PupBox Subscription Box Review: 4 Month Puppy

Today I’ll be reviewing a new subscription box that is geared towards new puppy parents! And no, I’m sad to announce that I do not have a new puppy. Maddie will be helping me review this box and she’s a puppy at heart so that counts, right? Since I don’t have an actual puppy, PupBox offered to send me a box for a 4 month old puppy to review so I can showcase what a typical box looks like.

PupBox is a subscription box designed for the lucky new parents of a puppy! Each box is custom tailored to your puppy (age, size, breed) so you’ll receive relevant information, training tips, treats, toys, and accessories as your puppy grows. Each box will contain 1 bag of training treats and 4-6 additional products.  The box will also come with training and development information approved by celebrity trainer Andrea Arden. If you subscribe month to month, the cost is $39.00 per month. But if you pre-pay for longer subscriptions it’s a better value – $34/month for 3 months, $32/month for 6 months, and $29/month for 12 months. 

PupBox Subscription Box Review: 4 Month Puppy

The packaging is well thought out and I think this subscription would be a really cute gift for a new dog parent. I wish I had this subscription back when I first got Maddie. She’s my first dog and I was so unprepared. Something like this would have been extremely helpful!


All the treats and toys! My box contained 6 full sized items, and the curation is well balanced. I received 1 bag of training treats, 1 interactive plush toy, 1 freezable toy, 1 ball, and 2 chew products.


Each month comes with a list of all the items chosen for your dog. I love how customized this page is! All the products come with product codes so you can easily repurchase your favorites from the PupShop.


Since this is summer, I thought it was really smart for the curators to include a water safety pamphlet. It has good tips on how to introduce your dog to water and how to encourage them to swim. Maddie already loves to swim but the pamphlet also has tips for getting an expert swimmer to dock dive, which she has been working on this summer! Hopefully she’ll get comfortable with it before the summer ends!


I love this training and development guide! The paper is thicker and feels closer to cardstock so I can see this being kept on the fridge and used as a reference throughout the month. It’s a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet and printed on both sides. The front side is all about development and the back is about training. Lots of great information and all organized in a simple to understand layout.


When I first got Maddie I was only meant to be fostering her for a few weeks. I had no preparations for getting a dog (though I always knew I wanted one, but I had wanted to wait until we had a house!) and didn’t know the first thing about training so I spent a lot of time frantically watching Cesar Milan videos and reading random articles. I so wish I had this handy guide! It covers the basics at this 4 month mark (sit, stand, lie down) and I assume will get increasingly more difficult as your puppy grows.


N-Bone Puppy Teething Rings 3-Pack | $5.69
At 4 months your puppy will be teething and have sore gums and a strong urge to chew, so these teething rings are perfect! It’s formulated with DHA and calcium for strong teeth and bones and healthy brain development. It’s also wheat free, corn free, and soy free if your puppy has any allergies or a sensitive stomach. And most importantly, it’s made in the USA.


Maddie is not a puppy anymore but she loves to chew! Pumpkin is one of her favorite flavors so I’m not surprised she was crazy for these teething rings.


Natural Dog Company 12″ Steer Stick | $6.00
And speaking of Maddie’s love for chews, this is her favorite item in the box! It’s the first item she went for when I opened the box. This is a 12 inch beef pizzle chew that is very sturdy and long lasting without being too hard for her teeth. I imagine it would be another must have for a teething puppy! Natural Dog Company sources all their products from the USA.


Multipet Chilly Bone Chew Toy | $4.99
Perfect for hot summer days! This freezable chew toy comes with a resealable plastic bag. You wet the toy with water, place it into the bag, seal the bag, and place the whole thing into your freezer for an hour. It’s supposed to be vanilla flavored to encourage healthy chewing, though Maddie didn’t seem to pick up on that.


She licked it a couple times to investigate, but ultimately seemed rather confused by this toy. I was surprised because I’ve never seen her turn down a chew toy before!


She’s totally giving me her best “Mom, what am I supposed to do with this?” look here. Since she had no interest, I was going to give it to one of my neighbor’s dogs. But after I left the toy on a tea towel to dry, I noticed that the green dye runs! It stained my towel permanently so I ended up throwing the toy away. I’m so glad I didn’t keep it on my carpet overnight!


