Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

Back from a little unplanned blogging break! I sort of hit a mental roadblock last month when I got the controversial Peaches and Petal box, and I didn’t really know how to review it in the most fair and honest way. After thinking about it for a long time, here’s the review! Thank you to all my readers for your support! Y’all are the best 🙂

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples.

The theme for August was “Thank You For Being A Friend”. It included a cute little inspirational sticker, which I put on a plain notebook. The pink watercolor background is pretty and very on-trend right now!

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

Golden Girls Notecards Pack of 5 | $2.00 (?)
I usually adore stationery in boxes and would love to get a set of thank you cards. I go through thank you cards really quickly and am always looking for new cute designs. Unfortunately, I don’t really care for Golden Girls and don’t have any friends who are fans either. The print quality is also pretty low.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

Funkytech Kitty Kat Two-Port Splitter | $7.25 
I would have loved this a few years ago, but my boyfriend and I are upgrading to the new iPhone 7 soon, which doesn’t have a port for headphones. But on the bright side I’m going on a long international flight with my mom next year, so I might be able to put this to use during the flight! She also really likes cats so I’ll probably just give it to her. Some subscribers received the splitter in a fox shape, which was also super cute.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

Manna Kadar Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter and Duo | $21.00
As you can see, this item arrived completely smashed. I don’t fault Peaches and Petals, because Birchbox recently sent the exact same item out and most of them arrived damaged as well. I think there was also another box that sent them out last month with the same problem. It’s clearly a manufacturing problem. Unfortunately due to the mixing of the bronzer and highlighter, the broken powder can’t actually be used for either. It’s too pale and sparkly as a bronzer but definitely not a highlighter. I think the best bet would be as an eyeshadow.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

Friendship Surprise (Picture Frame) | $14.99
I don’t get very many picture frames in subscription boxes, so I appreciate a more unique item. The style isn’t really for me, but I’m sure I can find a friend who would like it. Since the frame is made of wood, it’s also an easy DIY to paint over the current design and do something else with it. Some subscribers received a trinket box instead of the picture frame.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

The frame is a pretty big size. Here it is with the cards and the bronzer/highlighter for size reference. It fits a 4×6 photo.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

And here’s the controversial item that I really struggled with:


Anchor Necklace | $1.02
The anchor necklace that they sent out came on these “Friendship” cards. Once I saw it, I instantly knew it was a counterfeit Dogeared product. The one I received from Peaches and Petals is on the left, and on the right is the authentic product from the Dogeared website. I’ve removed the logos on the packaging I received at the request of Peaches and Petals. 


Notice how the text is in Comic Sans? Yikes.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

The corners are also sloppily cut, probably by someone at home with a simple paper cutter and scissors.

Peaches and Petals August 2016 Review

I emailed customer service about the issue and was eventually given the following response:

“The anchor necklace that was sent out was sent to us in incorrect packaging and it was NOT what we had been shown or ordered. The item we specifically purchased had no mention of a brand. Unfortunately, our first round of boxes were shipped with the incorrect packaging as our shipping team did not catch the error. The necklaces included in our August box are in no way branded or associated to the brand, and as so we did not mention any branding on our item list postcard. Also, please note that the retail value of the item is no more than $9.99.”

I was still hesitant about what to post in my review, since I wanted to address my issues with the box without putting all the blame on Peaches and Petals (because I do genuinely believe they are not 100% at fault here). I was able to receive a little more insight about the process, shown in the email I received:

“We’re fine with you being honest, but we do ask that the brand not be shown in the review. This is because we never once stated subscribers would get a branded item, nor mentioned it on the post card. The product we purchased had pictures that did not have any brand on it what so ever. It was just the plain phrase with the necklace, which is also sold on ebay and many other sites at this time. 

When our shipment arrived our warehouse counted the amount, and we began preparing boxes. It’s 100% our fault for not looking at the product we received, as we would have stopped them from shipping with the logo. The majority of the first round of boxes left the warehouse (which included our bloggers) with the incorrect packaging, and the rest were fixed. We advised all bloggers to not over value the product (many had put the high retail value of the branded item), and that the item was worth no more than $9.99.

Many other bloggers have said the packaging on many of the first round boxes was incorrect and showed branding, and that we did state to them that we are NOT claiming this to be name brand nor does it have the value.”

My main problem is this: While I understand that Peaches and Petals did not advertise this as a Dogeared product, they still ended up sending it out. And as such, they should be taking full responsibility for it and reaching out to customers. Not all subscribers who received the first wave of boxes were contacted about this problem. I know that for sure, because I have friends who were not aware of the problem until others started posting about it. I’m sure there are others who don’t even know they got a counterfeit item!

But I’m also sympathetic to Peaches and Petals if they really did not know they were buying a knock-off product. Sourcing is a difficult job, and it is very possible that the extra packaging was just overlooked at the warehouse.

I’ve been a loyal Dogeared customer for many years now and I was horrified to see this. They’re a company that makes high quality handmade jewelry in the USA, and started from very humble beginnings. It’s sickening that people out there are ripping off their designs and giving their brand a bad name by putting out bad quality counterfeit products. Sourcing is hard and labor intensive, but it’s a job that should not be taken lightly. Whomever is in charge of sourcing at Peaches and Petals really needs to do more research and be more diligent at his or her job. Purchasing counterfeit products is incredibly harmful (it can literally end up funding terrorism!) and should be taken extremely seriously.

Verdict: I’m sorely disappointed with this box. For $19.99, the value is only $46.26 with almost half the value coming from a broken product. I also found the age demographic of this box to be strange. I was always under the impression that I (working professional in my mid-20’s) was in their target demographic. But this box felt like it was for an older audience due to the Golden Girls cards and the outdated headphone splitter. This is without a doubt my least favorite box so far. Even without the necklace problem, I would have been unhappy with this box.

Oh and one last thing: if you like the look of dainty charm necklaces, I would highly recommend checking out Dogeared! They make beautiful pieces and their customer service is top notch. I promise you that the authentic pieces are wonderful quality and will last you much longer than the cheap imitations.


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