Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box August 2017 Review plus $10 Off Promo Code

I have always been very happy with my Emma & Chloe jewelry, and this month is my favorite yet! I swear, this is a subscription that just gets better and better.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box is a monthly jewelry club that represents independent, up-and-coming French jewelry designers. In addition to their monthly shipments, you can also purchase jewelry from their online boutique.

Every month they feature a designer and send a surprise piece of jewelry, though you can choose if you prefer gold or silver and whether or not you have pierced ears. If you do the month to month plan, it’s $35/month. If you prepay, the price goes down to $33/month for a 3 month subscription, $31/month for a 6 month subscription, and $29/month for a 12 month subscription. The unique piece of jewelry is always valued between $50 and $200, so you’re getting a significant discount no matter what option you choose.

And for August only, use promo code AUG17BLOG to get $10 off your first box!


The packaging is beautiful and I always think about how perfect this subscription is for gifting. It feels very luxe and the items are all very high quality. I have been thinking about gifting a subscription to my best friend for Christmas–we would always be able to have matching jewelry even though we live in different states!


Each month comes with a little magazine that includes an interview with the designer, styling tips, and fun articles about France/french culture. It’s always an interesting read and I love the design of the magazine.


Each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity. It includes information about what each piece is made of (this ring is made of brass and gilded in 18k gold). It also has the name of of the brand on it. I’m really bad at remembering brands and since not every piece has the logo stamped on the jewelry itself, this is helpful for me.


On the back of the certificate of authenticity there are instructions for how to care for your jewelry.


Helles Stone Ring | $90.00
Check out this beauty! This ring is available in either a mother-of-pearl stone center or a turquoise stone center and I’m so glad I got the white and gold combination. While I love turquoise paired with gold, I think the white and gold is simply stunning. I am obsessed with wearing this ring and it goes with everything!


The ring feels very light on and is so comfortable. I’m someone who usually avoids wearing large statement rings because I find that they get in the way, but I found myself forgetting that I had this ring on! Speaking of which, I actually accidentally showered with this ring on last night and the finish still looks perfect.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box August 2017 Review plus $10 Off Promo Code

This is my favorite piece from Emma and Chloe thus far! The simple design makes it the most perfect ring that can be a statement piece but also an every day staple. I have been wearing it to work and gotten tons of compliments!


The ring is adjustable, though the smallest size it goes down to is probably around a 6. My ring finger is a size 5 so it’s too large for that, but it fits my middle finger perfectly. The way the back of the ring is designed makes it super comfortable–at first I was worried it would pinch but it definitely doesn’t.


So I think it’s obvious that I really adore August’s box. The ring is simply stunning and I could not be happier with it.

Over the past several months I have been very impressed with Emma and Chloe. I feel like the quality of their jewelry is really good and the styles are classic and timeless but still on trend. None of my pieces have any sort of wear or tear on the finish despite being worn pretty frequently. I’m always getting compliments too!

If you like French design (and um, who doesn’t?!), pretty jewelry, and discovering new indie brands, I would recommend giving Emma and Chloe a try. You’ll receive a good mix of jewelry since they stagger the months. Since this month is a ring, next month will be either a necklace, a bracelet, or earrings. Over the course of a longer subscription you can really build a nice collection of super wearable classic jewelry. And now is a great time to try, since you can use promo code AUG17BLOG to get $10 off your first box!


The Naked Dog Box Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend! We had a blast enjoying the outdoors, and Maddie got tons of great exercise! Recently The Naked Dog Box reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of their subscription. After looking up their website I was very impressed with all their great reviews and high quality ingredients, and Maddie never turns down a chance for more food.

The Naked Dog Box is an all natural, gluten free dog food subscription box that is delivered to the consumer’s door every two weeks with fresh, made in the USA dry dog food. Every shipment comes with a surprise treat every time, and the first shipment comes with a stainless steel food scoop.

