Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription May 2017 Box Review plus Promo Code!

Happy Friday, everyone! Memorial Day weekend is always so much fun here because in Houston it’s the best weather and we definitely make the most of it! Tomorrow morning the whole family is going blueberry picking and then we’re going to have a beach picnic in Galveston. I would love to hear what your family has planned! Up for review today is the May shipment of Harrison Blake.

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a $25.00 per month subscription (shipping included) that focuses on men’s fashion accessories. Each box is curated around a particular look and color scheme, and includes 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories. Since all the items are meant coordinate together for a cohesive outfit, it’s an easy cheat for the guy who wants to be stylish without having to think too hard about his outfit. All the items are exclusive, so if you like a particular item you would have to subscribe to receive it.

Right now they have a promo code for new subscribers. Use code SEASON to get $15 off your first month! That brings the cost down to only $10, which is a really good deal for everything that you get!


Since they make all their own products, they send a little information card with the retail values. I personally think their values are usually rather high for the quality, so please take them with a grain of salt.


Harrison Blake Anchor Necktie | $30.00
Every month the “hero item” is a necktie. If you wear ties a lot, this is an awesome subscription that will get you a large collection of different styles and colors in no time! My husband wears ties every day at work, but he’s limited to only super conservative colors and styles. But this tie would be perfect for special events when he’s able to branch out and wear more colors.


I think the maroon and anchor pattern is a lovely choice for summer! I can see this pairing with a navy suit for a summer wedding or for a nice date night. I like that Harrison Blake ties are usually on the slimmer side, which makes them feel more modern and trendy. My husband has a skinny build so slim ties look great on him.


The back of the tie always comes with this branded tag, but we’ve found it really easy to remove. My husband dislikes having two loops on the back and also dislikes how large the Harrison Blake tag is, so we just cut the stitches that hold the tag in place. It’s very easy to do and doesn’t do any damage to the tie whatsoever–it’s almost as if they anticipate most people to do it!


Harrison Blake Plaid Cotton Pocket Square | $20.00
Each month also comes with a pocket square that is meant to pair with the tie. I like that this month the pocket square is a thicker cotton that feels very substantial. It does feel more like a fall or winter pocket square than a summer one though.


Here’s the tie and the pocket square together! I like that they go well together without being too matchy-matchy.


Harrison Blake Baseball Cap | $25.00
This is an item that I feel the retail value is really off. For $25 you can buy a pretty good quality baseball cap, whereas this is a very simple model. It’s the same quality you could get for just a few dollars at Target. I do like that the logo is more ambiguous–my husband can definitely wear it without feeling like a walking advertisement.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription May 2017 Box Review plus Promo Code!

The adjustable back is cloth, not the plastic type that I hate. You guys know what I’m talking about, right? As a kid all my baseball caps had a hard plastic adjustable back and it was the worst. It was always so uncomfortable! Happy to see that this is the cloth back with a metal adjustor.


Harrison Blake Stainless Steel Ring | $35.00
This is an item that isn’t for us. My husband never wears jewelry besides his wedding band, and this is actually the wrong size for him anyways. We were thinking about who we could gift this to and neither one of us could think of a male friend who wears rings!


It seems risky to send an item that is so specifically sized. My husband’s ring size is a 7 and a size 10 is way too big for all his fingers.


Harrison Blake No Show Boat Socks | $7.00
Even though this is the lowest value item, it’s actually really useful for my husband! I mean, who doesn’t need more socks? He’s a size 11 shoe size and these fit him perfectly, so I’m not sure if they would be too large for someone who wears a smaller size. I really like the patriotic pattern–just in time for Memorial Day!


The backs of the socks have a rubbery grip to help keep them in place.


Foldable Water Bottle | ?
This is considered the bonus item for this month, which makes sense because it looks like a promotional item for the brand.


May wasn’t our favorite month because the pocket square and ring are both not something he would be wearing any time soon. The value supposedly comes out to $117.00 but again, I think it’s inflated. However, I still think it’s a good value for the cost. For only $25 (or $10 if you use the promo code!) you get a tie, pocket square, baseball cap, ring, socks, and a water bottle. That’s an amazing deal!

I think it could be a really fun subscription for someone who is in college or for a young professional, since it gives them a fun and affordable way to start building a tie collection and also provides them with other accessories like pocket squares, lapel pins, collar stays, etc.


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