Zippy Paws Shark N’ Ship Burrow | $9.99
What an adorable interactive plush toy! I think this is a perfect toy for bonding with your puppy, since you need to first teach your puppy how to burrow and retrieve the sharks and then continue putting the sharks back inside. Afterwards you can even play hide and seek around the house (Maddie’s favorite game!) with the plush sharks.


Adorable! Unfortunately for Maddie this is a toy meant for a smaller and gentler dog so I’ll be saving this to gift to a new puppy parent. If I gave it to Maddie it would probably last 3 minutes tops.


Gnawsome Squeak Small Ball | $7.62
Any ball that squeaks is something that Maddie loves, so this was a home run for her. She loves to play fetch and since this ball flashes light when it bounces, it’s our new go-to for playing fetch at night. Houston summers are brutal so we’ve been taking her to play at around dusk when it’s cooler. She sometimes has trouble spotting the balls if we throw them too far but this one is obviously a lot more eye catching with all the lights inside! For a teething puppy it’s another great toy because the bumps will relieve the sore gums and also clean their teeth!


Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Functional Treats | $9.58
Shoutout to PupBox for being so kind to send Maddie a bag of training treats for active adult dogs in this box! These are perfect for her because she’s always so energetic and can run for hours. She’ll eat anything peanut butter flavored and so naturally she seems to really love these. The formula is grain free, corn free, soy free, and is made in the US.


The total value of the treats and toys comes to $43.87, but I think the value is definitely higher than that because of all the information that you receive. Overall I’m very impressed with this subscription! I think it’s a wonderful concept and would be a genuinely helpful aid in raising a puppy. Again, I really wish I had this subscription when I first had Maddie! It would have made things a lot easier.

In the future I would love to see a “new adult dog” subscription as part of this company too. Most of my friends are choosing to adopt older dogs from shelters and I think they would all find it helpful to have a “first time dog owner” sort of box that is geared towards adult dogs/adopted dogs (training tips, dealing with separation anxiety, helping your dog feel more secure and settled, etc.). Heck, I think even Maddie could benefit from a box like that! We’re still dealing with some anxiety issues here and there.

But anyways, I loved this PupBox and I think they have a wonderful subscription service and a smart concept. The idea of a box that changes every month to accommodate your growing pet is so fun and fills a niche in the market that I had not even considered before. The only downside of this box is that it makes me really want to go and get a new puppy! Maybe I could convince my husband that it’ll be super easy to raise a puppy with the help of a subscription box like this?


The Naked Dog Box Subscription Review plus $10 Off!

Hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend! We had a blast enjoying the outdoors, and Maddie got tons of great exercise! Recently The Naked Dog Box reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in doing a review of their subscription. After looking up their website I was very impressed with all their great reviews and high quality ingredients, and Maddie never turns down a chance for more food.

The Naked Dog Box is an all natural, gluten free dog food subscription box that is delivered to the consumer’s door every two weeks with fresh, made in the USA dry dog food. Every shipment comes with a surprise treat every time, and the first shipment comes with a stainless steel food scoop.

The Naked Dog Box Subscription Review

What I like about their service is that it’s super easy to use and feels highly customized for your dog. You answer a series of questions about your dog such as size, amount of exercise, age, etc. and then the site recommends a dog food formula. For Maddie (46 lbs, moderate exercise, 4 years old), it recommended the Salmon and Chickpea dry food formula with 6 ounce portions. If your dog is smaller, they offer 4 ounce portions and if your dog is larger they have 8 ounce portions. For Maddie, the cost comes to $27.00/shipment which is 2 weeks worth of food. It sounds like it’s on the pricier side as far as dog food goes, but if you actually look at the cost of good quality dog food it’s very reasonable! Her current dog food (Orijen Original Grain-Free Dry) is $78.99 for a 25 lb bag (about 400 ounces). It lasts her about a month and a half. With this subscription, a month and a half would cost $81.00 plus she gets treats with each shipment!

They currently have a promo code out that saves you $10 off your first shipment. I think it’s a great deal to try the food out and see if your pet likes it. Plus you get the free stainless steel food scoop and a high quality treat too! Get $10 off your first shipment with promo code 10BUCKS!


Okay, now onto the actual review! Maddie knew this box was for her as soon as we brought it inside, so she was “helping me” go through everything.


Unluckily for her, there was a cute little craft on the back on the information card that I decided to make.


It has cut-outs to make a paper bow that can be attached to the collar! How cute!


Since she wasn’t willing to sit up for a collar picture, she ended up with the bow on her head. This is Maddie giving me her best “but why, mom?” look. She did earn some delicious treats for her troubles though!


