Peaches and Petals May 2017 Review

Like I’ve mentioned in my previous Peaches and Petals reviews, it seems that this subscription has been sending out their boxes at the tail end of the month. I actually thought this was June’s box when I received it, since they don’t put information cards in the boxes anymore. I’m glad I have this blog to help me keep track!

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for May is “Vacation, All I Ever Wanted”.

Peaches and Petals May 2017 Review

World’s Best Spungee Neck Support Travel Pillow | $11.45
I appreciate getting a travel pillow in a box, since I have never received one from a subscription box before. But on the other hand, this is a pretty bad travel pillow. This seems to be an old model since it does not come with any way to keep the pillow together at the front. It’s almost impossible to keep it on your shoulders as you sleep, since the pillow has no way of keeping the U structure. If you’re a seasoned traveler, you know that having a snap or toggle at the front is essential!


Gud by Burt’s Bees Cleaning Wipes | $4.99
These are discontinued products and the pear one (the green packaging on the right in the picture) definitely shows it. The entire package is leaking a light brown liquid that is sticky. The red one is pretty dry for a cleansing wipe, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s been sitting on a shelf for a long time or if these wipes are just designed like that. I don’t know how old these are but I won’t I’ll be using them. I’m disappointed because cleansing wipes are so cheap already. I buy them for 50 cents from Target when I’m going on a trip! Peaches and Petals could have easily bought current wipes to send that aren’t leaking or dried out!


Soapbox Hope-To-Go Travel Kit | $7.99
I’m pleased to see a very useful kit that also supports a great cause! This travel kit contains TSA approved containers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion. For each kit sold, a month of clean water will be given to a person in need through an organization called Splash.


The products themselves are all quite nice as well. I especially like that these containers are easy to clean and refill, and the bag it all comes in meets TSA requirements too!


Sara Beth Candle in Seaside | $12.00 (?)
This appears to be a brand that is often used for fundraising. I remember back in middle school we had these sorts of fundraisers every year! It seems kind of odd that it’s now included in a subscription box. And does anyone else think candles are a poor choice for these sorts of fundraising events? I remember we had to hand deliver the products to each person who purchased–candles would have been so heavy!

IMG_1164 (1)

Anyways, enough about my speculation about the fundraising. This candle has a really refreshing crisp scent and I love the wooden wick! Wooden wicks are always so much fun to burn and I rarely purchase them for myself, so I’m very happy to see this in my box! The candle came in giftable packaging as well, which I appreciate.


Umbra Magnetic Board | $8.00 (?)
Last but not least, this super cute magnetic board! This is hands down my favorite item from the box! I love the Umbra brand, and I hope we see more of their products in future Peaches and Petals boxes. They make such stylish but affordable home goods!


The board comes with 6 magnets and is approximately 15.5″ x 15″ in size. It’s very light and easy to hang on a wall. I love the simple design and empowering phrase!


It was sort of mixed bag (or should I say a mixed box?) for me, but overall I would consider it a box that I liked. The Umbra board is so cute and I love it a lot, and the candle and travel kit are both useful and fun. The cleaning wipes were a total dud, but since they take up the least amount of value I’m not too upset. The travel pillow had potential to be amazing as well but the design was just awful. But I do think this is a huge step up from the past few boxes! I really hope this is an upward trend that will continue. I’m actually very excited to see what next month will bring!


Peaches and Petals April 2017 Review

Still catching up on April, but this is the last over-due review! It seems that Peaches and Petals has been shipping their boxes on a new later schedule now, so it’s something to keep in mind. My February and March boxes were both quite late.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for April is “Fun in the Sun”.

Peaches and Petals April 2017 Review

I wish they would go back to their old cards, which listed all the items in the box. The boxes have also been packed more haphazardly in the past few months, with just a tiny handful of crinkle paper and nothing else. It feels like they’re trying to cut corners everywhere. If you’re someone who doesn’t place much emphasis on packaging this could be a good thing–the company can place more value into the items themselves! But I personally think that packaging is a big part of a subscription box, so for me this is a disappointing change.


Rug | $10.00 (?)
This is one of the reasons why I would have loved a card listing all the contents. I don’t really know what this is. I’m guessing it’s a rug or bathmat, but it doesn’t have any sort of grip on the back side. It could also work as a small picnic blanket.


I’ll probably keep it in my car as a small picnic blanket. On one hand I was frustrated when I first opened the box and didn’t know what this was, but on the other hand it doesn’t even really matter. It’s clearly versatile enough to function as whatever you want it to function as! I even considered using this as a heavy duty tablecloth for park picnic benches.


Close up of the fabric. It’s pretty heavy and sturdy. The pattern is pretty and the material feels substantial enough to hold up to a lot of use.


