Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! We had an amazing Christmas Day and are still so stuffed from all the delicious food! But all good things must come to an end: I had to go back to work today (booo!) but I’m excited to have New Year’s Eve off this year. With just a week left of 2016, I have to get all my December reviews done!

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Each month has a theme for the box, and I’ve found that they do a great job of curating the items.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Theme for December is Jingle and Mingle. I received this box with a good amount of time left before Christmas, so I think the timing worked out well for a festive theme. I definitely would have had enough time to gift the contents of this box.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Keep Calm and Color On Color a Day Calendar | $3.77
Peaches and Petals has sent out lots of coloring items this year, so I’m not surprised to see them finishing the year with another one! I’m surprised at the low value of this item, it’s definitely a great item that I would pay more for. I love the idea of coloring every day, I can totally see it becoming part of my morning routine or a way to unwind during my lunch break. The backing is a sturdy plastic so the calendar can remain upright on your desk.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Wine Bottle Ugly Christmas Sweater | $8.00
How funny is this “sweater”? It’s designed to fit around a wine bottle, and the little hat goes over the cork. It’s silly and festive and fun, so I have no complaints! I think it would be a really adorable way to gift a bottle of wine for the holidays.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain | $24.00
I’m sad to say it, but Manna Kadar has become a “subscription brand” to me. What I mean by that is: I only see it in subscription boxes and to me the value of it is significantly less than what the stated retail value is. I have so much Manna Kadar stuff now that I never get excited about it, and the quality seems to have declined over the years. While I appreciate receiving a full sized stain in this box, it goes into my pile of other Manna Kadar products that I have yet to use.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Wax Free Tart Warmer | $13.85
I was surprised to see this in my box, since I have never gotten a fragrance warmer before in a box! Usually I see candles or diffusers, but I love getting something new to try. And for people who live in apartments who don’t allow candles, this is a great choice! It’s about 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide, and comes with a vanilla fragrance disk.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

The warmer looks like this! It has a plug in the back and it’s very easy to use.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Wax Free Tarts | $2.00 (?)
These exact discs were surprisingly hard to find online, so I’m thinking maybe these are the older packaging or something. Sun-dried linen is a classic scent that you can’t go wrong with, though I wish they had sent a more seasonal fragrance. I think it really would have helped the curation if the scents were more along the lines of apple, spruce, cinnamon, or something that feels festive!

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

Necklace | ???
Everything up until this point in my box was great, but once I got to the jewelry I was extremely confused. The jewelry is meant to be a “surprise jingle-y and mingle-y item” that varies from box to box. First of all, they included 3 necklaces for me. I’m not sure if that was a mistake or if they’re meant to be a set or what, but it was odd. And also the quality of these pieces were really very bad. On top of that, they didn’t feel festive at all. It would have been so easy to send equally cheap jewelry that had a more holiday theme. I saw some cute cheap earrings at Claire’s when I was shopping for a friend’s daughter that would have been way better: little jingle bells, snowflake pendants, even a tiny pom-pom holly wreath.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

I received a reddish teardrop pendant necklace, a blue “opal” textured triangle pendant, and a green square pendant. All three were very bad quality with visible soldering lines on the front and back.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review

In lieu of getting three of these necklaces, I would have appreciated one single better quality item. Or just no necklaces! They really didn’t add anything to the box for me and I could have done without them.

Peaches and Petals December 2016 Review


The value for this box is actually quite good if you look at the retail price. It comes to about $51.62, which is over double the cost of the box. But on the other hand, a large portion of that value is coming from the overinflated Manna Kadar product. Personally, I enjoyed certain items in the box but some of the items I won’t be able to use at all. The necklaces aren’t even giftable and the Manna Kadar goes into my ever-growing pile.

But on a more positive note, I think the scent warmer is a great inclusion and definitely a unique pick. No other subscription box that I know of has sent out a similar item! The wine sweater is also really cute and funny and different. Peaches and Petals seems to send out more unique items compared to some of your other subscriptions, which can be hit or miss depending on what you prefer. Personally I think if you don’t mind getting unbranded items and are a bit tired of the same old stuff from other subscription boxes, this box could be a great choice for you!


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