Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Last November review before I move onto December! I can’t believe it took me this long to get my Peaches and Petals review up. The good news is that I really did get to use almost everything (there’s one thing I’m considering gifting so I haven’t used it) for a good amount of time since the photos were taken, so hopefully I’m able to shed a little more perspective on each item.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Each month has a theme for the box, and I’ve found that they do a great job of curating the items.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

This was taped on the outside of the box, which I really appreciate! It was very thoughtful to include a warning to be careful when opening the box. I was quite impressed!

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

All the items of the box. Just looking at it seems cozy, right? I thought the curation was particularly on point this month. Such a great November box!

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

S’mores Ceramic Mug | $5.00 (?)
This is the fragile item that was wrapped in the blanket that the sticker warning was about. When you first see it, it looks like an enamel mug. But then you pick it up and it’s such a heavy weight so you know it’s ceramic. I actually think I would have preferred an enamel mug because it’s a little different and could have tied in with the s’mores/camping/fireside theme, but since this is a cute design I really can’t complain. It’s quite large so I would consider it an oversized mug. I’m torn on keeping it: it’s really cute and super sturdy, but also would be amazing for gifting with some nice hot cocoa mix and some cute marshmallows.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Fleece Throw | $5.00 (?)
It seems that throws are becoming super popular with subscription boxes this season! I can really never have enough in my home, so I completely welcome this trend. This is your typical fleece throw that you can get at Target or Walmart for around $5, which is why I’m estimating the value at that much. It’s 100% polyester and measures 50″ x 60″.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Here’s a better pictures of the super soft fleece! My only issue is that the fleece sheds a lot when you first use it, which is really frustrating when you’re wearing a dark color (aka my entire wardrobe). I went nuts with the lint roller on this and then threw it in the wash which seemed to finally got rid of all the excess shedding, but it was an annoying process. It took me many many sheets on the lint roller. The quality of the throw isn’t great, so I haven’t been using it for myself. But my dog Maddie is thrilled with her new blanket! She claimed it for herself when I had it draped on a low chair, and I’m glad she got to enjoy part of this box too. It’s her new favorite thing to sleep on and snuggle with, so I’m happy!

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Mountain Lodge Merino Wool Outdoor Sports Socks | $5.85
Personal favorite item from this box! I love to hike and can always use more comfortable socks. Even if you don’t hike, these are very thick warm socks that will keep your feet nice and toasty in any shoes or just lounging around at home. I haven’t had a chance to hike since getting these socks, but I have been wearing them around the house and they’re very comfortable. It suddenly got chilly in Houston seemingly overnight, so it was really perfect timing! These socks also did great in the wash, so I’m hopeful they will retain their softness and shape for a long time.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Slightly Melted Shower Mochi | $3.90
Yay, another set of shower mochi scrubs! Peaches and Petals sent a set in the February box and I really loved them. I’m very happy to see them featured again! They smell totally amazing, especially the apple cider one! It made the whole box smell like a delicious apple pie and I couldn’t wait to use them.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

You’re supposed to break off a small piece (or cut it into 6 sections) and use the piece to exfoliate while in the shower. The sugar is a natural exfoliant and the coconut oil and cocoa butter in the mochi will moisturize your skin. I recently brought these with me on a trip to San Diego and it was perfect for travel. They’re small and compact, and totally dry so no need to worry about leaks.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

Boo Berry Lip Balm | $1.00 (?)
I don’t really care for these types of flavored lip balms, and it’s also a repeat from February when they sent a very similar lip balm. The balm isn’t as smooth and easy to apply as I prefer. I wish they had included a treat or something in lieu of this–maybe hot cocoa or peppermint bark? Or even a hand warmer! There’s no shortage of small stocking-stuffer ideas that I would have liked more, but since it’s such a small percentage of the box I don’t really mind too much.

Peaches and Petals November 2016 Review

The value is a little low this month, at just $20.75. I would expect a little higher value in the months going forward. However, I think the curation is actually great this month! With the exception of the lip balm, everything is useful and either got used or will get gifted. The shower mochi and socks were home runs for me! Can’t wait to see what December will bring. I always get so happy about December boxes. Each and every one feels like a wonderful Christmas present!


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