Peaches and Petals April 2017 Review

Still catching up on April, but this is the last over-due review! It seems that Peaches and Petals has been shipping their boxes on a new later schedule now, so it’s something to keep in mind. My February and March boxes were both quite late.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for April is “Fun in the Sun”.

Peaches and Petals April 2017 Review

I wish they would go back to their old cards, which listed all the items in the box. The boxes have also been packed more haphazardly in the past few months, with just a tiny handful of crinkle paper and nothing else. It feels like they’re trying to cut corners everywhere. If you’re someone who doesn’t place much emphasis on packaging this could be a good thing–the company can place more value into the items themselves! But I personally think that packaging is a big part of a subscription box, so for me this is a disappointing change.


Rug | $10.00 (?)
This is one of the reasons why I would have loved a card listing all the contents. I don’t really know what this is. I’m guessing it’s a rug or bathmat, but it doesn’t have any sort of grip on the back side. It could also work as a small picnic blanket.


I’ll probably keep it in my car as a small picnic blanket. On one hand I was frustrated when I first opened the box and didn’t know what this was, but on the other hand it doesn’t even really matter. It’s clearly versatile enough to function as whatever you want it to function as! I even considered using this as a heavy duty tablecloth for park picnic benches.


Close up of the fabric. It’s pretty heavy and sturdy. The pattern is pretty and the material feels substantial enough to hold up to a lot of use.


Violife 3 Piece Travel Bags | $22.95
Whoa, this is some seriously inflated value. I can’t imagine paying this price tag for 3 little travel bags! Sephora sells great quality ones for between $3 and $5, and Target has adorable prints on their travel bags, which start from just $1. I have no idea what makes these so special, since they look like any other basic travel pouch to me. But I can never have enough travel bags so I’m happy to have a set of three. These bags are so useful for organizing knick knacks and make your suitcase (or tote or whatever) much more neat.


Alterna Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray | $3.60
As soon as I saw the anti-humidity part I was all in. Houston gets so crazy humid once summer rolls around (well, it’s already starting) and everyone here is always looking for the next amazing anti-humidity hair product. Alterna is a great brand that I love, so I know this will be a reliable product!


Occasionally Made Booty Buddy Pool Mat plus Coozie | $22.90
This is another crazy overpriced item. I have no idea who would actually pay $22.90 for this set! The quality is comparable to the stuff I see at Target’s dollar bin at the front of the store. Even the pattern feels like a similar aesthetic to what I have seen at Target!


I’ll totally admit to not knowing that the “booty buddy” thing was for when I first opened the box. I assumed it was an insulated placemat. It’s actually supposed to be a cushion that you can sit on when you’re around the pool. I feel like if it’s really meant to be a cushion it needs to be more substantial. I would never bother bringing such a bulky item just to have a layer of neoprene to sit on. A towel would do the exact same thing and also have a lot of other uses as well.


I find the value for this box to be really hard to judge, since some of the items are so overinflated and the rug is unbranded.

This was a disappointing box for me. While I enjoyed the rug/blanket thing and the hairspray, the pouches and pad/drink holder set were very overinflated in value. The pool buddy pad and drink holder are also both items I would never use. Usually when I receive items that aren’t for me, I’m happy to pass them along to a friend. I don’t know anyone who would use the pad or the drink holder, and I wouldn’t gift them to a stranger because it looks like a dollar store find.

I wish Peaches and Petals would go back to the way they were last year! I feel like they sent out more unique items that were curated around the specific theme. Lately the boxes feel very lackluster. I hope to see them turn it around soon.


Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box April 2017 Review

Just got back from a 2 week long trip, so now I’m trying to catch up on all the April stuff I missed! That’s another great part about subscription boxes: I always come home to a neat little pile of goodies! It’s like having several welcome home presents to myself. Anyways, the first box I went for when I got back was my Emma and Chloe box! I already knew what I would be receiving since they sent out spoilers, but I just had to try on my bracelet right away.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box is a monthly jewelry club that represents independent, up-and-coming French jewelry designers. In addition to their monthly shipments, you can also purchase jewelry from their online boutique.

Every month they feature a designer and send a surprise piece of jewelry, though you can choose if you prefer gold or silver and whether or not you have pierced ears. If you do the month to month plan, it’s $35/month. If you prepay, the price goes down to $33/month for a 3 month subscription, $31/month for a 6 month subscription, and $29/month for a 12 month subscription. The unique piece of jewelry is always valued between $50 and $200, so you’re getting a significant discount no matter what option you choose.