Violife 3 Piece Travel Bags | $22.95
Whoa, this is some seriously inflated value. I can’t imagine paying this price tag for 3 little travel bags! Sephora sells great quality ones for between $3 and $5, and Target has adorable prints on their travel bags, which start from just $1. I have no idea what makes these so special, since they look like any other basic travel pouch to me. But I can never have enough travel bags so I’m happy to have a set of three. These bags are so useful for organizing knick knacks and make your suitcase (or tote or whatever) much more neat.


Alterna Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray | $3.60
As soon as I saw the anti-humidity part I was all in. Houston gets so crazy humid once summer rolls around (well, it’s already starting) and everyone here is always looking for the next amazing anti-humidity hair product. Alterna is a great brand that I love, so I know this will be a reliable product!


Occasionally Made Booty Buddy Pool Mat plus Coozie | $22.90
This is another crazy overpriced item. I have no idea who would actually pay $22.90 for this set! The quality is comparable to the stuff I see at Target’s dollar bin at the front of the store. Even the pattern feels like a similar aesthetic to what I have seen at Target!


I’ll totally admit to not knowing that the “booty buddy” thing was for when I first opened the box. I assumed it was an insulated placemat. It’s actually supposed to be a cushion that you can sit on when you’re around the pool. I feel like if it’s really meant to be a cushion it needs to be more substantial. I would never bother bringing such a bulky item just to have a layer of neoprene to sit on. A towel would do the exact same thing and also have a lot of other uses as well.


I find the value for this box to be really hard to judge, since some of the items are so overinflated and the rug is unbranded.

This was a disappointing box for me. While I enjoyed the rug/blanket thing and the hairspray, the pouches and pad/drink holder set were very overinflated in value. The pool buddy pad and drink holder are also both items I would never use. Usually when I receive items that aren’t for me, I’m happy to pass them along to a friend. I don’t know anyone who would use the pad or the drink holder, and I wouldn’t gift them to a stranger because it looks like a dollar store find.

I wish Peaches and Petals would go back to the way they were last year! I feel like they sent out more unique items that were curated around the specific theme. Lately the boxes feel very lackluster. I hope to see them turn it around soon.

Peaches and Petals March 2017 Review

Not sure what has been going on with Peaches and Petals lately, but it seems like their shipping schedule has been pushed further back in the month. I received my March box a week ago, on March 30th. The February box also arrived very late last month.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for March is “Hello Spring”. I think that’s a pretty generic theme that doesn’t feel that exciting. I would actually consider March to be a travel-themed box!


DCWV Lifebook Planner | $16.99
This is a hardcover binder that functions as a daily journal. Mine was defective upon arrival and the binder rings don’t stay closed, so I’m questioning the quality of this. On the other hand, I think it’s a really cute product. It feels on the young side, so I think it would make a cute gift for a middle schooler.


The pages have lots of patterns and feels very “scrapbook”, so I’ll probably end up using the pages as regular scrapbook paper. The hardcover jacket also features pockets so you can keep notes, postcards, and other stuff in them.


Hello Breath Spray Mojito Mint | $3.39
I remember getting this exact spray about 3 years ago in a college-themed box. At the time I didn’t care for it, but that’s mostly because I personally don’t use breath spray very often. If you do like breath spray, this one sounds great–who doesn’t like mojito flavor?? I could also see this being a good item to bring on a flight. For long flights I always pack a toothbrush and a little tube of toothpaste so I can brush my teeth before I land (seriously, try it! You feel so much more refreshed afterwards!) but if that’s too much hassle for you I think breath spray could give you a similar effect.


Sprigs 3 Pocket Carry All Belt | $28.00
I was most excited for this item! This is a 3 pocket belt that can hold money, keys, or even a phone if it’s small enough. (For reference, my iPhone 6 fit with plenty of room to spare.) My husband has a similar product and I had been interested in picking one up for myself, so I am very happy to get this! It is so useful for traveling, especially if you have any concern for pick pockets. He wears his a little higher at his waist, under his shirt. It’s super secure and perfect for essentials like emergency money, passport, and hotel key.


I wish this came in a smaller size, since it’s too big for me. But I plan to take it to my tailor and get her to restitch the strap and shorten it. It should only cost a couple of bucks, but that’s a price I’m happy to pay! The fabric of this belt is great quality so I’m very impressed we got this in a $20 box!


Yes To Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser | $6.18
Pleasantly surprised to find this brand in my box. I really like the Yes To line and buy their products from Target pretty often. Yes To Blueberries wipes are awesome, by the way! Anyways, I like this brand because they use natural ingredients, are great for sensitive skin, and are certified cruelty free. I’ve only used this face cleanser twice so far but I already know I plan to finish the bottle. The scent is light and fresh and the cleanser is really gentle and great for daily use.