The Naked Dog Box Subscription Review

What I like about their service is that it’s super easy to use and feels highly customized for your dog. You answer a series of questions about your dog such as size, amount of exercise, age, etc. and then the site recommends a dog food formula. For Maddie (46 lbs, moderate exercise, 4 years old), it recommended the Salmon and Chickpea dry food formula with 6 ounce portions. If your dog is smaller, they offer 4 ounce portions and if your dog is larger they have 8 ounce portions. For Maddie, the cost comes to $27.00/shipment which is 2 weeks worth of food. It sounds like it’s on the pricier side as far as dog food goes, but if you actually look at the cost of good quality dog food it’s very reasonable! Her current dog food (Orijen Original Grain-Free Dry) is $78.99 for a 25 lb bag (about 400 ounces). It lasts her about a month and a half. With this subscription, a month and a half would cost $81.00 plus she gets treats with each shipment!

They currently have a promo code out that saves you $10 off your first shipment. I think it’s a great deal to try the food out and see if your pet likes it. Plus you get the free stainless steel food scoop and a high quality treat too! Get $10 off your first shipment with promo code 10BUCKS!


Okay, now onto the actual review! Maddie knew this box was for her as soon as we brought it inside, so she was “helping me” go through everything.


Unluckily for her, there was a cute little craft on the back on the information card that I decided to make.


It has cut-outs to make a paper bow that can be attached to the collar! How cute!


Since she wasn’t willing to sit up for a collar picture, she ended up with the bow on her head. This is Maddie giving me her best “but why, mom?” look. She did earn some delicious treats for her troubles though!


Sojos Peanut Butter & Jelly Flavor Dog Treats | $8.35
These treats took her mind off the bow completely! I was really surprised by how big of a box these are. I guess I was expecting a single chew or a small treat, but this is a full sized box. Very impressed with the value! I love the short ingredients list: oat flour, rolled oats, peanut butter, strawberries, eggs, canola oil. The treats are made here in the USA and are wheat free and corn free. Each treat is pretty small so they’re excellent for training or for putting into a puzzle. Maddie had a lot of fun with these in her Kong toy, since the bone shape of these treats makes them harder to fall out.


6 ounce Stainless Steel Food Scoop | $2.00 (?)
Like I mentioned earlier, the first shipment comes with a stainless steel food scoop in the size recommended for your dog. While this is a free item, I definitely put value on getting a high quality item like this that can be used over and over again. I wish all dog food came with a properly sized scoop like this! It really takes the guesswork out of figuring out exactly how much to feed, and also the handle is long enough to keep your hands clean when you’re scooping.


The Naked Dog Salmon and Chickpea Dry Food | $27.00
The food itself comes in a plain brown bag with a simple label on it. All the feeding instructions (super simple, thanks to the awesome scoop!) and list of ingredients come on a separate card.


One of the big advantages to having your food delivered direct from the source is that you can reach out to customer service and get a real person at any time. I like that on the bottom of the card it provides you with a contact email: sandy@thenakeddogbox.com! Dog food is totally confusing (I remember when I first got Maddie and I spent so much time researching online about dog nutrition and how to read labels!) and I value having someone to answer any questions or concerns that may pop up.


On the back of the card you can find the nutrition analysis. I’m happy to see that the website matched Maddie with the best formula choice! The Salmon and Chickpea recipe has the highest protein content with more omega fatty acids than the others. It’s exactly what our vet has always recommended for Maddie, because she has such a lean and muscular build. You probably can’t tell from the pictures, but this dog is basically 46 lbs of muscle!


Here’s a sense of the size of the food compared to a penny. All the dog food from The Naked Dog is single protein, which is good for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. All their food is made in the USA and grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, and potato-free! Maddie really enjoyed eating this food, though she’s not a picky eater at all. She had no trouble at all transitioning to this food. Good appetite, great energy, no upset stomach or loose stools.