Sojos Peanut Butter & Jelly Flavor Dog Treats | $8.35
These treats took her mind off the bow completely! I was really surprised by how big of a box these are. I guess I was expecting a single chew or a small treat, but this is a full sized box. Very impressed with the value! I love the short ingredients list: oat flour, rolled oats, peanut butter, strawberries, eggs, canola oil. The treats are made here in the USA and are wheat free and corn free. Each treat is pretty small so they’re excellent for training or for putting into a puzzle. Maddie had a lot of fun with these in her Kong toy, since the bone shape of these treats makes them harder to fall out.


6 ounce Stainless Steel Food Scoop | $2.00 (?)
Like I mentioned earlier, the first shipment comes with a stainless steel food scoop in the size recommended for your dog. While this is a free item, I definitely put value on getting a high quality item like this that can be used over and over again. I wish all dog food came with a properly sized scoop like this! It really takes the guesswork out of figuring out exactly how much to feed, and also the handle is long enough to keep your hands clean when you’re scooping.


The Naked Dog Salmon and Chickpea Dry Food | $27.00
The food itself comes in a plain brown bag with a simple label on it. All the feeding instructions (super simple, thanks to the awesome scoop!) and list of ingredients come on a separate card.


One of the big advantages to having your food delivered direct from the source is that you can reach out to customer service and get a real person at any time. I like that on the bottom of the card it provides you with a contact email: sandy@thenakeddogbox.com! Dog food is totally confusing (I remember when I first got Maddie and I spent so much time researching online about dog nutrition and how to read labels!) and I value having someone to answer any questions or concerns that may pop up.


On the back of the card you can find the nutrition analysis. I’m happy to see that the website matched Maddie with the best formula choice! The Salmon and Chickpea recipe has the highest protein content with more omega fatty acids than the others. It’s exactly what our vet has always recommended for Maddie, because she has such a lean and muscular build. You probably can’t tell from the pictures, but this dog is basically 46 lbs of muscle!


Here’s a sense of the size of the food compared to a penny. All the dog food from The Naked Dog is single protein, which is good for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs. All their food is made in the USA and grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, and potato-free! Maddie really enjoyed eating this food, though she’s not a picky eater at all. She had no trouble at all transitioning to this food. Good appetite, great energy, no upset stomach or loose stools.


Maddie had a great time helping with the review of this subscription! The one thing I would add is that I wish the first shipment came with instructions on how to transition your dog from their existing food to a new recipe. We have always done it gradually over a course of a week just to make sure it’s not a very sudden change to her diet, which can cause her to have an upset stomach. We mix the new food in with her old food slowly over time, adding more of the new food each day. It has always worked well for us and Maddie never has any problems switching foods this way!


No review of a dog box is complete without silly pictures of Maddie, so I just had to add these in.


Overall it was a great subscription service to discover! I think the value is definitely there, and if you’re even remotely interested, the $10 off promo code is a must-try! Use code 10BUCKS for your first shipment. They also have a satisfaction guarantee, so if your dog doesn’t love the food they’ll refund the cost of your box. The cancellation process is really easy as well–you can pause or edit your subscription online at any time. So basically it’s risk free and you get super high quality dog food at a reasonable price. What’s not to love about that? Let me know if you are a current subscriber or are planning to subscribe! I would love to hear your thoughts!

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

After last month’s amazing BarkBox (my favorite thus far!), I was sure this month’s theme wouldn’t be able to top it. But I was actually thrilled to open the box to find a London themed box! I’ll be visiting the UK over the summer (literally counting down the days…), and this was just perfect. I always appreciate the simply adorable themes that BarkBox puts out for every month. They’re my absolute favorite pet subscription box! Maddie would probably agree with me, based on how quickly the toys and treats get snatched out of the box.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We’ve been subscribed for a year and recently renewed for a whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now the box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link to get a free Barkbox added to any subscription, or use my referral code HOARDING. And if you use my link/referral code, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Sherlock Hat | $14.00
This is a BarkShop exclusive item, much like most of the toys that BarkBox sends out. I love that we get toys that you’ll never find in a pet store, and they’re always well constructed and made by reputable brands. This toy is so cute and silly; the houndstooth pattern is just perfect for the London theme!

