Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Finally got most of the moving boxes unpacked and put away, whew! I feel like I’ve earned a reward this month for all the heavy lifting I had to do. And that’s what subscription boxes are for, right? I was glad to see my Peaches and Petals box on my doorstep a few days ago. Definitely a fun little surprise, since I didn’t look at spoilers ahead of time or anything (for once!).

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Get 50% off your first box (bringing the price down to just $10!) with promo code PEACHCODE50. If that doesn’t work, you can try PEACHCODE25 and PEACHCODE10 for 25% off and 10% off, respectively. Each code can only be used a set number of times, so if the 50% off isn’t working for you try the other two.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Each month has a theme, and July’s is “Dance To The Music”. I’ve found that Peaches and Petals tends to have some pretty interesting themes and does a good job of sticking to them. In the past I have received some interesting items that are uncommon in the subscription box world, like a set of ceramic tasting spoons.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Boombotix Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker | $39.99 ($13.99 on Amazon)
I love that this one item is worth more than the box itself! It was also released as a spoiler last month, which I think is smart. I wish all boxes would release a spoiler of the star item each month! I was really happy to see this, since I had been thinking about buying a small wireless speaker for like, a year now. You know how sometimes you just add things that you want to your Amazon shopping cart but never actually check out because they’re not items that you really need? A wireless speaker is one of those items for me. Glad to have it now that it came in a box!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

It has a clip on the back, so you can easily carry it around or clip it onto something for a party. The speaker is water resistant, which makes it great for pool parties. Keep in mind that it’s not water proof though. So bring it to the pool but don’t drop it in the pool!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Size comparison with my iPhone 6. It’s really quite small and very portable. For the size, I think the sound is great. It’s louder than I was expecting and sound quality is clear. It’s not loud enough to be a real dance party speaker or anything, but it’s certainly more than enough for a pool party where you want to be able to have conversations anyways. For my needs, this speaker totally fit the bill. It’s available on Amazon for around $14.00 right now–check it out if you want a tiny and affordable speaker!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Global Beauty Care Makeup Cleansing Wipes | $3.99
I can always use more makeup wipes, so I never complain about getting these! As an eye makeup remover these didn’t do very well, but as general face wipes they were fine. The cloth is a little too harsh for eyes and it’s not effective removing eyeliner or eyeshadow, so I’m going to use them for face only. The scent is pleasant and not strong, which is what I prefer. I also didn’t feel any stickiness after using the wipes, so you probably wouldn’t have to rinse your face. I almost always rinse after using wipes simply due to habit, but with this one you wouldn’t have to if you didn’t want to.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Chroma Lights Temporary Hair Color Spray in Metallic Red | $15.98
This is one of those “As Seen on TV!” items, but I like the concept. It’s a temporary hair coloring formula that comes in a spray form, making it easy to control where the color goes. The coloring washes out with shampoo. I’ve only tried it on a small strand of hair thus far, but I’m impressed with how well it shows up on my dark hair. I have very dark hair that hasn’t had much luck with these sorts of temporary dyes, but I think since this is a spray form it actually does show up well. In the past I’ve used liquid dyes and it doesn’t do anything. This product only comes in three colors, and I’m glad I got the metallic red. It’s a great color for me! I’m excited to try this out for a night out!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

The Chill Tube Cooling Towel by Cool Core | $8.99
Cute packaging for a towel. This is a really lightweight cooling towel that feels cool to the touch when wet. It’s great for after a workout! (Or in my case, a walk around the block in Houston’s temperature…) The material feels silky, but absorbs moisture well and stays pretty soft. It’s machine washable and very durable. I’ve already put mine through the wash twice and it looks brand new.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

The towel is a long and narrow shape, which is not what I’m accustomed to using so it was sort of odd at first. But the length is actually long enough to wrap around my neck, and also just long enough to use as a headband as well. It seems really versatile! And the best part is that it actually does feel cool!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Floral Headband | $1.00 (??)
Since this is an unbranded item, it’s hard to track down the exact product online. I’m guessing on value here since I saw similar headbands at Michael’s the other day in the $1 bins. I think for a music and dance themed box, this headband makes a lot of sense! Floral crowns and flower headbands are so popular at music festivals, and it’s nice to have one on hand for the future! Here in Houston we have Free Press Summer Festival and I totally would have worn this if I had it at the time.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Engraved Song Lyric Bracelet | $3.00 (??)
Another unbranded item, so it’s hard to know the value. Guesstimating based on similar products that I’ve seen in stores like Target. Even though this is meant to be a bracelet, it could work as a necklace as well. The string is definitely long enough. I like the lyric plate, but the quality of the overall bracelet is very low. I imagine this is a piece of jewelry you would wear once (to a music festival?) and throw away.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes


Verdict on this box: great curation! The value comes out to $72.95 if we’re talking retail prices, and $46.95 for Amazon price. Amazing value either way! I really think all the items were great choices for the theme, and I understood why every item was in the box. It really felt like a great box for a music festival or a night of EDM clubbing.

For a lifestyle box that only costs $19.99 (or only $10 if you’re using a coupon), I think Peaches and Petals consistently delivers great value and smart curation. The items you receive aren’t the same things you could find in every subscription, like candles or lotion or black eyeliner. There’s usually several unique finds in each box, and I always have a sense of excitement upon opening because I know I’ll be getting some different stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love candles and lotion and black eyeliner. But you have to admit, after getting so many of those you get a little more excited for something new.

With all that being said, the quality of the items isn’t always great. For me, the floral headband and bracelet in this box are pretty useless and have very little value. But so far I’ve found the star of the box has always been adequate. In this case, I have no issues at all with the quality of the speaker. I’m also impressed with the cooling towel and the hair spray. I definitely feel like what I received is well worth the money and I’m super pumped to see what August will bring!


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