Maddie had a great time helping with the review of this subscription! The one thing I would add is that I wish the first shipment came with instructions on how to transition your dog from their existing food to a new recipe. We have always done it gradually over a course of a week just to make sure it’s not a very sudden change to her diet, which can cause her to have an upset stomach. We mix the new food in with her old food slowly over time, adding more of the new food each day. It has always worked well for us and Maddie never has any problems switching foods this way!


No review of a dog box is complete without silly pictures of Maddie, so I just had to add these in.


Overall it was a great subscription service to discover! I think the value is definitely there, and if you’re even remotely interested, the $10 off promo code is a must-try! Use code 10BUCKS for your first shipment. They also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if your dog doesn’t love the food they’ll refund the cost of your box. The cancellation process is really easy as well–you can pause or edit your subscription online at any time. So basically it’s risk free and you get super high quality dog food at a reasonable price. What’s not to love about that? Let me know if you are a current subscriber or are planning to subscribe! I would love to hear your thoughts!

FabFitFun Spring 2017 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Whew, finally I get to review my Spring FabFitFun box! Since I’m not an annual subscriber and didn’t purchase any add-ons, I’m at the very end of the shipping schedule. I think annual subscribers got their boxes several weeks ago! But it was absolutely worth the wait. This might be my favorite box from FFF yet!

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends out beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products for $49.99 a box. If you choose to purchase a whole year (4 boxes), the price goes down to $44.99 a box. They promise at least a $200 value in each box, though they sometimes exceed that by quite a bit. If you’re looking for a box that delivers an amazingly great value each time, this is the one!

Get $10 off (bringing the price down to only $39.99) by using this link. For $39.99, that’s a total steal! That makes it the same price as POPSUGAR Must Have, except the value here is somehow almost double your average POPSUGAR box!


Look at how beautiful the box design is! I have been really impressed with the last few box designs. I also love that they have a little blurb about the featured box artist every season! This box was created by Cat Coquillette, an independent illustrator.


Look at all the pretty goodies! Since I got my box so late I already knew what the box would contain. I just can’t help myself when it comes to spoilers!


I always like to mention how much I enjoy the little insert that comes with each box. It’s always thoughtfully written and interesting to read. It has lots of little tips and tricks for how to use the items, along with interesting interviews and articles. Oh and you know what is super awesome about this box? It focuses on female founded brands! 7 of the 8 items are from brands founded by women, which I think is fantastic.


Gypsy 05 Roundie | $50.00
This was an item that came with variations, and if you were an annual subscriber you were able to choose your pattern beforehand. Since I subscribe quarterly, I received a random pattern. But since I thought all 3 options were really cute (it was between this blue tie die one, a pastel colored geometric one, and a yellow paisley), I didn’t mind at all. I’m very pleased with the tie die pattern! Initially I was planning to keep this for myself, but one of my best friends just moved into a new apartment and I thought this was be a really cute gift for her!


Since I gifted mine, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the roundie in all its splendor. I’m adding this lovely photo from My Subscription Addiction below. Cute, right? So perfect for spring and summer!


Emerald Duv Joshua Tree Cage Bracelet | $80.00
I’m really happy that this was a choice given to all subscribers! You could either choose this bracelet or earrings from LUV AJ. I haven’t been very impressed with LUV AJ in the past so I went with the bracelet and I’m so glad I did. It’s beautiful and fits me perfectly.


The simple design is exactly my style and the construction is solid. It looks striking on my vanity and I have already received compliments on it! I wish I had bought another spring box just so I could have another one of these cuffs.


I have been finding excuses to wear this! It’s a piece that is easy to dress up or down, and goes with pretty much everything I own. I can also layer it with bangles for a bold look. I love how versatile it is and I just know it’s going to be a staple for me.


Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator | $79.00
FabFitFun has really upped their game with the beauty brands! Dr. Brandt is such a wonderful brand with great products, and this is one of their bestselling items! It’s a cult favorite that I’ve bought from Sephora before. It’s a really fine grain exfoliator that leaves your face feeling smooth and polished. I am so excited to have a full sized version of this! A little goes a long way so this large size will last a while.