One thing I really appreciate about this box of their great packaging! I think it really adds value to a subscription. The black box ships in a bubble mailer so it’s pristine upon arrival. The box is sturdy and pretty enough to use for storing your jewelry if you don’t use a jewelry box. I like to reuse my boxes for gifting.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box April 2017 Review

Another part of what makes this subscription special is the thoughtful zine that comes every month. There’s plenty of information about the featured designer but also fun articles about French culture, styling tips, and a little quiz at the end. I’m impressed that they’re able to put out one of these every month!



For me, the little magazine adds value to the subscription since it’s something I look forward to and the content is meaningful. Every month I read it cover to cover!


Coralie De Seynes Bronze Torsade Bracelet | $63.00
As soon as I saw the spoilers, I knew this was going to be perfect for me! Even though I tend to prefer dainty jewelry, the sleek and simple design of this bracelet is a great “statement” piece for me. It’s classic and elegant but still modern and on trend. Can you tell I really love it? Definitely my favorite piece from Emma and Chloe so far!


Pictures don’t do this bracelet any justice. It’s truly stunning and even my husband (who certainly doesn’t have an eye for detail) noticed I was wearing a new bracelet and commented on how unique it is! I have gold listed as my preferred finish but this is one of those months that I wish I could have both versions. The silver one is beautiful too!


The bracelet is a little over 7 inches long and with the chain it can be an additional 2 inches. It closes with a sturdy lobster clasp. Due to the way the bracelet is braided, it wears like a cross between a bangle and a soft bracelet. The chain provides a lot of structure so it holds its own shape very well. But it’s obviously more malleable than an actual bangle too. I hope that made sense!


Here’s a little bit of a better shot of the details. See how pretty it is? I love the texture! This is an item that can be easily dressed up for a special occasion but also works as an everyday piece. Emma and Chloe seems to be especially good at finding versatile jewelry like that, which I’m very happy about.


Every month comes with a postcard that features a picture of the jewelry. I rarely have a use for them, but this month subscribers received a piece of dark chocolate as well! What a lovely little extra! I’ll never say no to chocolate.


Another month, another beautiful piece of jewelry! I love that I’m slowly filling up my jewelry box with lots of fun and classic pieces. The quality is also good for costume jewelry and I know they will last me if I take proper care of them.

I only have one small complaint about this month, which is that the stated retail value is inconsistent. In the spoiler, they said the value of the bracelet is $63. In the magazine, it’s listed as $76. If you go to the designer’s website and convert from euros to dollars, it’s about $67. I personally chose to go with the lowest of the numbers just to err on the side of caution, which is $63. It’s still great for the cost of the subscription, but inconsistent values are one of my pet peeves.

Anyways, my verdict for this box is always the same. I love it! It’s a great subscription if you’re someone who values quality over quantity and enjoy French design. There are other jewelry subscription boxes out there that send more items each month, but the quality is significantly lower. If you like to discover new brands, like to support small designers, and love jewelry, you’ll probably enjoy this subscription just as much as I do!

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription April 2017 Box Review plus Promo Code!

I was thrilled to see that Harrison Blake sent me the April box to review! My husband always gets so excited when he gets a box all to himself, and it’s really endearing to see him excited about subscription boxes too.

The Harrison Blake Monthly Subscription is a $25.00 per month subscription (shipping included) that focuses on men’s fashion accessories. Each box is curated around a particular look and color scheme, and includes 1 necktie and 4 additional accessories. Since all the items are meant coordinate together for a cohesive outfit, it’s an easy cheat for the guy who wants to be stylish without having to think too hard about his outfit. All the items are exclusive, so if you like a particular item you would have to subscribe to receive it.

Right now they have a promo code for new subscribers. Use code SEASON to get $15 off your first month! That brings the cost down to only $10, which is a really good deal.

Harrison Blake Apparel Subscription April 2017 Box Review plus Promo Code!

All the items are exclusive to the subscription, so I’ll be using the prices that are listed on the information card. However, I do want to say that you should take these values with a grain of salt. Since the company makes their own products, they can put whatever value they want for each item. I’ve always found the prices to be overinflated for the quality. I’m not saying this box is not worth the cost, just that I personally don’t believe this box should be valued at $110 like the information card states.


