Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box July 2017 Review

Another Emma & Chloe review today! I’m still slowly catching up on everything since my trip, but I’m happy to say that at least this review is going up in the correct month. Granted it’s the last day of the month but hey, I’ll take it. Oh and just wanted to say thanks so much for your patience, my amazing readers! I appreciate each and every one of you.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box is a monthly jewelry club that represents independent, up-and-coming French jewelry designers. In addition to their monthly shipments, you can also purchase jewelry from their online boutique.

Every month they feature a designer and send a surprise piece of jewelry, though you can choose if you prefer gold or silver and whether or not you have pierced ears. If you do the month to month plan, it’s $35/month. If you prepay, the price goes down to $33/month for a 3 month subscription, $31/month for a 6 month subscription, and $29/month for a 12 month subscription. The unique piece of jewelry is always valued between $50 and $200, so you’re getting a significant discount no matter what option you choose.

Emma & Chloe Jewelry Box July 2017 Review

As always, I have to comment on how much I love the packaging! The black box ships inside a padded envelope so it arrives in pristine condition. The boxes are very sturdy and I always reuse them for gifting and storing jewelry.


Each month comes with a little magazine that includes an interview with the featured designer, styled pictures of the jewelry, fun articles about France, and some styling/fashion tips. The magazine is thoughtfully curated, beautifully designed, and always something that I read cover to cover.


I love the articles about France! Every month it makes me want to book a vacation right away. I think the inclusion of such a lovely little magazine definitely adds value to the subscription. It makes the entire subscription feel very luxe and I honestly do look forward to reading the articles inside. I’m obsessed with all things French!


Nilai Summer Bangle Cauri | $55.00
I’m happy to see another bracelet! This piece is made of brass and gilded with 18k gold. It’s also available in silver, if you had silver for your jewelry preference in your profile.


This month the bangle is super summer-y and feels like a piece that you would wear for a beach destination. The ends are little cowrie shell shapes! The open bangle style makes it easy to adjust and the ends are rounded so it’s pretty comfortable to wear.


Each month comes with a certificate of authenticity! On the back it includes instructions for how to take care of your jewelry and how to clean it.


While this piece isn’t my favorite, I’ll definitely still wear it. I like how it looks on my wrist but it’s a little too style-specific for me. It feels like something that can only be worn during summer because the cowrie shells are very prominent. As a result, I think it’s less versatile than your average Emma and Chloe jewelry.


I think this would look really pretty if it were layered with some other bangles and bracelets! I can picture myself pairing it with some pretty beaded bracelets while vacationing at a beach resort. A girl can dream, right?


One thing I want to point out is the casting detail on the cowrie shell! It’s very well made (typical for Emma and Chloe!) and is a high quality piece. It definitely looks expensive. In fact, I can totally picture it being sold at Anthropologie!


While this isn’t my favorite piece, it’s still something that I will wear during the summer. And you can’t deny the quality is excellent. I know this bangle will hold up better than a lot of my other costume jewelry pieces.

One thing I love about the Emma and Chloe subscription model is that they rotate what they send every month. For example, if you sign up for a 4 month subscription you’ll never end up with 4 necklaces, or 4 pairs of earrings. It’s more likely that you will receive 1 necklace, 1 bracelet, 1 pair of earrings, and 1 ring. I love that you’re able to really build a nice collection of jewelry over the course of your subscription!

Anyways, my verdict is unchanged: Emma and Chloe is a great subscription for those who are looking to build a collection. You’ll receive high quality pieces that are classic and timeless. You will also discover amazing French designers! I love that I have so much unique jewelry that isn’t easy to find in the US. If you love French design, French culture, and jewelry, I think you’ll really enjoy Emma and Chloe!


POPSUGAR Must Have July 2017 Box Review

Happy to be reviewing another POPSUGAR box today! I skipped reviewing last month’s box because I was out of the country, but it just feels right to be back on track. I’ve been subscribed to POPSUGAR for over 3 years now and at this point it’s part of my routine!