Karuna Hydrating+ Face Masks | $28.00
Another amazing beauty item! This is yet another product that I’ve purchased before from Sephora and love. The scent is really subtle and my face feels amazing after I use it. It really packs a punch for skin hydration! I usually keep the mask on for about 25 minutes to give the serum a good long time to sink in.


The pack comes with 4 individual masks. I really want to buy another pack and host a girls spa night! Or maybe I’ll just hoard all these masks for myself…


Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray | $20.00
I have been seeing Briogeo products everywhere lately! I have so many hair products that I have been trying to avoid opening any more, but I am really excited to try this one. It has so many glowing reviews! And I know the brand is very gentle on hair and lots of people swear by it. Very pleased to have this on hand so I can try it!


RealHer Lip Kit in Deep Red | $48.00
This is another item that annual subscribers were allowed to choose (between the options of Deep Red, Deep Nude, and Neutral Pink), but quarterly subscribers were given one at random. I wish I had gotten the nude, since I usually can’t pull off such a dark red. I’ll be passing this one along to a friend.


The package is sealed with plastic and I didn’t want to open it, but again I’m borrowing a photo from Liz over at My Subscription Addiction. The kit comes with a liquid lipstick, plumping lip gloss, and a lip liner.

FabFitFun Spring 2017 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Milly Zip Pouch | $45.00
Surprisingly this is one of my favorite items in this box! It’s a swimsuit bag that is really great quality and has a cute saying on the front. There were 4 variations of this item, but nobody was allowed to choose and everyone was given one at random. The options were: Resting Beach Face (green), Slay All Day (white), Beach Please (blue), and Haute Mess (pink). I was so happy to get my preferred variation!


The bag is very generously sized, and can also work as a cute clutch for going to the beach. The interior is lined with a waterproof material, so if you put a wet swimsuit inside it will contain that moisture. Super useful so you don’t get all your other stuff wet!


Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set | $19.00
Yet another variation item! They really had lots of variations for this box! Subscribers either received this mini set with Shape Of My Heart (pink) and Like A Virgin (white) or a set with Blue Orchid (blue) and Like A Virgin (white). I’m happy to get the pink. Deborah Lippmann products are usually a splurge for me, so it’s a treat to get their products from a subscription box. As an added bonus, a portion of the proceeds from this set supports MORE THAN ME Foundation, an organization that empowers girls in Liberia.


The box also included a sponsored extra, which in this case is a mini bottle of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies. I usually buy these in the large bottles from Costco, and take them daily. I think it’s great that I get a travel sized version now! Personally I think the flavor is yummy — they taste just like strawberry fruit snacks.


Wow, what a box! It’s my absolute favorite from FabFitFun so far! The value is ridiculously good, as usual. This box comes to a whopping $369.00, which isn’t even counting the bonus vitamins. All the items are exactly what I envision for spring and make me excited for the warm weather.

If you’re interested in getting FabFitFun boxes, get $10 off (bringing the price down to only $39.99) by using this link. For $39.99, that’s a total steal! I promise you that you will not regret it. I am consistently amazed that they are able to pull a box with such high value together and charge such a low rate. I’m so sad that I have to wait until June for my next box!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

It feels like it’s been forever since my last FabFitFun VIP box! Or maybe it just feels like that because summer in Houston goes on forever and ever. So ready for sweater weather and pumpkin spice everything!

FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription box that sends out beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products for $49.99 a box. If you choose to purchase a whole year (4 boxes), the price goes down to $44.99 a box. They promise at least a $200 value in each box, though they sometimes exceed that by quite a bit. If you’re looking for a box that delivers an amazingly great value each time, this is the one!

