the other boxes I’ve reviewed in the past, but how could I resist? I’ve heard great things about Unbound before and was curious to see what sorts of items would be included. Besides, since I’ve already reviewed period boxes in the past, I figure my readers aren’t going to be too upset about any TMI that may happen. 🙂 If adult themed boxes are not for you and you wish to stop reading, this is your cue!


Unbound Box is a quarterly adult subscription box. They aim to deliver high quality erotic goods, with each box revolving around a specific theme. For May, it was “Delta”. Themes in the past have included “Power Play”, “Gold Rush”, and more. Each box is $65, including shipping. Boxes ship the first week of February, May, August, and November. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, and free returns are also offered for all items in each box.

This box ships in a discreet white box, with a return address to “Queen City Boxes”. I live in an apartment complex that sometimes will hold my packages at the leasing office for me, so the discreet box is pretty important. I would be mortified if the property manager had to hand me a box labeled “SEX TOYS” or something, haha!

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Packaging is definitely lovely. Custom printed satin ribbon, and everything is wrapped in a layer of tissue paper. If you’re searching for a bachelorette gift, this would be a great subscription! A friend of mine is having her bachelorette party in August; I’m hoping the next box will be out and available for purchase by then.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Even from the first look you can tell that everything is more tasteful compared to your typical adult store selection. If you’ve ever stepped foot in one of those stores, you probably know what I’m talking about. The packaging is always so gaudy and tacky!

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Jimmyjane Intro 2 | $59.00
The big ticket item in this box! My first thought looking at this packaging is that it resembles a tech gadget more than a sex toy! Unboxing this vibrator felt like unboxing a new phone or something. Everything about it is really sleek and definitely feels high end.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

One thing I really appreciate is that it runs on AAA batteries (included), a size that is easy to find and cheap to purchase. I think these days most sex toys run on either AA, AAA, or are rechargeable, because the manufacturers realized that people didn’t like buying specialty batteries! But my very first vibrator needed A23 batteries, and they were much more expensive than AA or AAAs and tricky to find at the time, before Amazon Prime and the convenience of free shipping.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

It’s covered with a very soft silicone that is phthalate-free. The two ears are semi-flexible, and there is a motor in each one. The dual motor makes this pretty powerful, though it does have 3 different intensity levels and also 3 different patterns so you can choose what works best for you. The entire thing is waterproof, so you can bring this into the shower and it’s also very easy to clean. Another bonus is the 1 year limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Jimmyjane sells some pretty high end ($100+) vibrators

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

The button on the bottom controls what speed/power you want the vibration to be, and is also the power button. One downside I noticed is that it’s easy to turn on by accident. I tried to put it back in the box and the plastic holder pushed the button and turned the vibrator on. If you’re planning to travel with this, I would definitely take the batteries out!

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Bijoux Indiscrets Silver Mimi Pasties | $11.00
Even these pasties come in really lovely packaging! The rhinestones look high quality and based on online reviews these pasties are well made. I like that they are flat enough to go undetected under clothing, so if you’re saving it for a surprise or just want to wear it for fun, nobody needs to know. Even though these pasties are single use, the company suggests using eyelash adhesive if you want to reuse them. Since they’re so pretty and well constructed, I think that’s a good suggestion.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Exsens Fresh Ginger Litchi Cooling Stimulation Gel | $16.00
This is an arousal gel that delivers “an intense cooling sensation”. The bottle is only 0.53 fl oz, but a little goes a long way. The formula is clear (yay for unstained sheets!) and doesn’t contain parabens, preservatives, or petroleum based ingredients. The scent is definitely a very floral lychee fragrance, which I love because I adore lychee scented anything. The gel is also flavored to taste like lychee, though it has a bit of a medicinal quality to it.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Unbound Body Chain | $36.00
The picture on the left is mine, and the one on the right is from Unbound’s website. I kind of laughed when I pulled my body chain out of the little bag it came in, since as you can see in the photo I was pretty clueless about how it was meant to be worn/displayed. It was actually packed well and didn’t arrive tangled or anything, but since I’m unfamiliar with body chains I was pretty lost. Luckily after going online and seeing the picture, it was simple to figure out. The chain is available in two sizes and comes in either gold or silver. I received the regular fit in silver, and it fit me without a problem. For reference, I’m a size 4 in dresses and approximately 27″ waist size. The regular can fit up to 32″ waist and the curve can fit up to 36″ waist. I like how delicate it is when worn and think it could work as a jewelry item for summer. Body chains are really popular right now! I always see them at stores like Free People, so this definitely feels on trend.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Unbound Drawstring Muslin Bag | $8.00
I like that this bag was included as a way to store all the items. It can easily fit all of the contents from this box with plenty of room to spare. I also enjoy the quote: “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful” by Mae West.

Unbound Box May 2016 Delta Box Review

Overall I thought it was a great box! The value is excellent, totaling $130. That’s exactly double the cost of the box. The curation is outstanding and incredibly thoughtful. Each item was high quality and useful; nothing felt like a filler. Nothing felt cheap and I didn’t feel apprehensive about trying it all. Unbound Box definitely felt like a very classy approach to a somewhat taboo (though it really shouldn’t be) subject matter.

I think the main benefit of this box that really stands out to me is the convenience and accessibility. I recently went shopping with some friends for another friend’s upcoming bachelorette party, and we had a less than pleasant experience with local shops. With the exception of one small boutique shop (which was quite pricey with a very limited selection), all the adult stores we found were in pretty sketchy areas. The stores felt really dated because of the tacky decor/dingy lighting, and gave off an unpleasant overall feel. The range of items can be quite overwhelming, and it’s hard to choose anything without going online to read more detailed reviews. Some of the packaging is shockingly useless. We found a vibrator that literally only said “Personal Massager. Made in China” on the packaging. If you don’t have something very specific in mind, it can be intimidating to say the least!  So I definitely know first hand how difficult it can be to shop for sex toys and other adult items in a physical store. Buying online is a wonderful resource and getting a small curated selection like this sent straight to your home is a great way to discover new products and explore without being overwhelmed.

Another great plus about this box is that the products chosen aren’t exclusively geared towards heterosexual couples. You can enjoy all the items irregardless of partner status and sexual orientation. If you dislike an item, Unbound offers free returns and I’ve heard nothing but great things about the customer service.

I can’t wait to see what the next box will bring! It feels like with each passing year the number of wedding invitations I receive increases exponentially, so I anticipate plenty of bachelorette parties on the horizon. Feeling quite relieved that I have a trusty (and sexy!) gift option!


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