Stephanie Corfee Elephant | $10.49
This was really unexpected, but I totally love it. What an adorable little elephant! I think the design is just so sweet and cute. I have no idea how this ties into the theme but I think it’s so cute that I don’t even care. Already have it on our bookshelf and it makes me smile when I see it!


Here’s a little more detail of the printing.


Overall I really enjoyed this box. It’s infinitely better than last month’s box, and probably the best I’ve seen from Peaches and Petals in a while! The value is also excellent, totaling $65.05. That’s more than triple the cost of the box. I hope all the future boxes continue in this direction!

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Last month was light on subscription boxes for me but it looks like I’ll be having an amazing March! The February Little Lace Box got pushed back to March and for some reason I also received my Peaches and Petals box super late.

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, and the theme for February is “Made with Love”.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

For a love themed box, it seems rather disappointing to receive it so far after Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure if my box was an outlier or if they all went out later this month, but the timing is unfortunate.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Pizza Ceramic Coasters | $4.00 (?)
These are a little cheesy (see what I did there?) but also pretty cute. Totally embarrassing nerd confession: my husband and I always do a pizza and pie date night at home on “Pi Day” every March 14th. We usually get our favorite pizza delivered, pick up a pie from this awesome local bakery, crack open a couple beers and binge watch nerdy movies. Totally silly but I look forward to it every year! I think these will be a cute little addition to our tradition. Or just any pizza date night in general.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

The coaster itself is a heavy ceramic and the backing is made of cork. My one minor complaint is that the cork is off center for both coasters, but since I don’t plan to use these for everyday use I don’t really mind.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Come Hither Bath Bomb |  $3.00 (?)
Guessing on the price for this bath bomb since I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. Bath bombs are always welcome in this household! I love using them but have a hard time getting myself to actually buy them. They always feel like such a “splurge” item to me! Though I will admit to treating myself to Lush bath bombs every now and then after a really rough work week…

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review


I like that it comes in a box so you can easily gift it. The scent is strong but not cloying and I’m excited to use it! The size of the bath bomb itself is pretty generous–about 4 ounces.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Look Good, Feel Good: 206 Beauty and Fitness Secrets by Mariah Bear | $25.00
Although I’m glad to see this book isn’t on clearance on Amazon, I don’t think it would actually retail for the full $25 either. It’s an older book from 2013 and I see lots of books just like this for sale at my local Barnes and Nobles for around $5-$8.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

The book itself is fairly interesting. I like that there’s plenty of high quality pictures that illustrate step by step stuff. There’s sections about massages and spa treatments that look fun and easy to DIY.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

There’s also exercises and stretches. I personally prefer videos of workouts, but if you enjoy wellness books this would be a nice one to flip through.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Sprigs Hot Collars | $18.95
Okay, this item is really confusing to me. It’s a fleece collar scarf thing that keeps your neck warm. But I guess I’m wondering why you wouldn’t just use an actual scarf? I can definitely see my dad buying this and getting really excited about it. Except he’s almost 60, so I doubt he’s the target audience for Peaches and Petals. Just seems like a total miss to me. But on the bright side, this would be a great item to donate. Anything that can provide warmth is very welcome for homeless shelters–socks, fleece anything, blankets, gloves, etc. I’ll add this to my donation pile, I know it will get to someone who actually needs it!

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Wilton Heart Cookie Pop Pan | $3.00 (?)
And finally, a Valentine’s Day item. I know these normally retail for more than my estimated value, but I literally just saw this on clearance at Michael’s last week. I own a lot of Wilton products and their quality is good, so it’s great that we’re getting a brand name product. And it’s pretty unique. I’ve definitely never received anything like this from any other subscription. It’s a cookie pan designed to make cookie “pops”.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

These are really big cookie molds! (Hand for scale.) I would have been happy to get this if I received it well before Valentine’s Day. It would have motivated me to actually bake some treats for my friends and coworkers. But now it just feels like a clearance item that I would have to store in my kitchen for a whole year.

Peaches and Petals February 2017 Review

Bottom line: pretty disappointing. If the timing had been better, I think I would have enjoyed most of the box. If I had gotten this box a week before Valentine’s Day the cookie pan would have been my favorite item. But now that it’s so far past Valentine’s Day, it feels like really cheap discounted junk.

While I still like the coasters and the bath bomb, it makes up a tiny portion of the overall value. If I had paid $20 for this box I would be so let down. The book feels outdated and the value seems inflated, and the collar thing is just an odd choice. It really doesn’t fit the theme at all and also feels like a clearance aisle product.

