Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Eek, totally behind again! Happy first day of December, everyone! I just have a couple reviews to wrap up from November–Thanksgiving was so much craziness I’m still playing catchup with my to-do list. Anyways, yay for more men’s subscription boxes! My better half sometimes gets a little jealous of all my awesome boxes, so it’s great that he gets to try something too. (We still get Bespoke Post boxes but I have a bad habit of claiming the contents for myself!) It’s always a good day when a men’s subscription service reaches out to offer a box in exchange for a review!

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a $25.00 per month subscription (shipping included) that focuses on men’s fashion accessories. Each box is curated around a particular look and color scheme, and includes 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories. Since all the items are meant coordinate together for a cohesive outfit, it’s an easy cheat for the guy who wants to be stylish without having to think too hard about his outfit. All the items are exclusive, so if you like a particular item you would have to subscribe to receive it.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

The November box definitely feels cold-weather appropriate. I like the rich burgundy color and the interesting textures. Since all the items are exclusive to Harrison Blake, the value for each item is stated on the information card as “average retail price”, which I have found to be pretty fair.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Knit Block NeckTie | $30.00
Perfect for winter! The knit texture and the dark colors feel very seasonally appropriate. The bottom of the tie ends in a straight line, unlike traditional ties that end in a V shape. I do feel like this is a more bold choice to send in a subscription service–not everyone can wear a tie like this for work. My husband works as a physician and when he’s not in scrubs he’s only allowed to wear very classic business attire. My brother works at a university and also said he would be not able to wear this. I think this would be great for someone who likes wearing ties outside of work, since if your workplace requires neckties it probably means more traditional styles.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

A closeup of the texture! It feels well made and the knit has a good weight to it. The tie is 100% polyester.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Exclusive label in the back. The part of the tie that actually goes around your neck is backed with a black satin fabric, so it feels smooth against your skin. Love that attention to detail!

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Car Tie Clip | $25.00
My favorite item in the box! It’s very sturdy and the construction quality is great. I love interesting tie clips! It’s a great way to add a little personality while keeping your look very polished and professional. My brother would love this, so I will be sending it to him.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Microfiber Pocket Square | $15.00
A perfect match for the necktie that came in this box. It’s got a classic dot pattern on one side and a more bold pattern on the reverse side. Even though my husband can’t wear the tie from this month at work, the pocket square is something he can definitely use! He recently got a new charcoal suit and the colors go together beautifully. I think burgundy will go with any suit color, so it’s a great versatile choice for the colder months!

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

The reverse is more bold, but nothing crazy. Feels very timeless and elegant.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Burgundy Stripe Socks | $8.00
Who doesn’t like getting new socks? I think this is my husband’s favorite part of the box, mostly because he’s always really excited to get crew socks. Not sure what these are made of, but they feel well constructed. I’ve put them through the washer twice already and they haven’t shrunk or pilled. The elastic is also holding up very well.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Harrison Blake Travel/Shoe Bag | $6.00
We are constantly losing shoe bags in this household, so I always welcome new ones. The quality isn’t great on this one, but it’s fine for getting the job done. I do wish the value didn’t count towards the total for the box, since the logo is so large that it feels like a promotional item.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription November Box Review

Overall I think it was a solid box. I love the colors and the variation in items! It’s just unfortunate that the big ticket item didn’t really work for my husband’s needs. The total value comes to $84.00, which I think is fair. Since everything is small batch and exclusive to the box, I can see these values being accurate.

However, I wish I could get more details about each item on the information card. Besides the tie, I have no idea what materials anything is made of. It’s also all unbranded and doesn’t come with packaging, which I think sort of lowers the perceived value. It would have been nice to be able to easily gift some of the items that my husband can’t use, but since it’s unbranded it doesn’t feel substantial enough for a gift.

I think this would be a good subscription service for someone who wears a lot of suits at work, and also likes wearing business or business casual clothing outside of work. If you like to live in T-shirt and jeans once you get off work (like my husband), I doubt you’ll get to use all the items in the box each month. We would only subscribe if they implemented a system like Bespoke Post in which you get to preview the box and skip a shipment if it doesn’t appeal to you.


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