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Maddie is definitely a heavy duty chewer, so most toys don’t last long with her. I like that the rubber spiky ball is very durable and that she can still play with it even after she destroys the plush and cloth parts. This must be a popular item since it sold out very quickly this month! If it ever comes back in stock I will probably buy another one.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Superior Farms Lamb Lung Toasters | $9.00
These treats are grain free, gluten free, and high in protein. As always, they’re made and sourced in the USA. Maddie isn’t a picky dog when it comes to treats, so it doesn’t really mean a whole lot when I say “she loved them!”, but…she loved them.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

EOS Turkey with Sweet Potato Treats | $6.00
We’ve received EOS treats before, and I appreciate their simple ingredients list. Maddie adores anything and everything sweet potato, so this was right up her alley. No artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors added. It’s made with USA ingredients, and contains no grain, corn, wheat, or soy. It’s a good treat for dogs with allergies, especially since the main meat is turkey instead of something more common like chicken.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

The Telephone Booth | $14.00
Of course, no London themed box would skip out on the telephone booth! This is another chewer-friendly toy, since it features a puncture-resistance squeaker. Maddie had a great time with this toy, though she was able to pull the cloth wrapping off. Despite all the play, it still squeaks! It just no longer looks like an adorable telephone box.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Smoking Gun Smoke Sticks | $4.00
Guessing on the value here, since it’s not for sale in the BarkShop. Each month the box will contain one chew, which I’ve come to expect and actually work into my schedule. I like to use them as distractions for nail cutting sessions and other grooming needs, so every month when it gets here it means grooming time for Maddie! This one has an ultra simple list of ingredients: pork and sweet potato.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Last month I didn’t get any pictures of Maddie in my review, so I promised pictures this month. And I totally  didn’t get any of her playing with her new toys, so here are just regular pictures of Maddie:

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

Does that look comfortable to you? I don’t know why she likes to sleep all jumbled up like that. This is also photographic evidence of how spoiled she is–that entire couch (and the West Elm throw!) basically belong to her.

Barkbox March 2016 Review plus Free Box

The total value for March comes to about $47.00, which I am more than happy with. Every month has a great theme that they really adhere to, and I’m always so impressed with the curation. Their customer service is also a dream to communicate with. Whenever we have had issues with a product in the past (only twice in over a year), they were responsive and immediately rectified the problem. Even if your dog just doesn’t like a toy, they’ll send you a code for a free one from their shop.

I also really appreciate all the sturdy toys we’ve been receiving. I think you can email the BarkBox support team and request your box to be for heavy chewers, and they’ll make a note of it on your account. I remember doing that a long time ago and I do think that’s why we’ve been getting mostly tougher toys now. It’s great that the rope toys and rubber toys last for several months now. I’ve repurchased several items from their shop, and Maddie continues to play with all of them. Her toy collection of getting really big, did I mention that she’s so very spoiled?

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Each month I look forward to the adorable themes that BarkBox releases. For February, I was expecting Valentine’s Day or something to do with hearts. Imagine my surprise when I got a box full of Lunar New Year themed items! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a subscription box do a Lunar New Year theme before, so I was thrilled. Everything was over the top adorable, I loved it. I admit to buying a second box this month–the first time I’ve ever done so for BarkBox! I just couldn’t resist.

BarkBox is $29/month if you do the month-to-month plan, but it goes down to only $18/month if you sign up for the whole year! We’ve been subscribed for a year and recently renewed for a whole year since it was such a great deal. Before getting BarkBox we were probably dropping between $30 to $50 a month at pet stores, and now the box usually lasts us through the month. You can use my link to get a free Barkbox added to any subscription, or use my referral code HOARDING. And if you use my link/referral code, they’ll donate a free box to the Bark-N-Rest Retirement Center! It’s a great cause and I’m pleased that BarkBox gives back to the doggie community!

You can choose different sizes when you order, and we get the Large box (for dogs over 50 lbs). Even though Maddie is about 46 lbs, she has the energy and strength of a much larger dog so we always size up for toys.

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

I thought this zodiac chart was hilarious! Maddie’s birth year is 2013 which makes her a “Snake”. Her fortune for this year reads “Worries of the future will cloud your judgement. Take a nap instead.”

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Benny’s Famous Noodles Rope Toy | $14.00
Okay, how cute is this? I almost didn’t want to give this to Maddie since it’s so cute and funny. The walls of the plush take out box are filled with crinkle material, and the interior holds a rope toy. So it’s really like getting two toys in one.