If you like what you see, the Fall box is still currently available for purchase. Get $10 off (bringing the price down to only $39.99) by using this link. For $39.99, that’s a total steal! That makes it the same price as POPSUGAR Must Have, except the value here is somehow almost double your average POPSUGAR box!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Completely adore the fun box design they shipped out! It’s covered in fall-themed illustrations ready to be colored in. I wish more subscription companies sent interactive boxes like this!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Every time I get a FFF box I look forward to the little booklet that comes with it. I always read it all the way through and find little bits of interesting information. Like this time I learned about a bunch of great companies (with products featured in this box!) that were founded by women. Love it! It included a cute little interview with each founder which was informative and fun to read.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Modcloth Loch and Key Scarf | $34.99
Subscribers received one out of four color options: green/blue, red/tan, black/white, and black/tan. The green and blue option was my second choice (after red and tan) so I’m pretty pleased. If you are an annual subscriber, you were allowed to choose your color. Anyways, I love that we got a Modcloth item in the box! I am a huge fan of Modcloth and have been shopping there for years. They have the cutest stuff!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

It’s hard to depict in a photograph how soft this scarf is, but I hope this picture of the texture helps a little. It is seriously so incredibly soft! And it’s also a huge scarf. It could absolutely work as a small throw. I can’t wait to wear this on my next flight. I always get cold on planes and in airports so a big soft scarf is my absolute must have.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

The Created Co. To-Go Coffee Mug | $19.00
Digging the hand lettering on this travel mug! Subscribers either received this design or one that says “Joy Comes In The Morning”. I preferred this one, so very glad I received it. I’ve had such great luck with getting my preferred options with FabFitFun boxes so far. This travel mug is a good size–a full 16 ounces. My little KeepCup that I use daily for coffee is only 12 ounces, so this is a better option for drinks that I drink more of, like teas and lattes.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel | $20.00
My current holy grail for eyebrows is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, but I’ve been running low and am interested in trying something new. It looks like this gets good reviews, so I have high hopes. I have only tried it on once since I got my box on Monday so I can’t really testify about how effective or long lasting it is. What I can say is that it was easy to work with and dried quickly, and I didn’t notice any flaking (though I only had it on for about 5 hours). No noticeable smell either, which is always a must for products in the eye area for me.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum | $50.00
I was so excited to see this in my box! I’ve seen this brand at Anthropologie and have considered buying it on numerous occasions, but didn’t want to bite the bullet without reading reviews. I haven’t found that many reliable reviews for this particular serum, but I’m hoping it will be good for travel. They recommend using this on flights to arrive feeling refreshed and hydrated. I’ll be trying it on my next flight! In the meantime, I’ll add it to my night time routine. I’m a little disappointed that this appears to be inferior packaging just for this box, because the printing is already rubbing off. I wish they had just sent the actual product in the regular packaging.


FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Toesox Toeless Fitness Socks | $15.00
Woohoo, a fitness item that I know I will definitely use! Lots of women in my yoga/pilates class wear grippy socks and I tried my first pair last year. Since then, I’ve been meaning to buy a few more pairs and wanted to try the toeless option as well. My favorite thing about subscription boxes is getting to try items that I was going to buy already, but at a fraction of the cost! These socks came in a variety of colors, but I’m completely ambivalent about fitness socks so I am happy with any color.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Very grippy soles of the socks! These are machine washable, but you do have to turn them inside out. Fits size 5-10. I am a size 7 and they were perfect for me. The little FabFitFun magazine suggests wearing these during pedicures in the cold weather to keep your feet warm. Love that idea! It’s definitely not cold enough here to warrant socks yet, but maybe in the winter I’ll try it.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil | $18.00
If you love lavender, you need this body oil. The fragrance is so strong I could smell it as soon as I opened my box! A little goes a long way, so even though this is the mini bottle I anticipate it lasting a long time. I dislike my body oils to be this heavily perfumed, but I love the idea of using this for aromatherapy. The magazine recommends adding a few drops to your bath. The simple ingredients list really appeals to me: it’s just organic sunflower oil, organic lavender essential oil, and tocopherol (vitamin e).