Striped Necktie| $30.00
Every month the main item is a tie that the rest of the box revolves around. They tend to keep the ties seasonal, which I appreciate. In the winter boxes we’ve received thicker textures and darker colors. This one feels very summer and coastal to me. I can really picture my husband wearing this to a nice outdoor wedding. He can’t wear colors this bright at work, but I think it will get a good amount of use at all the weddings we have to go to this year!


The shape of the tie is classic on the slimmer side. Not quite a skinny tie but skinny enough to be trendy. I hate the look of the really wide ties! My husband has a thinner frame so he looks great with slim ties and he likes the style of this one!


The back always comes with a Harrison Blake tag, but we’ve found them to be very easy to remove if you wish to do so. My husband was getting annoyed that he had to thread the tie through both the loop and the tag so we just removed the tag easily.


Cotton Pocket Square |$20.00
It seems that each month you’ll also receive a pocket square to go with the tie. We rarely purchase pocket squares so it’s really nice that they send a matching one each month. I wish this one were a bit more neutral so it could work with other ties as well, but I do admit the colors are a perfect match to the tie.


Doesn’t it feel really nautical?


Here’s the tie and pocket square together. They go together beautifully! Just looking at this picture has me dreaming of a summer vacation to Nantucket. This combination would look amazing with a navy colored suit.


Aviator Sunglasses | $30.00
This is one of the items that makes me question the value stated on the card. Fashion sunglasses like this can be found for really cheap, even brand name ones! The quality of the frames, the lenses, and the case for this pair feels closer to $10 or so.


With that being said, I really like these aviators. They look great on my husband and he likes how light they are. The shape is classic and flattering for all face shapes. The nose pads are comfortable and adjustable. I think adding the sunglasses was a smart choice for this month! Definitely adds to the summer-y feel of the overall box. I know we always keep several cheap pairs around the house and in the car because we’re both prone to losing/breaking sunglasses.


White Rosette Lapel Pin | $15.00
I wish this had been a different item since my husband never uses lapel pins, but I understand that’s a personal preference and other people may love using them. I like the fact that it’s white, making it easy to use with lots of outfits. But the quality of this is quite low. It’s another item that has me questioning the sticker value. Even in the picture you can see a loose thread.


Gold Collar Stays | $15.00
Love the felt case that these collar stays came in! I wish they had just sent a bunch of the cases so I could store all the other collar stays we have in them. Collar stays are another item that we seem to lose a lot, so it’s nice to have more. They have a decent weight to them and feel of good quality.


Air Freshener | ??
As a bonus item, they also sent a car air freshener. I like that it was a practical extra and tastefully done. I used this in my car and enjoyed the scent. It doesn’t last very long, but was quite pleasant for about a week. In the future I would love to see cute little extras like this!


I think this is my favorite month so far, because the curation felt really on point and my husband will use almost all of the items. If you have summer weddings on your horizon and want to get some accessories for your date, consider picking up one of these boxes! The color combination is really cute. And since it’s red, white, and blue, it’s also perfect for 4th of July!

Overall I think this subscription is great if you enjoy dressing up/wearing suits and want to build your accessories collection. It’s also more ideal for those who are interested in exploring a bit with their fashion choices. My husband doesn’t get to wear anything remotely exciting to work, so most of the items we get from Harrison Blake is for weekends or special events only. However, if you’re someone who loves trying new colors and mixing patterns and textures, I think you would really enjoy this!

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Up for review today is my Glossybox, which I received a few days ago. There was some drama and general unhappiness with the contents of the April box (more on that later), so I was relieved to see that I got lucky and received one of the better options. Glossybox has no idea that I blog and my subscription account isn’t tied to this blog at all. I actually got an annual subscription at a huge discount through Gilt, so I know I did not receive this box because of my blog.

Glossybox is $21 a month, or less with a 3 month, 6 month, or annual subscription. Each month you get 5 deluxe sized beauty samples, and sometimes they’ll send out full sized products as well. They aim to send high end brands, but in the past I’ve seen some lower price point items as well. If you’re interested in signing up but not in a rush, it might be worth waiting for a good deal to come around if you don’t want to pay full price.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

I always like to mention that Glossybox has really cute packaging. I always love to reuse the boxes for storage or gifting, and I appreciate their attention to detail when they’re packing the boxes. The ribbon is always a nice touch.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

