Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

I feel like February zoomed by without that many boxes, which was kind of a let down. Little Lace Box ended up delaying their box until March, and I didn’t like any of the Bespoke options. But I had the pleasure of discovering a new box thanks to the team at Emma & Chloe! They offered to send me one of their January boxes to review, and I am so excited to have found such a fun jewelry subscription with high quality pieces.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box is a monthly jewelry club that represents independent, up-and-coming French jewelry designers. In addition to their monthly shipments, you can also purchase jewelry from their online boutique.

Every month they feature a designer and send a surprise piece of jewelry, though you can choose if you prefer gold or silver and whether or not you have pierced ears. If you do the month to month plan, it’s $35/month. If you prepay, the price goes down to $33/month for a 3 month subscription, $31/month for a 6 month subscription, and $29/month for a 12 month subscription. The unique piece of jewelry is always valued between $50 and $200, so you’re getting a significant discount no matter what option you choose.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

I received this black box inside a protected bubble envelope, so the box itself was in great condition. This is wonderful if you end up deciding to gift the jewelry. The packaging is so beautiful! I love the sturdy black box filled with French illustrations on the inside. Each shipment comes with a little magazine with more information about the featured designer and also fun little articles about France and fashion.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

I love how much thought and effort goes into their magazine! It feels very substantial at 31 pages, and each article is interesting and the pictures are great for styling inspiration. It’s a magazine that you actually want to read!

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

LOVE this list of coffee shops! The magazine really does emphasize France and the lifestyle over there, so if you adore France and French designers (but seriously, who doesn’t?) this is a fabulous subscription for you! The rest of the magazine includes information about the featured designer, an interview, tips for beautiful skin and hair in winter, a cute personality quiz for 2017, and a recipe for making authentic galette des rois (king cake)!

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

They also included a bonus postcard with a picture of the ring. I’m thinking it’s supposed to be a way for you to share a picture of your new jewelry with a friend, but I would have preferred an illustration or something that feels less like an ad. Maybe just a cute print of the inside pattern of their box! Or a beautiful picture of a cafe in Paris. I don’t really feel comfortable sending a postcard like this to one of my friends, since it looks way too much like an advertisement.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

Back of the postcard is branded but not obnoxiously so. If the front were a different picture or illustration, I would have been more than happy to use this postcard. I love sending and receiving snail mail!

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

More details on the packaging. Can you tell I’m obsessed with pretty packaging and little details? The jewelry comes in a little black bag that is great for traveling with. I always like to keep these little pouches so when I travel I can store my jewelry in their own bags to prevent scratching.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

Another cool thing I really like about Emma & Chloe is that each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. It’s just a nice little touch that makes the piece feel a bit more special. The certificate card also includes a little blurb about how to care for the jewelry, which is helpful.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

L’Atelier Clandestin Labradorite Gold Ring | $60.00 (on sale for $50)
So without further ado, the jewelry piece! It’s a really beautiful ring that is gold plated and set with a labradorite stone. It has a great weight to it and feels incredibly well made. Love the interesting textures stamped onto the band of the ring! The stone itself is lovely as well. The designer talks about the power of stones and choosing specific stones for their meanings, so I looked up labradorite to see what it represents. Turns out it’s strongly associated with balance and protection. While I’m not someone who uses healing crystals or anything like that, I appreciate the thought process of designing a piece of jewelry with specific meaningful stones in mind. It really makes the piece so much more interesting!

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

The ring is very easy to adjust and since it’s a thick band it feels sturdy too. I’m always nervous about adjusting really thin rings because they are easy to break and don’t hold the shape as well. The way this ring is designed makes it easy to accommodate a very wide range of sizes. The brand name is stamped on the inside.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

Look how pretty! (Please excuse my very sad nails, they’re recovering from a gel manicure…) Normally I don’t wear chunky rings like this, but since the stone itself is so dainty and the design is quite minimalistic it actually really works with my style! I have several weddings to attend this year and just bought an emerald colored dress that looks amazing with this ring.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

And one last picture of the front of the ring. So pretty and love all the details!

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

Overall verdict: love this subscription! It’s a really cool idea and I think it’s particularly great if you’re a quality over quantity kind of person. When it comes to jewelry, I do believe in investing in fewer high quality favorites. I’ve never enjoyed collecting a ton of cheap costume jewelry that falls apart quickly. I think I get too attached to jewelry and prefer having pieces that last for a long time.

The value is also there for those of us who are interested in getting a great bang-for-your-buck subscription. For $35 (or less) you get a unique piece of jewelry that’s a minimum value of $50. And personally I think there’s extra value in the fact that you’re getting authentic French designer products! It’s not something that’s easy to purchase from the designer itself. For instance in this case, L’Atelier Clandestin only has a website in French and it’s quite difficult to navigate. If I ordered direct from the site, I would have to pay a hefty shipping fee and wait for my package to go through customs and it’s a bit of a hassle. Going through a reputable company like Emma and Chloe is a great option. There’s also value in the cute magazine and pretty packaging! If you want to build up a collection of beautifully curated jewelry that is going to last for many years, this is a great subscription to try.


2 thoughts on “Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box January 2017 Review

  1. I was an Emma and Chloe customer for 4 months. I found every box contained jewelry that was cheap looking and completely unlike the jewelry featured on the website. I had bought two subscriptions for myself and 2 as gifts. I am just embarrassed. There was absolutely no customer service and no refund, no nothing. They gave me a 10% off coupon after I cancelled both my subscriptions. Don’t buy. Such a waste of time.

    • Oh no, that’s so disappointing to hear! I have not had to deal with customer service yet *knock on wood*, but when I do I’ll be sure to add my experience to my reviews. So sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience with Emma and Chloe and I wish they had been able to make it right to you. But thanks so much for reading and for commenting! It’s always good to hear other perspectives.

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