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils | $14.00
There were two different coloring book options for this fall box: nature and things. I am overjoyed that I received the nature book! It’s filled with plenty of illustrations of flowers and foliage that I can’t wait to fill in. Unfortunately the colored pencils are horrible, but I already have a set that I like to use.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Such pretty illustrations!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette | $50.00
When I first saw the spoilers for this palette I wasn’t that excited, since I already own all 3 of the Urban Decay Naked palettes. But now that October is right around the corner, I’m thinking it’s time to start hoarding for Christmas gifts! My boyfriend’s cousin is just starting to experiment with makeup and I’m sure she would love this. The packaging is lovely and is perfect for gifting.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

What I dislike about this palette is how overpriced I think it is. This is almost an exact duplicate of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, which is only $4 more. (And completely amazing, by the way. I would highly recommend it!) If I hadn’t received this palette in a box, I would never purchase it. The original Urban Decay one is a much better deal because you know you’re getting phenomenal quality!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer | $16.00
This is my third Spongelle and I love them! They are the perfect solution for travel. The sponge/buffer is infused with body wash and can be used at least 14 times. If you hate traveling with little bottles of body wash that leak and spill, consider trying these. I am happy to see they made this scent an exclusive for FabFitFun subscribers, but also wish they would sell it in their regular lineup–I love the scent! I love all rose scents and this one is sweet and romantic without being cloying.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths | $2.99
This is a sponsored item, meaning it doesn’t count towards the value of the box. It seems that FabFitFun has stopped doing gift cards and are leaning more towards these sponsored items. Even though Cottonelle wipes aren’t terribly exciting, they’re useful and good to have around the house.

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel | $2.99
Another sponsored item, though it’s just a sample. I remember using Secret deodorant in middle school, so this totally takes me back. I used to pick based on how pretty the label was and how appealing the scents sounded, haha. But after a year or so I switched brands because I disliked how sticky the gel formula felt. Good news: they’ve changed! Big time! This dries very quickly and stays dry. No more sticky damp feeling and holding your arms up waiting for the gel to dry!

FabFitFun Fall 2016 Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Wow, what a box! The total value is $239.99! Every time I get one of these boxes I ask myself “how do they do it??”. The value is so amazing and the curation is superb. This truly felt like a fall box, and it makes me excited for the upcoming cool weather. (Though to be honest, I was already so excited with or without a box.) I got lots of items that I am already using, and also was able to get a lot of gifts out of this box. I’m considering buying a second box for more gifts!

Again, if you want the Fall box it’s still available! Get $10 off (bringing the price down to only $39.99) by using this link. Seriously, only $39.99 for all these goodies! Treat yo’self!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

It’s been a long time since my last review fromThe Honest Company, because I tend to buy the same cleaning supplies over and over again and it just doesn’t make much sense to keep reviewing them. But this time I have a bunch of new products that I haven’t tried before that I absolutely love so I’m going to review another Essentials bundle.

The Honest Company delivers family necessities directly to your door, and you can choose between three different plans: Diapers & Wipes Bundle (exactly as it sounds, it’s diapers and baby wipes), Essentials Bundle (cleaning supplies and body products), and a Health & Wellness Bundle (vitamins). All their products are eco-friendly without harsh chemicals, and almost their entire collection are vegan! I subscribe to the Essentials Bundle, which costs $35.95 per box. It comes out to $7.19 per item! It’s completely customizable (you log in and select the products you want in your bundle), and you can choose when you want the box delivered. With each box, you can also order 3 additional items with a 25% discount. Overall, I find it to be a really good deal. If you’re interested in getting started, use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off your first bundle.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

