Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Got my September box from Peaches and Petals a few days ago. I was really dying to get the items in my hands and try them out, because last month was such a disappointment. I’m pleased to say that this month was a slam dunk for me!

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples.

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

The theme for September is “Cuteness Overload”. Kind of an amazing theme, right?

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Cat Coin Purse | $1.75
This made me laugh out loud when I saw it. It’s so cute and funny! My parents have a gray tabby who is always grumpy and this reminds me of her so much. My favorite part about this coin purse it that the back of it is furry!

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Even the interior lining is adorable! Loving the little flower illustrations. I’m going to keep this in my car to stash all my quarters for parking meters. It’s the perfect size–small enough to easily tuck in my glove box and large enough to hold lots of coins and receipts.

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Blue Avocado Eco Wrap | $12.94
Really impressed to see a Blue Avocado product in my box! It’s a brand that I discovered through POPSUGAR and I love their prints. The quality of their products is great, because I’ve been using the same tote bag for over 2 years now and it’s going strong. This is listed on the information card as a “cute surprise”, meaning not every subscriber received it. I think subscribers either received this or a bird necklace. Personally I’m happier with this sandwich wrap because it will get more use in my household than a necklace!

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Sturdy materials and good quality stitching. I can tell this is going to last for a long time. The interior is a waterproof material that wipes clean easily. We go through a lot of zip lock sandwich bags right now and I’m happy to have a more green alternative for me to use. I tried it out yesterday and it worked really well. The sandwich didn’t get dried out and it was really easy to clean the wrapping. Bonus: the nautical print is adorable!

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Mermaid Knee High Socks | $15.00
Love this! It seems like mermaids are really having a moment right now, because I’ve been seeing a ton of mermaid related items in stores for the past year or so. These knee socks are one size fits all, though I would say they’re on the smaller side. My shoe size is 7 and I tend to wear size 4 pants and these were a good fit for me. Not too loose and not too tight. I imagine it’s a pretty small range though, since the material isn’t as stretchy as other socks I’ve had in the past. The pattern would get distorted if they were overly stretched too. But since they fit me, I’m happy with getting them in my box. They’re fun and silly!

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Totes Adorbs Tote Bag | $2.00 (?)
Simple but cute! Really fits the theme well. This is a very basic tote bag with no bells or whistles. Not particularly well made, but sturdy enough for your groceries as long as you don’t overload the bag. I tend to use Baggu bags for groceries, but this would be useful to keep around as a spare.

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

I particularly like the metallic gold silk screen printing!

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review

Unicorn Pillow Cover | $15.00 (?)
Favorite item from this box! I love getting pillow covers in boxes because it’s a really easy way to change up your decor for different holidays, events, and seasons! Peaches and Petals seems to send out pillow covers fairly often. I think we got one in the February box as well. I love the print on this one! It’s so cute and just perfect for a girls night. My friends and I like to do an impromptu movie spa night (sheet masks + chick flicks!) once a month and I can’t wait to show off this pillow cover! Fits a standard square pillow.

Peaches and Petals September 2016 Review


Wow! What a change from last month! I really liked all the items for this month and thought they were well curated for the theme. Everything also felt very on-trend right now, not outdated or anything. I could totally picture these items in stores right now. The value comes to an estimated $46.69, which is over twice the cost of the box itself. But more importantly, nothing felt like filler material. Each item was clearly chosen with intention and I thought it made for a very cohesive box. Hopefully this is the type of box we will continue to see from Peaches and Petals! Can’t wait to see what my birthday month box will contain!


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