This is the box variation that I received. Some subscribers did not get the Norell perfume, but instead got a Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Hair Spray. The perfume retails for around $11.25 and is sold at stores like Neiman Marcus, while the sea salt spray retails for around $3.00 and can easily be found at Walmart. A lot of subscribers were rightfully upset, but as far as I know, Glossybox hasn’t done anything about it. It’s something to be aware of if you’re interested in subscribing: not everyone gets the same box, and not everyone gets the same value in a box.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask | $18.00
I’m always excited to try new face masks! This one is a gel formula, so you won’t feel the mask dry and tighten your skin. If you’ve ever tried GlamGlow’s ThirstyMud (the blue bottle one), it’s kind of similar. It’s very hydrating and designed for sensitive skin, so if regular mud masks are too harsh for you this would be a good one to try. The tube is quite large, so I’ll get plenty of uses out of it.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Leighton Denny Expert Nails Nail Polish in Pillow Talk | $16.00
Usually I shy away from bright colors, but this is a great pedicure color for summer! I’m unfamiliar with this brand, but so far I like the formula. It leaves a glossy finish and the color is very opaque. I only needed one coat for great color! It applied smoothly and after 3 days I haven’t had any chips yet. Glad to have discovered this brand!

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Biossance The Nourisher | $9.60
Even though I don’t like face oil and tend to use oils only for cleansing, this one is really lightweight and absorbs well. Unlike some oils that I have tried, I don’t end up with a greasy feeling and I haven’t even noticed any residue left on my pillow when I use it at night. A little goes a long way, so even though the sample is pretty small I still anticipate using it for at least 2 weeks.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Studio 10 Brow Life Perfecting Liner | $20.00
Yay, a full sized brow liner! It’s double ended so it also has a highlighter, which is nice for definition. I did find it a little odd that Glossybox sent out a full sized brow liner without checking to see what people had in their beauty profiles. I can imagine quite a few subscribers aren’t able to use the shade that was sent out. Luckily for me, it works well with my natural hair color and I like the precision of the liner. But I would be pretty disappointed if this were too dark or too light, since it’s a pretty big chunk of the value of the overall box.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Norell New York Perfume | $11.25
Ah, the problematic perfume. I know a lot of people were really excited to get this in their boxes, since the bottle is super cute and the full sized scent is pretty pricey. My friend who also subscribes to Glossybox got a sea salt spray in her box in lieu of the perfume and she was so disappointed, so I’m going to give her my perfume. I have too much fragrance anyways. I didn’t open it, but based on the description on Neiman Marcus, it’s a very fresh and floral scent.

Glossybox April 2016 Review

Honestly, if I did not know about the discrepancy between boxes, I would have been very happy with Glossybox this month. I really liked the items that I received and there were 2 full sized products, both of which were great for me. The value comes out to $74.85, which is pretty good.

But unfortunately, I’ve been hearing a lot about disappointed customers who got boxes with the Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray. If I had gotten that box, I would be so upset. I have not had any luck with any Not Your Mother’s brand products, and they have such a low retail value. I always see their items for sale at Target and Walmart, and it seems incredibly out of place for a “luxe” sample box. To add insult to injury, the exact same item was included in a Target Beauty Box recently, and that box only sells for $5. Seriously, five dollars.

So my verdict on Glossybox: it’s a gamble, and definitely not a good choice if you’re looking for value. Plenty of other boxes out there offer better value for the money (Birchbox, Allure Beauty Box, Target Box, Boxycharm, etc.) and Glossybox isn’t featuring as many luxury brands as they advertise. It seems pretty risky to subscribe to Glossybox even after spoilers come out, since the boxes vary in content. Some people subscribed after the spoilers for April came out because they wanted the perfume, and were left disappointed with the sea salt spray. I’m locked in for a full year, but I know I won’t be resubscribing once the year is up.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Every month all my subscription boxes seem to come within the same week, so it’s going to be a busy couple of days getting everything up on the blog!

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month. It’s hands down my favorite subscription thus far, and consistently has a great cost to value ratio. Almost every month the value of the box is more than $100.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

New branding from POPSUGAR! I’m still surprised they chose to rebrand again, since their last rebrand and website revamp was only about a year ago. I wonder if they’ll do another change for next year?

