POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

It feels good to be back from my blog hiatus! Extra exciting because fall is right around the corner and fall always has the best boxes. Here in Houston the heat isn’t letting up at all, but I’m hoping once October gets here it will finally start to become sweater and boots weather again!

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

Jack & Lucy Bicoastal Wide Brim Hat | $58.00
This was the spoiler item that POPSUGAR released ahead of time, so I knew what to expect. Not going to lie, I was skeptical when I saw the spoiler picture! I’ve never had good luck with fashion hats–I tend to look really silly in them. I only own warm winter hats (leftovers from my days on the East Coast, certainly not necessary in Houston!) and a few straw hats that I wear exclusively at the beach.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

But I’m happy to announce that I like this hat! I think it looks decent on me, and my boyfriend thinks it’s really cute. I wear it more towards the back of my head and pair it with oversized sunglasses. A great look for fall! The material is 100% wool and the black color is classic.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

The interior of the hat is adjustable with a ribbon, so it fits a large range of sizes. The default size was a bit large for me, but by tying the ribbon I was able to get a perfect fit. The only downside to this hat? The wool material makes it a magnet for lint and dog hair! Both of which my house seems to have plenty of. And the black color makes it really obvious. Good thing POPSUGAR also included a remedy to this problem! (Keep reading!)

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask | $36.00
Whew, this is a huge tub! I’ve tried this product before thanks to Birchbox, and it didn’t do much for my hair. For the record, I have thick hair that frizzes really easily. This mask weighed it down a lot and didn’t make it feel smoother or repaired. It does get great reviews though and I have friends who swear by this stuff, so it will get gifted. Can’t complain about this since I like that they’re sending out new brands (I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Briogeo product in POPSUGAR before) and it’s a very generous size.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

NCLA Mani-ER Tool Kit | $16.00
Pleased to see something I haven’t gotten from a subscription box before! I like how small and compact this kit is, and the concept is great. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been traveling and broken a nail and wished I had a little repair kit! My last one got confiscated by TSA and I never bothered replacing it, so this is a welcome surprise. Word of advice: don’t bring this in your carry-on luggage! There’s a chance that TSA will consider the scissors to be dangerous. Completely silly, I know. But hey it could happen!

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

Unfortunately, the quality of the individual tools is quite low. I’m disappointed because the brand NCLA has had great products in the past, and for $16 I think it should be higher quality. My last kit was from Target and only cost like $8, and I would say the quality was about the same.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

Flint Lint Roller | $9.99
Is it weird that my favorite item this month is a lint roller? This is a retractable lint roller that you can use on the go. Since it retracts into a solid case, you don’t run the risk of having it stick on anything. My dog is constantly getting little brown hairs all over me, and I love to wear black. Due to that combination, I’ve gotten used to keeping lint rollers in my car, at my office, and all around the house. Now I can have one for my purse and for travel! This is also perfect because the black wool hat from this box definitely needs a lint roller every now and then.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

Smith & Cult Lip Lacquer in The Warning | $22.00
I really like Smith & Cult and was excited to get one of their lip products. I’ve tried their nail polish before and it’s wonderful, so I had high hopes! Overall the formula is good, but one thing that I dislike is the packaging. It looks totally luxe and beautiful, except there’s this annoying dented part on the cap! Doesn’t it look like it’s unintentional?! It drives me nuts–to me it looks like the lip gloss got really banged up in my purse or something. At first I actually thought my lip gloss was damaged, but on their website the dent seems to be their “signature” for packaging.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

The color is a really bright red, but goes on pretty sheer. It’s a little stickier than I would like, but the color is lovely and stays well. I’ll add it to my already massive collection of lip gloss, though I won’t be repurchasing. Between the weird packaging and the stickiness I’m left a little disappointed.

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

The Gluten Free Bites Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites | $4.99
It’s always nice to see subscription companies catering to different dietary needs. I know plenty of people who are on gluten free/vegan/dairy free diets now, and I like having snacks on hand that I can share! I also like that this isn’t a super healthy snack like granola. More chocolate please, POPSUGAR! To me (a person with no dietary restrictions) these tasted kind of odd because of the texture, but my friend who has been eating dairy free for a year now thinks they are fabulous. She has been missing chocolate and these were a great fix for her. I’m happy that I was able to share something from my box!

POPSUGAR Must Have September 2016 Box Review

The September box was a mixed bag for me. The total value of this box is $146.98, which is fantastic. I do like the hat and the lint roller, which more than covers the cost of the subscription. The hair mask and the chocolate ended up being shared/gifted. The lip gloss and the nail kit were sort of disappointing. Overall I’m still pleased, because I understand that not every month will have 6 items that I love. As long as I like enough items that cover the cost of the subscription, I consider it a win. Super excited about October though, it’s my birthday month and I’ve had a great track record of phenomenal boxes!


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