Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Happy Halloween! I always look forward to dressing up and passing out candy to children in the neighborhood. I like to get really festive with my decor as well, so we have stacks of pumpkins outside and plenty of fun garlands draped everywhere. We don’t get many trick-or-treaters here so we spoil the ones that do come! Full size candy bars, y’all. Just saying 🙂

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples.

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Each month has a theme for the box, and for October it was “Pumpkin Spice”. I’m totally one of those people who loves pumpkin spice everything (highly recommend trying pumpkin spice ice cream, it’s amazing!!!) so this is perfect.

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Mornin’ Pumpkin Travel Mug | $8.00 (?)
Thanks to various subscription boxes I have lots of travel mugs now, but since I have a serious coffee/tea habit I’ll put them to good use. I like the simplicity of this design. However, it’s a very no-frills mug. It doesn’t offer insulation and the cap is not leak proof. It’s very cute but won’t be the first one I reach for in my cabinet.

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

The cap is a sliding mechanism that is held in place with a silicone ring. It’s secure enough to use for light travel (like in your car’s cup holder) but I wouldn’t trust it to stay leak-proof in a bag or anything like that.

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Plaid Cozy Scarf | $5.00 (?)
Does this scarf look familiar to you? It looks really similar to the one we got from FabFitFun, right? I also saw a very similar scarf to this at Target the other day for only $5, so that’s what I’m estimating this scarf is worth. It’s very soft and cozy, but significantly smaller than the FFF one from Modcloth. I do like the color pattern–very classic autumn!

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Pumpkin Pie Scented Candle | $6.00
Yum! I adore all candles but fall scents have a special place in my heart. This pumpkin pie candle smells amazing! I find myself wishing this candle were bigger because I like it so much. It makes your house smell exactly like you’re baking a pumpkin pie. I can’t wait to burn it for Thanksgiving!

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Another great thing: it came in a gift box! I always appreciate it when subscription companies send out items that are individually packaged like this. It makes it super easy to gift. The packaging on this candle is so pretty: love the rustic ribbon and mason jar!

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Mandala Color-a-Puzzle | $1.00 (?)
I saw a similar puzzle to this in Target’s $1 section (are you seeing a trend for my obsession with Target?), so that’s what I’m estimating the value at. My plan for this item is to pack it all into a small ziplock bag and bring it on my next international flight. Hey, if I have to kill 14 hours I might as well make something pretty!

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

Fannie May Chocolate | $1.00
I’m surprised this made it to me all in one piece without melting! It’s still so hot here in Houston! Of course, you can’t have an October box without a sweet treat, right? I’ve always liked caramel and chocolate so this is a natural winning combination. And I will never have anything negative to say about getting tasty chocolate in the mail!

Peaches and Petals October 2016 Review

The overall value is around $21.00, which is a tiny bit above the cost of the box. But you do have to take my estimate with a grain of salt, since it’s always quite difficult to calculate value for Peaches and Petals boxes. They send lots of unbranded items that are harder to track down. I generally use Target as a good rule of thumb–if I can find it in the $1 section I’ll only value it at that cost!

I think the curation was quite nice this month. It felt very fall to me and I think the pumpkin spice theme is cute. It did feel oddly similar to the FabFitFun box though, with the scarf and travel mug and coloring puzzle. Most likely a coincidence, since I’m sure boxes do their curation several months in advance. It just was a little unfortunate since I can’t help but compare this box to the FabFitFun box. There’s a significant price difference in cost ($20 vs $50) but also a huge difference in value ($21 vs $240) While I’m not expecting all subscription to match the value that FFF sends (how crazy would that be?!), I would like to see a higher value from Peaches and Petals in the future.


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