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month.


Ocean Tribe Kilim Towel by Turkish-T | $49.00
This is possibly my favorite item from POPSUGAR this year! I love the Turkish-T brand a lot and I’m always excited to see it included in a box. Their towels are absorbent but dry very quickly and get softer and softer the more you use them. They’re my absolute favorite towels to bring to the pool or beach since they’re so compact and dry much faster than regular towels.


The pattern is so cute! The texture of this towel is thicker and softer than previous towels that I have received from Turkish-T in the past, but it’s still significantly thinner than your standard beach towel. I think this could double as a throw in the winter months! I love the quality and design of this towel so much that I already bought a second one to have a matching set. Just this towel alone covers the cost of the box for me!


Supergoop! Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 | $19.00
I feel like every summer box sends out sunscreen, but I use so much of it year round that it’s a great time for me to stock up. This one by Supergoop is really unique because it’s a mousse! This was my first time trying a mousse sunscreen and I’m officially a fan. It’s ultra light, covers well and evenly, and doesn’t leave behind a greasy feeling. The size of the bottle is quite compact as well, making it perfect for throwing into your bag for on-the-go application. Since it’s water resistant for 80 minutes and has a high SPF, it’s perfect for pool days! I’ll definitely repurchase from Sephora when I run out!


Ban.do Sip Sip Tumbler | $14.00
When I first opened my box, I figured this would be my least favorite item. I usually use water bottles instead of tumblers and I already have so many water bottles! I also really dislike the design and color. But you know what’s weird? I tried it once just to test it out and now I actually use it every day.


I find myself drinking more water with a tumbler! Since there’s no cap to unscrew, I drink more water absentmindedly throughout the day. I also love that it makes drinking water while driving so easy. Since I live in Houston, I do quite a bit of driving and the straw is very convenient. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about this before! I still think the bright red design is rather ugly but it’s totally functional and I only use it in my car and at the office. I love that POPSUGAR consistently introduces me to products that I never would have bought for myself, but once I have it I discover that I really like it!


Tarte Cosmetics Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara | $23.00
The regular version of this mascara is one of my favorites, so I was thrilled to see this waterproof one in my box! In Houston’s humid summers it’s best to wear waterproof mascara if you want it to last all day. I like to wear a waterproof top layer of mascara (Anastasia makes an amazing one!) over my regular mascara during the summer. Oddly I’m not a huge fan of this Tarte waterproof formula. It doesn’t seem to add as much volume as the regular version and clumps much more. I’ll still end up using all of it, but will not be purchasing more.


Sisters of Los Angeles California Fireplace Matches | $10.00
Whoa, these matches are huge! If you’re someone who constantly misplaces matches like me, this solves the problem. Like 100% solves that problem.


These fireplace matches are about 10 inches long (pictures in my hand for scale) which is perfect for lighting bonfires, fireplaces (duh), deep pillar candles, BBQ pits, etc. I love having fancy matches in the house so I’m very happy to receive them. It’s definitely not something I would have purchased for myself!


Snyder’s of Hanover Wholey Cheese! Smoked Gouda | $3.69
I wasn’t a fan of the smoked gouda flavor, but my husband thought they were delicious! If the smoke flavor wasn’t so intense, I would have enjoyed them as well. The texture of the crackers is really light and crisp, and the cheese flavor is really strong. I’m glad he got to enjoy something from this box! He always looks forward to the snack that comes every month in POPSUGAR!

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2017 Box Review

I loved this month! Every single item is useful and I completely adore the towel and sunscreen! The tumbler is helping me drink more water, which my husband thinks is the best part of this box. Followed closely by the cheese crackers that he finished in one sitting.  The total value comes out to $118.69, pretty standard for POPSUGAR. I really can’t think of any other subscription box that even comes close to providing the level of curation, value, and consistency that POPSUGAR does! Even though they obviously have their fair share of flaws (mostly slow shipping in my experience), I doubt I will ever unsubscribe. It always brings me happiness to see it on my doorstep every month!

