DripJoy K-cup Coffee Subscription Review

Happy Monday! I figured Monday morning would be a great time to post my review for a new coffee subscription. I definitely drink the most coffee on Monday mornings! DripJoy reached out to me 2 weeks ago to see if I would be interested in reviewing some of their K-cup coffee, and that was a no-brainer question for me. I adore my Keurig! My husband and I both love/need our coffee fix in the morning and we go through K-cups really quickly.

DripJoy is a new coffee subscription company that aims to bring high quality K-cup coffee straight to your door at a reasonable price. Initially I thought they were just a K-cup subscription, but it turns out that they actually designed their own brewer and offer a really interesting subscription service. It’s called Genius Delivery and it uses an algorithm to figure out how much coffee you’ll receive, how often you’ll get a delivery, and you can opt to includes their brewer at a discount (for smaller subscriptions) or for free (for larger subscriptions)! It’s a great idea for a small business!

This review is just for the K-cup part of their subscription services. I’m reviewing the $24.98/month plan, which is a subscription of 48 cups that ships every other month. I chose two flavors of coffee: Morning Joy and Colombian Cheer. The subscription also came with a little sampler of all their flavors (with the exception of the Hazelnut and Vanilla, which was backordered at the time).

DripJoy K-cup Coffee Subscription Review

First of all, I want to comment on the packaging. You know how I am with pretty packaging. I really like the simple and clean design of the boxes. My husband chose to tear off the top section completely, even though I think it’s meant to be more of a flap design (which I think looks prettier, but my husband insists flap-less is easier *eye roll*).


It’s always a plus when the packaging is pretty enough to keep on the counter, since I hate seeing ugly boxes in my kitchen. In the past we’ve actually kept some K-cups in a separate wooden tray because I hate the packaging they come in!


I also think the little faces on each cup are super cute! Each flavor has it’s own color and face so you can tell them apart really easily. Such an adorable identifying system!


So I’ve had several cups of both flavors now, and I really like the two that I chose for myself. My favorite is Morning Joy, a medium blend “with lemon and smoke cedar”. It’s a great pick-me-up in the morning and tastes excellent as an iced coffee too. Hey, when you live in Houston it’s pretty much only iced coffee for 6 months out of the year! I usually drink my coffee black and Morning Joy is rich and smooth with a mild flavor. I think it would be a great “go-to” crowd pleasing coffee–I can’t imagine anyone disliking it.


Colombian Cheer is a medium blend that is “semi-sweet and fruity”, but to me wasn’t as universally appealing as the Morning Joy. It’s just a little bit more intense. Not to say I didn’t like it! My husband prefers Colombian Cheer because he thinks it has more flavor.


Sidenote: can we take a moment to appreciate how cute it is that the hole becomes the nose of the face? It’s the little design details that I love!


I was pleasantly surprised to see a little sampler pack of all the flavors with the first subscription shipment. Unfortunately the Hazelnut and Vanilla flavors were not available, but I did get to try the other three flavors in addition to the two I already got. The other flavors are French Elation, Dark Bean Daydream, and Delightful Decaf.


The Dark Bean Daydream was so delicious! It has prominent notes of chocolate which is always a win. It’s almost a perfect dark roast! If you like dark roasts, I would highly recommend it. French Elation wasn’t my favorite, probably because compared to the Dark Bean Daydream I felt it was rather lackluster. But surprisingly the Delightful Decaf is really good too! I’m not a decaf drinker so I don’t have much to compare it to, but if I were to start drinking decaf this would be it.


I’m very impressed with the quality of coffee that I received. Not only is coffee delicious, but it’s sustainably harvested and sourced responsibly. Their processing mills don’t mix bean quality, so you are getting truly high grade coffee in every cup. You can really taste the difference if you taste-test with your typical Dunkin’ Donuts or other generic coffee.


Overall, I think this is a great subscription that can save you money and time with higher quality coffee. The subscription that I received is $24.98 which works out to about $0.52 per cup. You get the K-cups delivered straight to your door so you never need to worry about running out. DripJoy offers a guarantee for all their flavors, so if you don’t like a particular roast they’ll replace it with a different one for free. That kind of commitment to customer service is wonderful and it makes trying their subscription a totally risk-free one. I would recommend any coffee lover to try it at least once!

What I would love to see in the future from DripJoy: more variety in flavors and drink options! My husband immediately went to check their website to see if they made hot chocolate and was disappointed to learn they did not. He loved the coffee so much that he’s convinced this company would make an amazing hot chocolate too!

I would also like to see more information about recycling included in the shipment. K-cups are a huge environmental problem because many people don’t recycle the little cups. The cups contain aluminum, plastic, coffee grounds, and paper and these four components cannot be recycled as is. You have to separate them and sort them for recycling. The good news is that every subscriber receives a voucher for a free “Recycle A Cup”, a little gadget that separates the pieces, from DripJoy (just pay $2.60 shipping and handling)! But I didn’t know anything about this because there was no mention of it in my actual shipment. Just a little reminder in each shipment or maybe printed on the box would be a really helpful to encourage more people to utilize the recycling program!


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