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Cravings: Recipes For All the Food You Want to Eat by Chrissy Teigen | $29.99
This was the sneak peek we got a while back, and I’ve been excited to receive it ever since. At first I was a little skeptical since she’s a model and I thought it might be full of salads and juices and stuff like that, but once I read more about it I realized it was actually full of delicious food that I would love to make! She went to culinary school before becoming a model, which I think is pretty awesome. Props to her for making all that yummy food and staying so thin! Her pictures are all phenomenal and a lot of the recipes sound delicious and doable. Nothing too fancy or complicated, but sophisticated enough for date night. It’s currently available on Amazon for $14.99.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

It’s laid out in an easy to follow format and has loads of beautiful photos. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Next by Nature Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans | $4.00
One of my favorite pick-me-up treats! I used to buy these from Trader Joe’s all the time when I was in college, so it’s great to get a little stroll down memory lane with these espresso beans. I’ll be keeping these at work for a post-lunch sweet treat. Is there a more perfect combination than chocolate and coffee?

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Farmacy Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm | $48.00
Loving that we got another product from Farmacy! I’m so pleased that I discovered this brand through POPSUGAR, because this night balm and the lip balm from the mini box are both wonderful. One thing I really do like about the mini subscription is that I truly think it does a good job of complementing the regular must have subscription.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Lovely packaging! I’m a total sucker for beautiful design and Farmacy has been delivering it in spades this month.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

It comes in a tub like this and feels pretty solid, but melts right into your skin when you apply. A little goes a long way with this! Using just a tiny amount on my fingertips, it acts as a great overnight mask and I wake up with soft and fresh skin. I’m really impressed with the results and will most likely repurchase when this one runs out, though that won’t be for a while.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Royal Apothic Field Poppy Conservatories Hand Creme$24.00
Not the first time we’ve received Royal Apothic products before, but since I’ve loved them all I have no complaints. I think I just saw this hand cream at Anthropologie the other day! The packaging is stunning: it has pink linen all around the box with gold foil details. I’m debating between keeping this and gifting it. On one hand, I have so much hand lotion it’s not even funny. On the other hand, it’s gorgeous and smells fantastic and I’m a hoarder. Hmm….

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Loving the fact that it came with a little tool to help you get every last drop out of the tube. I wish more companies sent these!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Canvas Home Tinware Salt & Pepper Shakers | $12.00
I think this is the first time we’ve received salt and pepper shakers from POPSUGAR, and I hope it means more home items in the future. Even though these aren’t really my style, I’ll happily use them for my outdoor patio dining area.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Very shabby chic and unique, and the vintage lettering is really lovely. But it just doesn’t go with the modern aesthetic inside my home.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Noon Design Shop Lemons Flour Sack Tea Towel | $18.00
So pleased with all the home accessories we’ve received in the April box! I have a slight obsession with tea towels so this was a home run for me. It’s very absorbent and soft, and supposedly will get better with more use. I must admit that I didn’t even know what a tea towel was used for until a few years ago, but they’re most often used to dry dishes. Traditionally it was for drying fine china and silverware, or used to spread over a tea tray and to cover teapots/scones to preserve heat. In my house, I just use them for pretty much anything you can use a towel for. This one is lint free, which is really important if you are using it to dry dishes.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Love how bright and cheerful this lemon print is! It makes me think of summer and drinking homemade lemonade.

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Bloom That $20 Gift Card
Since I can’t purchase a bouquet of flowers using only this gift card, I won’t be counting the $20 towards the overall value of the box. I’m disappointed that it covers so little of the cost! Personally, I think Bloom That is a bit of a rip off. The smallest bouquet I can get delivered to my address is “The Teeny” for $30, which comes with 7 yellow tulips and a few sprigs of filler. Adding tax and delivery, it comes out to $60! Just to put that in perspective, my local Whole Foods is selling 10 stems of tulips for $6.99 right now. Now I totally understand that making a bouquet takes time and effort, and delivery will always be rather expensive for fresh flowers. I get it, I really do. One of my close friends is a florist so I know exactly how much work she puts into her business and the cost of fresh flowers and overhead expenses. But $60 for 7 tulips is pretty steep. If you want fresh flowers, I would recommend you call a local florist and see what he/she has available that is in season and within your price range. That’s how you get the best quality for the best price!

POPSUGAR Must Have April 2016 Box Review and Promo Code!

Overall I thought it was a solid month. Even though the value is on the lower end for POPSUGAR standards, it’s still impressive at $135.99. That’s more than triple the cost of the box. I really liked everything except the shakers and the “gift card”, so I definitely got my money’s worth for April. I thought the curation was on point and it felt like a spring box to me. With all the rain we’ve been having down here, it was a bright spot of sunshine in my otherwise dreary week.

Hoping that May will have lots of home items as well! If you really liked April, this box is still for sale! It will probably sell out soon though, so grab it now if you’re interested! Use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month.