I actually wasn’t planning to order another bundle until after my move in June, but The Honest Company sent out a really great promo code that I just had to take advantage of. For each bundle shipping out between a specific time slot (I think it was until the end of May), current subscribers were allowed to pick out a free gift. Now usually when I hear that, I’m expecting wipes or something on the lower price range. But they had some amazing items that you could get for free! I was able to snag a 2 in 1 Nursing Cover/Scarf for free, and it usually retails for almost $40! Seriously! I honestly love it when subscription companies reward their current subscribers and wish more companies would do it. I always see phenomenal deals that are for new customers only, but what about loyal customers that have stuck with the company for years? It’s great to know that Honest appreciates my business and rewards loyalty with these kinds of perks.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Honest Conditioner | $9.95 each
I went a little conditioner crazy with this bundle! I was running low on conditioner and couldn’t decide on a scent so just decided to get all three. Good logic, right? I’ve been using it for almost a week now and I love how my hair feels. It’s light and washes out easily and well. I like to air dry my hair and in the morning it feels soft, silky, and hydrated but not weighed down. The sweet orange vanilla scent is my favorite–it smells just like orange sherbet and makes me really excited about summer. My friend who is visiting me adores anything and everything lavender scented so I put it in the guest bathroom for her. I think I’ve got her hooked on Honest products now as well! The apricot kiss is the only scent that I was disappointed in. It’s not bad or anything, I just can’t really smell it. If you’re looking for a very lightly fragranced conditioner, I would give it a try!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Organic Shave Oil | $15.95
New holy grail! I’m so glad I found this oil. At first I was disappointed in how small the bottle is (2.25 fl oz), but a little goes a long way. I was able to get the closest shave I’ve ever gotten with this shave oil! With shorts season already starting here in Houston, this is something I’m going to need more of. It does have a strong herbal smell to it and it has botanical extracts and oils, so if you’re sensitive to that I wouldn’t recommend this. But otherwise I would say give it a chance, because you will get such a smooth shave that leaves your legs super hydrated with a slight glow. I’m so impressed!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Organic Dish Towels | $11.95
I’ve gotten these dish towels before and they’ve become a staple in my bundles. I love having new towels in the kitchen, and when they get old and gross I use them as all purpose rags around the house for cleaning. They’re surprisingly great for cleaning mirrors and windows, since they don’t leave lint behind! These dish towels also hold up really well in the wash.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

The back side is textured so it has a decent grip and is effective at scrubbing.

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

Honest 2 in 1 Cover + Scarf | $39.97
And finally, the free gift! I’m still so surprised I got this for free. At first I was going to keep it for myself as a regular scarf, since I really like the color and lightweight material. But then I remembered that I have way too many scarves and I have a friend who is pregnant who could probably use this way more than I will. I was already planning to gift her a diaper subscription from Honest, so this ties in really nicely!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

The fabric is a very lightweight cotton and is perfect for summer–so breezy and breathable. It’s also a huge size! Definitely very versatile, and I like that it’s fashionable enough to be a scarf. Hope she loves it!

The Honest Company Essentials Bundle Review plus Promo Code

My bundle value came to $57.75, and with the free gift it gets bumped up to a whopping $97.72! An amazing deal that I am more than happy with. Personally I think the essentials bundle is always a good deal if you’re willing to do the math and if you want some of the pricier items. If you only want 5 items that are on the cheaper side (wipes, dryer cloths, soap, etc.), you’re better off buying them individually. If you’re getting the expensive items like the shave oil, adding it to a bundle is the way to go. I like to make all 5 of my bundle items the more expensive stuff, since I only pay $35.95 for the bundle. Then I add the cheaper items as my add-ons because I get 25% off. Again, if you want to check out Honest and get your first bundle, use promo code INVITED10 for $10 off!

I’m very happy to have discovered the shave oil and the conditioner, and they will become new staples to my bundle. But what I’m even more pleased with is the great promotion that Honest offered to their existing customers! Other subscription companies, please take note! I’m sure attracting new customers makes sense from a business perspective, but retaining loyal customers should be important as well. It can be hurtful to loyal customers who have been paying full price for months to see newcomers or month-by-month customers getting large discounts. I see it all too often and sometimes I get annoyed. Just saying.