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

My Serendipity by Little Lace Box arrived just in time for July! I got it in the mail on Friday, and it was perfect timing because I’ve just been dying to know the contents. Another day and I probably would have peeked at the spoilers! This is my second Serendipity box so far and I am so incredibly impressed.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box is a bi-monthly subscription by the same people who run the original Little Lace Box. Serendipity is only $12.99/shipment ($9.99/shipment if you get a whole year), and sends out a collection of 5-7 items that “celebrate life, celebrate style, and celebrate you”. The shipments for the two boxes alternate, so if you subscribe to both Little Lace Box and Serendipity, you’ll receive a LLB in August and a Serendipity box in September. There’s no overlap at all. And while Little Lace Box has a theme for each shipment, Serendipity does not. Sign ups for Serendipity are often sold out and open briefly when new spots become available, so if you’re interested I would check the website every now and then to keep tabs! Usually spots open up when the shipments go out. 

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

Manna Kadar 3-in-1 Blush Highlighter Shadow in Fantasy | $19.00
Usually I don’t get excited about eyeshadow or blush anymore unless it’s a brand that is really luxe, but I really like this! Manna Kadar isn’t super high end or anything but they do make good quality products that I’ve been happy with in the past. This is a universally flattering color that can work as an eyeshadow, a blush, and also a highlighter. I really love it as an eyeshadow in particular–it’s a great neutral shade for me and gives me a polished look without looking overly done. I currently use an Urban Decay eyeshadow that is a really similar color and this one works just as well. I just hit the pan for my UD shadow last month (finally!!!) so this Manna Kadar shadow will save me the trouble of having to buy another one. And since this one product is more than the cost of the box, I’m calling this entire box a total win already.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

Pre de Province Riche Hand Butter in Coconut$7.99
This was a variable item, with four different scent options that subscribers could receive: coconut, lavender, amande, and starflower. I’m happy with the coconut scent that I received. Very tropical and perfect for summer! Although I don’t need another hand cream (especially in this humidity), it will get used eventually.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

Kitsch Chevron Pendant Necklace$22.95
I’m impressed that for such a low cost box they were able to include a necklace like this! The quality of the pendant is pretty sturdy and the chain is well made. Even though the size of this necklace is fairly large, the color and style are neutral enough to go with a variety of outfits and can be dressed up or down. I think some subscribers received a pearl layering necklace instead of this one, but I’m pleased with my chevron necklace.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

The pendant feels very heavy and well constructed. I like that it has a matte finish that gives it a more casual vibe. The gold and silver are both muted so the contrast is subtle, which I prefer. I generally don’t like mixing metals but this works for me!

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

100% Cotton Boca Terry Spa Headband | $3.99
Really useful! I haven’t received one of these from a subscription box before so I’m really glad to have it. It’s practical and luxurious at the same time! I’ve been using mine to keep the hair out of my face when I’m doing masks. I also used it as an impromptu eye mask during a nap and it fit really well.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

The velcro makes this highly adjustable, and I think it could easily fit the vast majority of people. The material is soft and absorbent and dries easily as well.

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

LeBlanc France Parfum Sachet | $5.99
Such beautiful packaging! I love Alfons Mucha illustrations and am so glad that I received this design! Subscribers received one out of six options: lavender (2 designs), peony, lily of the valley, rose, and vanilla. I actually can’t really tell what scent I received, is that strange? It smells like rose, but could also be lily of the valley or peony. It’s floral, that’s all I really know!

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review

I think this is a unique item to receive, and I actually love using lavender in my closet already. Most of my dresser drawers have little satchets of lavender and I like the idea of adding more scents to the arsenal. I also like the suggested idea from LLB to sprinkle the contents of the bag onto the floor and vacuuming it up so in the future when you vacuum your house will smell like flowers!

