Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Last month was light on subscription boxes for me but it looks like I’ll be having an amazing March! The February Little Lace Box got pushed back to March and for some reason I also received my Peaches and Petals box super late.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for February is “Made with Love”.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

For a love themed box, it seems rather disappointing to receive it so far after Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if my box was an outlier or if they all went out later this month, but the timing is unfortunate.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Pizza Ceramic Coasters | $4.00 (?)
These are a little cheesy (see what I did there?) but also pretty cute. Totally embarrassing nerd confession: my husband and I always do a pizza and pie date night at home on “Pi Day” every March 14th. We usually get our favorite pizza delivered, pick up a pie from this awesome local bakery, crack open a couple beers and binge watch nerdy movies. Totally silly but I look forward to it every year! I think these will be a cute little addition to our tradition. Or just any pizza date night in general.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

The coaster itself is a heavy ceramic and the backing is made of cork. My one minor complaint is that the cork is off center for both coasters, but since I don’t plan to use these for everyday use I don’t really mind.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Come Hither Bath Bomb |  $3.00 (?)
Guessing on the price for this bath bomb since I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. Bath bombs are always welcome in this household! I love using them but have a hard time getting myself to actually buy them. They always feel like such a “splurge” item to me! Though I will admit to treating myself to Lush bath bombs every now and then after a really rough work week…

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review


I like that it comes in a box so you can easily gift it. The scent is strong but not cloying and I’m excited to use it! The size of the bath bomb itself is pretty generous–about 4 ounces.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Look Good, Feel Good: 206 Beauty and Fitness Secrets by Mariah Bear | $25.00
Although I’m glad to see this book isn’t on clearance on Amazon, I don’t think it would actually retail for the full $25 either. It’s an older book from 2013 and I see lots of books just like this for sale at my local Barnes and Nobles for around $5-$8.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

The book itself is fairly interesting. I like that there’s plenty of high quality pictures that illustrate step by step stuff. There’s sections about massages and spa treatments that look fun and easy to DIY.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

There’s also exercises and stretches. I personally prefer videos of workouts, but if you enjoy wellness books this would be a nice one to flip through.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Sprigs Hot Collars | $18.95
Okay, this item is really confusing to me. It’s a fleece collar scarf thing that keeps your neck warm. But I guess I’m wondering why you wouldn’t just use an actual scarf? I can definitely see my dad buying this and getting really excited about it. Except he’s almost 60, so I doubt he’s the target audience for Peaches and Petals. Just seems like a total miss to me. But on the bright side, this would be a great item to donate. Anything that can provide warmth is very welcome for homeless shelters–socks, fleece anything, blankets, gloves, etc. I’ll add this to my donation pile, I know it will get to someone who actually needs it!

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Wilton Heart Cookie Pop Pan | $3.00 (?)
And finally, a Valentine’s Day item. I know these normally retail for more than my estimated value, but I literally just saw this on clearance at Michael’s last week. I own a lot of Wilton products and their quality is good, so it’s great that we’re getting a brand name product. And it’s pretty unique. I’ve definitely never received anything like this from any other subscription. It’s a cookie pan designed to make cookie “pops”.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

These are really big cookie molds! (Hand for scale.) I would have been happy to get this if I received it well before Valentine’s Day. It would have motivated me to actually bake some treats for my friends and coworkers. But now it just feels like a clearance item that I would have to store in my kitchen for a whole year.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Bottom line: pretty disappointing. If the timing had been better, I think I would have enjoyed most of the box. If I had gotten this box a week before Valentine’s Day the cookie pan would have been my favorite item. But now that it’s so far past Valentine’s Day, it feels like really cheap discounted junk.

While I still like the coasters and the bath bomb, it makes up a tiny portion of the overall value. If I had paid $20 for this box I would be so let down. The book feels outdated and the value seems inflated, and the collar thing is just an odd choice. It really doesn’t fit the theme at all and also feels like a clearance aisle product.

I hope in the future the boxes have better curation. This is probably my least favorite month so far, which is really sad because I actually liked January’s and had been hoping for a very good year.


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