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

The take out box opens up to reveal the rope toy, which look like noodles. They’re sturdy and have three large knots on it which are perfect for heavy chewers like my dog. Maddie loves rope toys. She adores playing tug, throwing it around by herself, gnawing at the ends; she’ll entertain herself for hours. We don’t get very many rope toys through BarkBox, so I’m so excited to see this. Hopefully it means more rope in the future!

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

I love everything about this toy. It’s sturdy and practical for a dog like Maddie and it’s also funny and adorable. I think it really highlights what I love about BarkBox toys. They’re always designed really well, are very unique (I love having toys that I know I could never find at PetSmart or a big box store), and are high quality.

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

PetProjekt Furchun Cookie | $14.00
Thrilled to get another toy for heavy chewers. Maddie is a big fan of rubber toys, especially ones that can hold treats inside! This one is made of 100% rubber and has a flexible opening that does a good job of keeping the treats in without being too easy for your dog. It’s cute and functional and holds up well. I couldn’t ask for any more from a toy!

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Healthy Dogma Chicken Kung Pow Barkers | $8.00
We’ve received products made through Healthy Dogma before, and love their simple recipes. The list of ingredients is impressively short: barley, chicken, oats, peas, peanut flour, canola oil (preserved with mixed tocopherols). The treats are made in the US and wheat and gluten free. Maddie loves the taste and they fit in the fortune cookie toy. Bonus points for the packaging!

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Nootie Chomp Sticks | $8.00
We don’t get dental treats from BarkBox very often, so this is a welcome change of pace. Maddie loves gnawing on these and the ingredients are better than the “Greenies” dental stuff you get from the grocery store. Chomp Sticks are made in the USA and grain free. There’s 6 treats in each bag and each one is of substantial size.

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Butcher’s Block Trachea | $7.00
The only item that isn’t within the theme of Lunar New Year is this trachea crunchy tube. Every box usually includes at least one chew, so I’ve come to expect that. These are a favorite of Maddie’s, so I’m always happy to get another one. They’re great distractions for her when I clip her nails or clean out her ears. It’s made in the USA out of 100% natural beef, and comes shrink wrapped for freshness.

Barkbox February 2016 Review plus Free Box

Sorry for the lack of dog pictures in this review! I’ll take more pictures next month, I promise! The value for February’s box comes out to $51.00, which is one of the highest I’ve seen from BarkBox in a long time. This is definitely one of the best boxes Maddie has ever received. I ordered a second box because both toys are perfect for my dog, which made it worth the $29.00 cost already (not to mention getting the awesome treats and chew as well!).

I think BarkBox has the best curation and custom items out there right now. Even though other pet box subscriptions sometimes have higher value, I never feel like I have to worry about expiration dates or quality when it comes to BarkBox. Everything is always new, safe, well made, and well designed. The earliest expiration date I’ve ever had from a treat I got from BarkBox was about 11 months away. Both treats from this box have late 2017 expiration dates. The brands that they partner with for treats and toys are always high end brands, not the stuff you’ll find in your grocery store’s pet aisle. Their customer service is amazing and their satisfaction guarantee fully backs all of the toys. I’m always excited to get the next box to see what fun theme (and cute toys!) they’ve come up with. Let’s see what’s in store for March!

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Squeezing in one last January box review before it’s officially February! Pet Treater is another new subscription that I started in 2015, and I signed up because I was curious about all the new pet subscriptions popping up. Up until I got this subscription, the only pet box I had ever tried was BarkBox (which I love, by the way), so I wanted to get another one for comparison. Needless to say, my dog is now even more spoiled than she was before. And she was pretty darn spoiled to begin with.

Pet Treater is a dog subscription box that sends out treats, toys, and various gadgets and gizmos. They don’t give a specific value for each box and the website states that “each box typically contains a yummy treat for your pup, and usually an interactive toy as well”. It costs $24.99/month, and it’s less if you sign up for a longer subscription. A whole year brings the cost of each box down to only $19.99!

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Each time I get a shipment I am so impressed with the size and quality of the box itself. If you’re thinking about gifting a dog box, this is a great one to choose! The packaging is cheerful and so much fun for Maddie to “help” me go through the contents. Every month also comes with an envelope addressed to my dog with a cute letter inside. The letters have been funny and thoughtful, and adds just a little something special to the box.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Nerf Dog Tuff Tug Infinity Tug Football | $9.43
Since Maddie is a heavy chewer and tears through plush toys like tissue paper, any time I get a sturdy rubber toy it’s a win. She also loves to play tug so I would consider it a double win. I had no idea Nerf made dog toys, but now that I’ve looked it up I’m tempted to buy more. They all seem really durable and have good reviews. This football one is a great multi-purpose toy. I can throw it, play tug, and when my arm gets tired she even likes just gnawing on the rubber football by herself.