Serendipity by Little Lace Box July 2016 Box Review


Once again I’m blown away by the value Little Lace Box is able to deliver in such a low cost box. This July box has a value of $59.91! That’s completely insane! The items also don’t feel like useless fluff items–even the lowest cost item (the headband) is really useful and of decent quality.

Even though these boxes don’t have a theme, I think the curation feels very cohesive. The items I received felt appropriate for summer and had sort of a “treat yoself” vibe to me. Love it! Not to mention that the surprise element of this box is so much fun. If they made this a monthly subscription I would sign up in a heartbeat! You simply can’t beat the price and variety of products. POPSUGAR Mini could stand to learn a lesson or two from Little Lace Box…

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Finally got most of the moving boxes unpacked and put away, whew! I feel like I’ve earned a reward this month for all the heavy lifting I had to do. And that’s what subscription boxes are for, right? I was glad to see my Peaches and Petals box on my doorstep a few days ago. Definitely a fun little surprise, since I didn’t look at spoilers ahead of time or anything (for once!).

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Get 50% off your first box (bringing the price down to just $10!) with promo code PEACHCODE50. If that doesn’t work, you can try PEACHCODE25 and PEACHCODE10 for 25% off and 10% off, respectively. Each code can only be used a set number of times, so if the 50% off isn’t working for you try the other two.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Each month has a theme, and July’s is “Dance To The Music”. I’ve found that Peaches and Petals tends to have some pretty interesting themes and does a good job of sticking to them. In the past I have received some interesting items that are uncommon in the subscription box world, like a set of ceramic tasting spoons.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Boombotix Boombot Mini Bluetooth Speaker | $39.99 ($13.99 on Amazon)
I love that this one item is worth more than the box itself! It was also released as a spoiler last month, which I think is smart. I wish all boxes would release a spoiler of the star item each month! I was really happy to see this, since I had been thinking about buying a small wireless speaker for like, a year now. You know how sometimes you just add things that you want to your Amazon shopping cart but never actually check out because they’re not items that you really need? A wireless speaker is one of those items for me. Glad to have it now that it came in a box!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

It has a clip on the back, so you can easily carry it around or clip it onto something for a party. The speaker is water resistant, which makes it great for pool parties. Keep in mind that it’s not water proof though. So bring it to the pool but don’t drop it in the pool!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Size comparison with my iPhone 6. It’s really quite small and very portable. For the size, I think the sound is great. It’s louder than I was expecting and sound quality is clear. It’s not loud enough to be a real dance party speaker or anything, but it’s certainly more than enough for a pool party where you want to be able to have conversations anyways. For my needs, this speaker totally fit the bill. It’s available on Amazon for around $14.00 right now–check it out if you want a tiny and affordable speaker!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Global Beauty Care Makeup Cleansing Wipes | $3.99
I can always use more makeup wipes, so I never complain about getting these! As an eye makeup remover these didn’t do very well, but as general face wipes they were fine. The cloth is a little too harsh for eyes and it’s not effective removing eyeliner or eyeshadow, so I’m going to use them for face only. The scent is pleasant and not strong, which is what I prefer. I also didn’t feel any stickiness after using the wipes, so you probably wouldn’t have to rinse your face. I almost always rinse after using wipes simply due to habit, but with this one you wouldn’t have to if you didn’t want to.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Chroma Lights Temporary Hair Color Spray in Metallic Red | $15.98
This is one of those “As Seen on TV!” items, but I like the concept. It’s a temporary hair coloring formula that comes in a spray form, making it easy to control where the color goes. The coloring washes out with shampoo. I’ve only tried it on a small strand of hair thus far, but I’m impressed with how well it shows up on my dark hair. I have very dark hair that hasn’t had much luck with these sorts of temporary dyes, but I think since this is a spray form it actually does show up well. In the past I’ve used liquid dyes and it doesn’t do anything. This product only comes in three colors, and I’m glad I got the metallic red. It’s a great color for me! I’m excited to try this out for a night out!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

The Chill Tube Cooling Towel by Cool Core | $8.99
Cute packaging for a towel. This is a really lightweight cooling towel that feels cool to the touch when wet. It’s great for after a workout! (Or in my case, a walk around the block in Houston’s temperature…) The material feels silky, but absorbs moisture well and stays pretty soft. It’s machine washable and very durable. I’ve already put mine through the wash twice and it looks brand new.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

The towel is a long and narrow shape, which is not what I’m accustomed to using so it was sort of odd at first. But the length is actually long enough to wrap around my neck, and also just long enough to use as a headband as well. It seems really versatile! And the best part is that it actually does feel cool!