I hope in the future the boxes have better curation. This is probably my least favorite month so far, which is really sad because I actually liked January’s and had been hoping for a very good year.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

I always look forward to getting my Peaches and Petals box, since it’s one of the few boxes that I never know what to expect. They send out some really interesting and unique items that you don’t see very often in subscription boxes! I think if you’re a subscription addict you’ve seen your fair share of candles, eyeliner, lotion. (And don’t get me wrong, I love all three of those things.) But after a while it’s really nice to get a box that sends out something different! In the past I’ve received from Peaches and Petals: mermaid socks, a portable bluetooth speaker, ceramic party spoons, and just last month I got a wax warmer. All totally new to me for subscription boxes!

Peaches and Petals is a monthly subscription service that sends out vintage-modern items and beauty goods. For $19.99 a month (includes shipping), you’ll receive a mix of jewelry, fashion accessories, lifestyle goods, and beauty samples. Usually each month has a theme for the box, but oddly enough this month my box didn’t come with a card listing the theme and contents. If I had to guess, the theme is probably something related to color. All the items are colorful and I can’t really pick out any other theme.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

So Fresh So Clean Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes | $7.49
It’s always good to get a practical item like this. I can never have enough wipes–they’re a godsend for traveling! I plan to bring this pack with me on a weekend trip that I have coming up. I always bring more than I need because inevitably my friends start to use my wipes. They’re just too convenient! It has good reviews on Amazon too, which is great.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

Kenneth Jones Socks | $3.33
Another practical item! Fuzzy socks are a staple in this household when it gets cold in Houston. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does you bet we take advantage of it with our boots, sweaters, and fuzzy socks! These are on the thinner side and don’t feature the rubber grips at the bottom, but will work well if you have carpet or rugs. Oddly enough this is another travel must-have for me. On long international flights I always slip off my shoes and put on fuzzy socks to sleep. It’s such a habit now that I just keep a pair of clean fuzzy socks in my carry-on suitcase!

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

My socks had this minor black smudge on them. Not a huge deal but it’s worth mentioning. It didn’t wash out when I hand washed with gentle detergent, so I’m guessing it’s going to be there permanently.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

Hamilton Beach Screw Top Sports Bottle | $24.94
Now that I’m writing this review, the theme could be travel as well. This is yet another travel must-have for me! I always bring a water bottle with me to the airport. I fill it up as soon as I get through security and it keeps me well hydrated on the flight. The flight attendants are always happy to provide me with refills and ice if I ask for it too. Once I get to my destination, I like to fill the water bottle every morning at the hotel with cold clean water. It’s especially helpful in places where tap water is not safe for drinking, since I can fill it up with bottled water at my hotel and don’t have to risk drinking unsafe water when I’m out exploring the city.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

The bottle itself feels very similar to a S’well bottle (my favorite!). Since I already have several S’well bottles in various sizes, I’ll be gifting this to a friend.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

This kind of screw top is the best at keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot. I haven’t tested this bottle, but I can tell you that my S’well can keep ice cubes frozen for well over 24 hours.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

Papaya Love You To The Moon Sticky Notes | $14.49
When I first saw this I assumed it was a pack of postcards, but they’re actually sticky notes! Decorative sticky notes must be a trend now, since I just got some in my January POPSUGAR box too. Like I said with my POPSUGAR box, I tend to stick (haha, get it?) to blank sticky notes at the office. The most creative I’ve ever done is the ombre colored ones. One of my friends loves to scrapbook and this is 100% her aesthetic, so I will happily give this to her. I’m sure she’ll love it!

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

The packaging is adorable! The cover opens up and reveals a palette of 4 different sticky note designs and 4 different tab designs. The cover has a magnet embedded in it to keep it closed.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

The individual sticky notes are very pretty! My favorite is the bottom middle one with the blossoms on both sides–if I could buy just that one design in a single pad I would!

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review

Viva Beads Clay Bead Bracelet | $12.95
Peaches and Petals always includes jewelry in their box. It’s usually not my style, but sometimes it’s interesting stuff that I can gift. I have never received clay beaded jewelry before so I was happy to see something very different. If the color scheme were more subtle I think I would have actually worn it, but the bright orange and blue combination is definitely not for me. But you know what’s great about this color scheme? It’s the same colors as the Florida Gators and also for Auburn University! There’s a big fan base for both here in Houston so I know this bracelet will find a good home.

Peaches and Petals January 2017 Review


Overall I think it was a good box! The items were a great mix of cute and practical, and the retail value comes out to $63.20. That’s over triple the cost of the box! It’s a great start to 2017. Can’t wait to see what else is in store for us this year!