Pet TrePet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Reviewater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

She wasn’t the best at tugging on the football (left photo), I think she gets a better mouth grip on the nylon part. She’s a 46 lb dog but on the smaller side of that weight, so I think the football is actually a tad too big for her mouth to get a firm grip. But she loves chewing on it and chasing after it.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Exclusively Dog Jerkeez Pizza Flavor | $9.99
A new-to-me brand, these dog treats were a hit with Maddie. Though to be perfectly fair, she’s not picky about her treats. The jerky has ridges so you can tear them easily into smaller pieces, which I thought was kind of clever. These are wheat, corn, and soy free, and made in the USA. The ingredients list is longer than I would like, with lots of preservatives and glycerin, so I doubt I will be repurchasing.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Mr. Bill Multipet Plush Dog Toy | $6.99
This thing is hilarious. There’s a soundbox inside and the toy goes “Oh nooo” when pressed. I didn’t actually think my dog would like this, but I was very very mistaken. She went nuts for it. Despite her initial surprise that this toy made such a weird sound, she managed to rip through it in about 45 minutes. She then carried around the stuffing-less plush casing to play with. I’m not exactly sure what about this toy makes it so popular with pets (it has over 1200 reviews on Amazon!) but I know I would repurchase.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Picture on the left is her face when it first went “oh nooo” and picture on the right is about 2 seconds afterwards. No mercy.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Your Pet Chef No Guilt Treats (2 bags) | $15.00
This company has a really interesting concept. They sell made-to-order and customized meals for your pets, and also offer custom treats. You can choose the ingredients and they tailor it to fit your pet’s weight. I’m guessing Pet Treater ordered these custom bags for their customers. I love that the ingredients list is so simple: ground chicken, cucumber, radish, and kale. I also love that it’s all human-grade ingredients and made in the USA.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Nylabone Fun ‘N’ Fit Treat Holder Wobbler Chew Toy | $9.99
Yay, another durable toy! Maddie loves treat holder toys and can spend all day chewing on them. This one has interesting textures for her, which I love because it’s fantastic for her teeth. The toy fits chews, kibble, and treats down the middle, and you can put peanut butter in the grooved side pockets.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Unique Petz Treat Launcher | $14.99
I don’t really understand this gadget. It does propel the treats a few feet, but I could also throw it just as far, if not further. It makes a really loud noise when you fire, which could definitely scare your pet. Maddie was pretty alarmed and was unable to keep track of her treats because this thing fires it really fast and high. It can only hold small training sized treats, which makes it even harder for her to follow. It took me a good amount of time to load the launder and continue unjamming the launcher when the treats would get stuck, and would have been way easier if I just threw the treats by hand.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Salad Container | $3.00 (?)
Every month comes with an item for you as well, and they seem to be pretty random. So far I have received an oven mitt and a pack of dog-themed Christmas cards. This month it seems to be a salad container, complete with plastic fork and salad dressing container that snaps onto the top. Not really sure why it was included, but I’ve been using it to store Maddie’s opened bags of treats.

Pet Treater Subscription January 2016 Box Review

Overall I think it was a great month. The estimated value comes out to $69.39, almost triple the cost of the box. We got 3 toys that she loves, as well as two bags of treats that I would repurchase. Even with the items that we won’t use, it was absolutely worth the cost and then some. I have been very satisfied with my subscription thus far.

Compared to BarkBox, I would say this box is less curated and more focused on saving money on treats and toys. Most of the items can be found in your typical Petsmart/Petco, and you’re just getting it at a reduced rate. I have really been enjoying my dual subscription to both Pet Treater and BarkBox. I love getting the exclusive (and adorable!) toys from BarkBox, as well as the very high quality treats. I also love getting tried and true toys from brands like Nylabone from Pet Treater.

One thing about Pet Treater that I would change: I wish they would just cut out the item for the human. It seems unnecessary and doesn’t add anything to the box. If anything it just leaves me kind of confused each month because it’s so random. I would love to see them put that value towards a chew or cookie or something for my dog. After all, I already get enough goodies from my subscription boxes. This one is supposed to pamper my dog, not me!