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Floral Headband | $1.00 (??)
Since this is an unbranded item, it’s hard to track down the exact product online. I’m guessing on value here since I saw similar headbands at Michael’s the other day in the $1 bins. I think for a music and dance themed box, this headband makes a lot of sense! Floral crowns and flower headbands are so popular at music festivals, and it’s nice to have one on hand for the future! Here in Houston we have Free Press Summer Festival and I totally would have worn this if I had it at the time.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes

Engraved Song Lyric Bracelet | $3.00 (??)
Another unbranded item, so it’s hard to know the value. Guesstimating based on similar products that I’ve seen in stores like Target. Even though this is meant to be a bracelet, it could work as a necklace as well. The string is definitely long enough. I like the lyric plate, but the quality of the overall bracelet is very low. I imagine this is a piece of jewelry you would wear once (to a music festival?) and throw away.

Peaches and Petals July 2016 Review plus Promo Codes


Verdict on this box: great curation! The value comes out to $72.95 if we’re talking retail prices, and $46.95 for Amazon price. Amazing value either way! I really think all the items were great choices for the theme, and I understood why every item was in the box. It really felt like a great box for a music festival or a night of EDM clubbing.

For a lifestyle box that only costs $19.99 (or only $10 if you’re using a coupon), I think Peaches and Petals consistently delivers great value and smart curation. The items you receive aren’t the same things you could find in every subscription, like candles or lotion or black eyeliner. There’s usually several unique finds in each box, and I always have a sense of excitement upon opening because I know I’ll be getting some different stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love candles and lotion and black eyeliner. But you have to admit, after getting so many of those you get a little more excited for something new.

With all that being said, the quality of the items isn’t always great. For me, the floral headband and bracelet in this box are pretty useless and have very little value. But so far I’ve found the star of the box has always been adequate. In this case, I have no issues at all with the quality of the speaker. I’m also impressed with the cooling towel and the hair spray. I definitely feel like what I received is well worth the money and I’m super pumped to see what August will bring!

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Still not sure what has been going on with me and POPSUGAR Must Have lately, but this is the third month in a row of lackluster boxes for me. May and June didn’t blow me away so I was really hoping that July would be an amazing box. While there’s nothing wrong with the July box or anything, it was just aimed for a different demographic than myself.

POPSUGAR Must Have is a subscription service that sends a variety of items for women that are curated by the POPSUGAR editors. Items typically include food, beauty, home, among other miscellaneous things. Each month is $39.99/month, but you can use the code REFER5 to get $5 off your first month. Or, you can use the gift with purchase code at the bottom of this post.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

I like how summer-y this box feels, and it definitely makes me think of pools and beaches.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Sunnylife Inflatable Swan Drink Holder | $18.00
This is a really unique item! I haven’t seen anything like this in any subscription boxes, so definitely props to POPSUGAR for originality. I would have preferred a pool float from Sunnylife instead of just a drink holder. I think that would have also been more versatile, since you can use a float in a lake or river whereas a drink holder is so small that you can really only use it in a pool.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Here’s the swan fully inflated. It feels pretty high quality and the cup holders are generously sized. It’s stable enough to stay upright easily in a pool setting. I like that the package also came with a sticky patch that can be used to repair any future leaks/punctures. I would be really interested in getting more Sunnylife inflatable products in the future!

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun | $32.00
It’s hard for me to get excited about more hair products, since 2016 feels like the summer of haircare from subscription boxes. I swear, we’ve been completely bombarded! On the bright side, this styling cream is designed to be sort of a “sunscreen” for your hair–something I haven’t received yet. It protects hair from UV rays. I personally really like how my hair looks in the summer since it gets these really light brown sun highlights, but I do know it’s unhealthy for my hair. Sachajuan is a great brand so I know I’ll probably end up liking this cream a lot.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

European Wax Center Oh My Brow! Brow Highlighter in Pearl | $19.00
I was pleasantly surprised by this brow highlighter, mostly because of the dual tips and the caps. It’s perfect for travel and the staying power of the highlighter is pretty good too. It’s not too glittery either, so it works well for a neutral casual look. I haven’t heard of this brand before so I was surprised to learn they actually have several locations in Houston. All of which have pretty good reviews too, so I might check them out next time I get my brows done.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Joe Chips Classic Sea Salt Retro Chips | $1.50
Classic potato chips. No complaints here. I finished the bag quickly since it wasn’t a big bag or anything. I miss the days of larger sized food items in POPSUGAR boxes! (Though my waistline doesn’t.)

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

House of Pom Emoji Cocktail Napkins | $25.00
I’m really disappointed that we finally get cloth napkins and they have emojis on them. I don’t have anything against emojis. In fact I use them all the time and love that they’re all over the place now. But this just isn’t my style and definitely wouldn’t fit in my home. I would have preferred a simple neutral napkin set. I do admit these are really fun napkins, but I guess it just feels really young to me. Like something I would have used when I was in college. This set was made exclusively for POPSUGAR Must Have so the value is determined by POPSUGAR. I personally wouldn’t pay $25 for this set of napkins, due to the rather poor quality of the fabric and stitching.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Pintrill Pineapple Pin | $12.00
Another item that feels pretty young! I see enamel pins everywhere these days and have bought a couple for myself just for fun, so I know it’s pretty trendy right now. I see some backpacks adorned with dozens of the cutest enamel pins. Love it! I haven’t really figured what I should do with these pins though. My friend gave me one for my birthday that I really want to use but I don’t know where I should put it. Any suggestions or ideas about other uses for enamel pins is greatly appreciated!

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Michael Stars Porcelain Skinny Scarf in White | $30.00
I’m the most let down by this product. I was excited to see the brand Michael Stars because his scarf from a previous box (2 years ago maybe?) continues to be one of my favorite go-to scarves. But this pattern is so similar to the sarong that we received last month in the June POPSUGAR Must Have. Seeing as how this exact scarf also comes in blue, I’m surprised we didn’t get the blue version just to mix it up a little.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

The scarf dimensions are quite small. The width is only a little more wide than my hand, and the material is sheer. I don’t wear scarves in the summer and like more substantial scarves in the fall and winter so I don’t know what to do with this one. I’ll probably end up gifting it to a friend.

POPSUGAR Must Have July 2016 Box Review

Subscribers were also supposed to receive a $20 “gift card” to Trove Jewelry that I was missing. Since nothing on the site is even close to $20, I didn’t bother to ask customer service to mail me one. (Sidenote: POPSUGAR’s customer service has been nothing but great for me. I know some people have reported poor service but I have had very good experiences so far. I am positive if I had reached out they would have sent me a replacement card.)

Overall the box feels like it’s missing a big item. Everything is in the $30ish or less category and I feel like I want a big ticket item in the $60-$80 range. I think without a big item like that, the box can feel like a bunch of random little knick knacks that are thrown together. Even though the overall value is $137.00, it feels lacking. This is the exact same criticism I had for the June box as well.

My bigger concern is that I’m aging out of POPSUGAR’s target demographic. This is the first box that I really felt “too old” for. The emoji napkins and enamel pin are things I expect to see at Urban Outfitters or something, and it feels aimed at a more college-aged crowd. Curious to see what August will bring. I really hope I’m not getting too old for my favorite pink boxes! With my birthday coming up it’s getting me all sad and nostalgic.